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    Quintin Van Wyk :

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    Role : Quintin was a VIP Relationship Host for some of the biggest gamblers in the world, who is now using his expertise to further expand his knowledge in the iGaming industry as a Lead Editor. He has extensive experience in the gambling business, making him well-suited to the position. With an eye on detail and passion for gaming, Quintin is sure to bring a unique perspective to the table. He is responsible for ensuring that all content meets the highest standards of accuracy and quality, while guaranteeing that the reader experience remains engaging and enjoyable. Quintin is constantly looking for ways to keep players coming back for more, and with his enthusiasm and expertise, he is already making a major impact in the online gambling industry.

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    Quintin has kept a close eye on the world of online gambling for more than a decade. In his 10+ years as an active member of the online gambling industry, he has written more than 4,000 articles, unravelling all the small details about new online casinos, upcoming news relating to the industry, and various topics orbiting around interactive gambling. His fascination with the online gambling industry started in 2004 as a call centre agent for several online casinos.

    During this time, he climbed the corporate ladder to become a VIP Relationship Host for some of the biggest VIP players in the industry. In 2012, he took his knowledge and expertise and ventured into the world of online content writing with a keen understanding of what online players want from their online gaming experiences. Quintin especially enjoys writing about online casinos, new game releases, bingo rooms, online poker rooms, and online sportsbooks. With his years of experience, he has become a real connoisseur on each of these topics. This makes him a reliable source of information on all the latest developments and inventions in the industry.

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    Favourite Quote: “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” -Mother Teresa

    Favourite Games: Outside work, Quintin is a big tennis fan and actively tries to master the sport too! He plays tennis because he likes it, not because he is good at it. Apart from his tennis addiction, he also enjoys producing music, travelling across the globe when he gets the opportunity, and trail running. However, when it comes to online entertainment, blackjack is at the top of the list when it comes to all-time favourite games.

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