Best Live Dealer Poker Casinos

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Live poker is one of the most popular and lucrative table games you will find at Canada's online casinos. There are many interesting variations of the game, each with its own set of features and attractive offers. Join us as we guide you on the rules of live online poker, the most popular providers and their games, winning strategies and finding the best Canadian real money live poker casinos.

Best Live Poker Online Casinos in Canada for 2024

  1. 1 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1600
  2. 2 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $250
  3. 3 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $150
  4. 4 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1200
  5. 5 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $475
  6. 6 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $750
  7. 7 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1000
  8. 8 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $480
  9. 9 Sign-Up Offer 400% Match Bonus Up To $4
  10. 10 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1500
  11. Load More
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Reasons to Play Live Casino Poker

Live online poker is much more fun and interactive than most other games. You can choose from a range of side bets and progressive jackpots. But aside from this there are other reasons why Canadian iGamers prefer live casino poker rooms, and you can read about them below in our expert list:

  • Live Video Streaming : Live casino gaming has come a long way since its early days. The latest technology that's used now gives you an authentic feel of playing at a casino. Many games are available round-the-clock and also available in multiple languages. There are other in-game features like choice of preferred camera angle for the best view and a chat feature too.
  • Play Whenever & Whenever You Want : Another big plus point of playing live online poker is that you can enjoy your favorite titles anytime, anywhere, even while on the go. You can also play your games all by yourself or with a group should you wish to do so.
  • Better Odds : Get better odds and payouts. There are numerous variations of online poker, and each has its own attractive odds, RTPs and payouts. They've also got a variety of payout boosting features to keep you engrossed the whole time.
  • Safe & Secure : Unlike the games that run on RNG software, Canadian live poker games have professional dealers that work their magic for you. You can see your cards being dealt real-time and watch the whole game unfold right in front of you. Moreover, you've also got the option to view the casino live poker table from multiple angles just for your peace of mind.
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Most Popular Live Dealer Poker Games

There are multiple Canadian live dealer casino poker variations and each one is popular for its own special features, betting limits, bonuses and side bets. In this section, we discuss the most popular variants of real money live dealer poker along with a brief summary of the game.

Casino Hold'em

Casino Hold'em is basically the same as Texas Hold'em except for the fact that here you only play against the dealer and not the other players. This immersive version of Hold'em poker offers an amazing experience where fans can test their poker skills and win high payouts. Playtech is one of the most famous providers to offer this variation where you can bet as low as C$0.50.

3 Card Poker

This is a popular variation of the game where again you take on the house instead of other players. Three card poker is, as the name suggests, played with only three cards. It is much easier than the other versions and perfect for beginners. The game is fast-paced and has fun side bets which, if played right, offer rewarding payouts. Play this game at any top online poker site like PlayOJO to enjoy this game on your smartphone with razor-sharp clarity and exhilarating audio effects.

Ultimate Texas Hold'em

This is one of the newer variations of poker which has three betting rounds, the Flop, Turn and River. In this game of poker, players can choose to place their bet in any of the three rounds, but only after the cards are dealt. Ultimate Texas Hold'em involves a lot of strategic moves which makes it all the more interesting. Signup with top-rated sites like Vulkan Vegas or King Billy to try out the game or practice your poker strategies.

Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is played with five cards and each player plays against the house instead of each other. This version of the game has a progressive jackpot that you can win with a fortuitous Royal Flush.

Pai Gow Poker

This is an exciting variation of the game, one that combines the elements of pai gow and poker. It is played with a deck of 52 cards and one joker that can be used to complete a straight, flush or as an Ace. Find the best pai gow poker games at top-rated gambling sites like Casumo Casino.

How to Play Live Poker - The Basic Rules

There are some basic rules that you need to know when playing live traditional poker. Here is a step-by-step guide that you can follow to enjoy a traditional game of live poker at any online gambling site.

  1. Place your initial or Ante bet
  2. The dealer then deals you and themself two cards each, face-down
  3. Next, three community cards are dealt face-up in the middle of the table
  4. You then need to Call or Fold
    • Should you Fold - the round is over, and you lose the bet
    • Should you Call - the dealer deals two further common cards face up
  5. Next, the dealer reveals the face-down cards
  6. The two hands are then compared and the stronger hand of the two wins the round. Have a look at the different winning hands along with their corresponding payouts in the next section.
live poker winnings hands

Winning Hands and Payouts

Poker offers some of the most handsome payouts among casino games. Here's a chart explaining the different winning hands, their names and how much you can expect to get with each live poker winning hand.

Hand Name Description Hand Strength Payout High Card No hand made, so highest card counts Weak 1:1 Pair Two cards of the same rank Fair 1:1 Two Pair Two different pairs Good 1:1 Three of a Kind Three cards of the same rank Good 1:1 Straight Five cards in a sequence Very good 1:1 Flush Five cards of the same suit Very good 2:1 Full House Three of a kind, plus a pair Strong 3:1 Four of a Kind Four cards of the same rank Strong 10:1 Straight Flush Five cards in sequence with same suit Very strong 20:1 Royal Flush AKQJ10, all with same suit Unbeatable 100:1

House Edge Explained

The house edge, simply put, is the profit that the casino makes on a player's bet. It is expressed in percentage, and it varies from game to another. In poker, the house edge can be as high as a little over 5%. Caribbean Stud Poker has the highest house edge of 5.22% while Three Card Poker has a 1.5% house edge. Ideally, players should choose games with a lower house edge. But along with this, they'd also need to check the return-to-player percentage and you can read about it down below.

RTP for Live Casino Poker Games

This is the average wagered amount that a player wins back at a game over a period of time. It is expressed in percentage, and it is different for each game. So, for example, if the average RTP of a game is 99.10%, then you can expect to get back up to C$99.10 on every C$100 you bet at that game. Below is a table featuring the average RTPs you can expect from the different variations of poker.

Game Overall RTP Casino Hold'em 97.84% Ultimate Texas Hold'em 99.47% Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker 99.47% Caribbean Stud Poker 98.19% 3 Card Poker 96.63% 3 Card Brag 98%

Side Bets and Bonus Features in Real Money Live Poker

In poker, a side bet is a wager that is made over and above the main bet. The earnings won from the side bets is separate from the amount won from the primary game. Almost every variation of this game is a side bet or bets of its own and they are all highly rewarding. For example, Three Card Poker offers two side bets called the Pair Plus Bonus Bet and the Six Card bonus and depending on the result you can win up to a whopping 1000x your stake.

Depending on the variation, you can also take advantage of different bonus features in live poker games. They reward players with higher payouts and/or unlock bonus cash that is usually released to players in increments. Some bonus features also offer winnings on lost bets too.

Casino Hold'em vs Texas Hold'em

Casino Hold'em Poker is a reinvented version of Texas Hold'em Poker. In the Texas version of the game, players go up against each other at the table. But in the Casino version, the game is played against the dealer no matter how many players are seated at the table. Bluffing plays a strategically important role in the Texas version of the game, but this is not really required in the Casino version of the game. Most tournaments you see on television are usually the Texas Hold'em Poker version.

Live Dealer Poker Software Providers

Canadian iGamers have the luxury of playing live poker games that are powered by the best games suppliers in the world. In this section, we take a look at the leading companies providing that help make this happen.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution is a top service provider that exclusively caters to live casino players. It is based out of Riga, Latvia, and has many more live gaming studios set up all across Europe. This popular gaming service provider has a large number of classic live dealer games, including poker titles, like the ones below, that feature exquisite studio sets and equipment.

  • Casino Hold'em : This title from Evolution Gaming is broadcasted out of their studio in Riga, Latvia. It is one of the more popular live poker games among players, and it offers a betting range between C$0.5 and C$500. Casino Holdem is a 5-card poker game that's played with a single deck. There are side bets that you can take advantage of to maximize winnings.
  • Jumbo 7 Jackpot Side Bet Casino Hold'em : This version Casino Hold'em has a feature which includes a massive progressive jackpot. The uncapped prize continues to increase with every wagered bet. The Jumbo-7 Jackpot pays out on seven card straight flush. There are also fixed prizes for a range of other poker hands, namely a Straight, Full House, Four-of-a-Kind, Flush, and 5 and 6-card Straight Flush.
  • 2 Hand Casino Hold'em : Experienced players with good live poker skills can play Evolution Gaming's 2 Hand Casino Hold'em, which includes playing two hands simultaneously. This edition of the game offers double the fun and payouts as well. You can wager anywhere between 1 CAD and 500 CAD when playing this game.
  • Side Bet City : Side Bet City is another fast-paced poker game where players bet on whether they will win with three, five or seven cards. This 80s-themed game gets even more engaging with its cool 'All Lose' bet feature that lets you bet on there being no winning hand at all. The game is designed to seat an unlimited number of players at the table and also connect with each other.
  • Ultimate Texas Hold'em : This is one of the more thrilling versions of poker from Evolution, where players only play against the dealer. Aside from the Ante and Blind bet, Ultimate Texas Hold'em also has the optional Trips bonus bet that pays on a range of poker hands. Ultimate Texas Hold'em offers stunning graphics and simple gameplay, and it is easy to play on the go. This game has a betting range between C$0.50 and C$500.
  • Three Card Poker : With Three Card Poker, Evolution Gaming packs all the thrills and excitement of standard poker into just three cards. This is one of the simpler versions that lets you compete against the dealer. The game features an Ante Bonus, Pair Plus and Six Card Bonus which gives you a chance to earn up to 1000 to 1. The betting range on this game is a cool 1 CAD to 1,000 CAD.
  • Caribbean Stud : Caribbean Stud is packed with poker-style action and other extra bonuses. It also features lower-level fixed jackpots, of which the optional 5+1 bonus side bet offers a massive payout of up to 1,000 to 1. This game has a betting range between C$1 and C$1,000 and it is available on all desktops and mobile devices.
  • Progressive Jackpot Caribbean Stud : This version of Caribbean Stud Poker has an optional progressive jackpot side bet. The prize money increases with each round and it can only be won with a Royal Flush. There are other fixed jackpot prizes for Straight, Full House, Three of a Kind, Flush, Straight Flush, and Four of a Kind.
  • Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker : This edition of the game is the same as Texas Hold'em Poker, but it is played against the house. Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker has two bonus bets - the Bonus bet and the First Five Progressive Jackpot side bet. Both bonuses are optional and achievable irrespective of the dealer's hand. The game's Bonus bet pays up to 1,000:1.
  • First Five Jackpot Side Bet Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker : The First Five Jackpot Side Bet offers a jackpot reward that grows with every round. Evolution starts it off at around C$50,000, and players can unlock the jackpot with a Royal Flush. There also are side bets that offer lower prize winnings on other poker hands, paying up to 1,000:1.


Playtech is a world leader in cutting-edge live casino gaming technology. This brand provides services to operators from three of its major studios. Playtech uses state-of-the-art gaming and streaming equipment to deliver all types of games including live poker which is one of its biggest attractions. Listed below are Playtech's most popular live poker titles you will find at any of Canada's leading iGaming sites.

  • Casino Hold'em : Playtech's version of Casino Hold'em is similar to those by other service providers. However, this version is well-known for its good design, sound quality and streaming. It boasts an average RTP of 99.18%, and you can bet anywhere between $0.50 and $1,000 in this edition of the game. The main extra feature in Casino Hold'em is the AA bet. The game also lets you choose your preferred language for your convenience.
  • Casino Stud Poker : Playtech's Casino Stud Poker is a 5-card poker game that's available to all Canadian players 24x7. It is similar to Evolution's Caribbean Stud Poker edition where the objective of the game is to get a better hand than the dealer. The game's Ante bet offers a 96.29% RTP while the Call Bet has an average RTP of 98.18%. There's a unique live network jackpot bonus available to all players for just 1 CAD and you win it by scoring a Royal Flush along with a 5+1 Bonus too.
  • Heads Up Hold'em : Heads Up Hold'em is based on the traditional Texas Hold'em game. It is a 5-card game played with a single deck that incorporates different poker gaming elements. The game allows a minimum bet of 0.01 CAD and a maximum of 100 CAD. It also features an exciting Pocket Bonus bet and a Bad Beat bonus, where even if you lose the round, you still win something.
  • 3 Card Brag : 3 Card Brag is a distinctive version of poker that's played with a deck of 52 cards versus the dealer. The highest top hand value is the 'Three of a Kind' called Prial, and the highest Prial is 3-3-3. In this game, the dealer needs to have a Queen or higher to qualify to play against the player. If they don't then the player's Ante Bet gets paid even more and the Play Bet is returned. 3 Card Brag also has an optional Pair Plus side bet that offers better odds on a pair or higher.

Vivo Gaming

Vivo Gaming is an award-winning company that has a vast catalog of live dealer table games. Its headquarters is located in Miami with studios located in eight other countries spread across the globe. This lets Vivo provide players with an impressive 24/7 gaming experience.

  • 5 Seat Caribbean Stud Poker : Caribbean Stud Poker is one of Vivo's most popular titles which features friendly and professional dealers. This 5-card poker game allows iGamers to play more than one hand at a time. It has simple rules and amazing graphics that complement the gameplay.


This live casino games publisher has around 24 state-of-the-art titles, broadcasts from nine different locations across the world. Ezugi provides iGaming sites with games that employ cutting edge technology on a next-generation platform.

  • Casino Hold'em : Ezugi's edition of the popular Casino Hold'em is pretty much similar to other games where an unlimited number of players can be accommodated in each round. This 5-card game features a Casino Razz Bonus that offers a handsome payout to all players who win it. The minimum bet amount at Casino Holdem is C$0.50 and the maximum is C$200.

Xpro Gaming

Xpro Gaming was established in 2005 and it is famous for its 24x7 no download live casino games. Its unique gaming software has a user-friendly interface that is regularly tested by iTech Labs.

  • 5 Seat Caribbean Stud : Xpro's version of Caribbean Stud Poker is pretty much similar to the other editions. Gameplay involves five cards and some basic strategy of when to raise or fold. It is worth noting that this game is broadcast out of an attractive studio set with professional dealers ready to tend to your needs. The game works well on iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • Casino Hold'em : Xpro's Casino Hold'em offers you a laid back version of the game where you take on the dealer by creating the best possible hand with your two cards plus the community cards to win. This title has various sets of payouts to be won which only enhance your gaming experience. You can try it out by signing up at top online casinos for Canada like King Billy or Lucky Days Casino.

Progressive Jackpots on Real Money Live Dealer Casino Poker in Canada

Many online poker service providers include progressive jackpots in their games. They are very popular among players for their jaw-dropping winnings. Here, the prize money continues to increase with every bet that is placed until a player pulls off the required hand to win the jackpot. The winning hand gets you the jackpot depending on the variation of the game you choose. Earnings won at live dealer casino progressive jackpots are usually upwards of $1 million. One lucky player from Auckland, NZ bet $35 and won a whopping $1.1 million at Caribbean Stud Poker's Progressive Jackpot.

Glossary of Terms for Live Poker Games

Here are some of the most common terms every player must know when playing live poker at any top online casinos in Canada.

  • Ante : This is a bet that's wagered before the hand is dealt.
  • Blind : This is a forced bet put into the pot by the two players to the left of the dealer. It is called 'Blind' because the bet money is put in before the cards are dealt.
  • Call : This is the minimum amount wagered by a player to continue playing their hand.
  • Fold : To give up on the round or accept you've lost by placing your cards on the table.
  • Raise : This is when a player increases the amount of the current bet.
  • Community Cards : The cards dealt face-up in the middle of the table that are part of the hand.
  • Flop : First three community cards dealt in the first round of betting.
  • Turn or Fourth Street : The fourth community card that is dealt face-up.
  • River : The fifth and final community card.
  • Pair : Any two matching cards.
  • Two Pair Two pairs of cards in a hand.
  • Three of a Kind or Trips : Three cards of the same face value belonging to different suits.
  • Straight : A hand with five cards in a sequence.
  • Flush : A hand of the same suit but not in sequence.
  • Full House : A hand with three of a kind and a pair.
  • Four of a Kind or Quads : A hand that has four cards of the same face value.
  • Straight Flush : A poker hand with five cards of the same suit in sequence.
  • Royal Flush : The best possible hand in poker that has an ace-high straight flush (A,K,Q,J,10).

Poker Strategy and Winning Tips

Although poker is a luck-based game, there are strategies that you can use to manoeuvre the outcomes. Experienced players choose a live poker game that suits their style of play. Many players sharpen their poker skills by playing the demo version and observing the different rules. In this section, we've listed the different tips or strategies you can use at any live poker table to help you better your odds of winning.

Top Tips to Keep Your Winnings

Seasoned online poker players use various tips and strategies to tilt the odds in their favor, and you too can do the same by following these simple ideas:

  1. Memorize betting patterns.
  2. Call when you have an Ace or King.
  3. Call when you have a Pair or better
  4. Call when you need just one card to hit Flush or Straight draw
  5. Call when your two cards are higher than all three community cards.
  6. Fold if neither of your cards is over 10, unless you have a Flush or Straight draw.
bonus on live poker games

Best Online Casino Bonuses to Use at Live Casinos

Canada is home to the most popular online casinos in the world and they make sure they offer players the best possible bonuses. This includes no deposit bonuses, match deposits, reload offers, cashbacks and free spins. Here are the best bonuses you can expect at any of Canada's top live casinos in 2024.

No Deposit Free Chip Bonus

The no deposit bonus is the best way for you to enjoy games at a site without spending any of your own money. Top live iGaming sites reward players with free chips for signing up with their site, or to their existing players for their loyalty. However, all no deposit free chip bonuses are subject to terms & conditions. It is also important you go through these T&Cs to make sure they suit your style of betting. Luckily for you, you need not look far for these offers, as we've got the best Canadian no deposit free chip bonuses listed on our site just for you!

Minimum Deposit Bonus

Many of Canada's top iGaming sites allow players to signup and enjoy their services including bonuses with a low minimum deposit. This amount varies from one site to another and can range from C$1 to C$5 or a minimum deposit of C$10. Experienced players make the most of this opportunity to review or test a site's poker games, bonuses, payouts, security and payment methods. Use your iPhone, Motorola, Samsung Galaxy or any other device to check out the best minimum deposit bonus casino reviews and claim exclusive offers right here on our site.

Live Dealer Welcome Bonus

Top live dealer online online casinos in Canada welcome their new players with a signup package and this is usually in the form of a deposit match bonus. Here, the site promises to match your deposit with free money up to a predefined amount. You can use the free money to play games at this site; however, you'd also need to check the bonus T&Cs to see which games you can use the bonus on. Some leading brands offer separate live casino welcome packages that let players enjoy the best live dealer games at the site.

How We Rate and Review the Best Live Poker Casinos for Canada

Get the best possible iGaming experience by signing up with a reputable site that offers services you can rely on. To make sure we get this right, there are vital aspects always look for in a casino and these are mentioned below:

  • Licensing : Join a fully licensed and regulated iGaming brand. This will ensure your rights and winnings remain safe. Check for a seal of approval from a gambling commission, preferably a reputable one like the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, UKGC, Malta Gaming Authority or Curaçao Gaming Commission.
  • Security : Check for a safe gaming environment. Optimal online security will give you peace of mind and let you enjoy your favorite games without a worry. Inspect for basic security measures by looking for a padlock icon at the start of the address bar and checking if the site's URL begins with 'https'.
  • Banking : Internet banking is a vital factor in iGaming. A top online gambling operator offers players multiple reliable payment methods like bank cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrency, wire transfers and prepaid vouchers that allow for fast withdrawals. The most popular Canadian online payment methods are VISA, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Bitcoin, Paysafecard, Interac and iDebit.
  • Fair Bonus T&Cs : All bonuses are subject to terms and conditions, and it is vital you go through them to check if they are fair or not. You can compare T&Cs of various sites to see if they are as per industry standards. However, if you do not wish to go through the hassle of having to do this, then simply signup with one of our featured online casinos that offer all Canadian players fair T&C.
  • Fair Gaming : Fair gaming protects the integrity of the game. Going through the general T&Cs will reveal whether the site's games are regularly tested for fairness and by whom. All brands listed on our site are vetted for fair gaming by independent auditors.

Best Online Live Casinos for Canada by Category

There are numerous brands that provide services to players from Canada, each one more famous than the other for one service or another. This could be for the bonuses on offer, payment methods, customer support, or safety & security. Well, to settle this debate, we've gone ahead and listed the best casinos category-wise in the order of the best services and offers that they provide.

Best for Low Deposit Bonuses : Captain Cooks

Choose from over a wide range of high-quality titles, including top-rated live dealers, slots, and progressive jackpots at Captain Cooks Casino. Enjoy these games to the fullest with a generous welcome package that includes 100 chances on the Mega Money Wheel game for a small deposit of $5. In addition to this, get a match deposit worth C$475 with the first five deposits at this site.

Best for High Rollers : 888

888 Casino has one of the biggest games collection and offers a host of bonuses and promotions that you can choose from. High rollers can enjoy high stakes games and amazing tournaments with 888Poker all through the week. Register with 888 now and claim a whopping 88 no deposit free spins on Rise of the Pharaohs plus a 100% match deposit worth $1500 on a minimum $20 deposit.

Best Evolution Gaming Casino: Luxury Casino

Play Evolution's top live games and more in a totally secure gaming environment at Luxury Casino. Get reward points with every game you play, which you can redeem for cash prizes and goodies. Join Luxury now for a huge $1000 match bonus on your first five deposits. This offer qualifies with a minimum deposit of just $20 only.

Best for Fast Cashouts : Zodiac

Zodiac Casino is a popular Microgaming site that has more than 700 games, including world-class live dealer titles, slots and more. Choose from multiple fast withdrawal methods to encash your winnings instantly. Zodiac offers all Canadian players the opportunity to become a millionaire with 80 chances on the Mega Money Wheel for just 1 CAD. Follow this up with a match deposit worth 480 CAD with the next four deposits and double your chances of winning.

play live poker on mobile devices

Play Live Poker on Mobile Devices

Live dealer poker online casino studios use the latest technology and sets to give players the most realistic in-house gaming experience ever. Moreover, they ensure their games are mobile-friendly and have a good user interface so you can conveniently access your favorite titles on your iOS or Android with just a few taps of your device. Games when accessed from your mobile device offer an enhanced gaming experience with crystal clear visuals and top-quality audio effects, even while on the go.

Try These Other Options

Live casino poker is a fast-paced game that is full of thrills and spills with multiple variations and exciting side bets to choose from. But if this still isn't enough and you still yearn for more, then there are other popular live gambling options like roulette, baccarat, blackjack and more. Have a look at the different options you can try out at any of our featured live dealer online casinos for Canada.

Live Roulette

Canadian roulette fans can play live roulette which offers loads of excitement, interesting side bets, high payouts and more. Choose from top titles like American Roulette, VIP roulette, XXXTreme Lightning Roulette, Bond Roulette, Mini Roulette and Speed Roulette. Play all these games and more at any of our featured live roulette online casinos to enjoy this game to the fullest.

Live Blackjack

Blackjack is another popular game among Canadian players where they can use strategies along with a little rub of green to win big. Signup with any of our top live blackjack sites to play titles to play immersive titles like Blackjack Gold, Infinite Blackjack, Speed Blackjack, Free Bet, Power Blackjack, Lucky Sevens, Diamond Blackjack and many other variations.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is an entertaining game that offers some of the best odds in the house. It is very easy to learn and requires little-to-no effort. Enjoy games Golden Baccarat, Peek Baccarat, Lucky Streak Baccarat, Squeeze, First Person Baccarat, Fiesta Baccarat and No Commission Baccarat. Signup with any of our top live baccarat sites for the best games and bonuses in Canada.

Live Sic Bo

This classic Chinese game is played on a table, one very similar to roulette. It is easy to play, has a low house edge with good odds and high payouts. Visit our Live Sic Bo page to roll the dice on this game and its many variations like Sic Bo Deluxe, Sic Bo Dragons, Ultimate Sic Bo, Super Sic Bo, Mega Sic Bo and others.


  • Can I play on mobile apps?

    Yes, of course. All live poker brands featured on our site have titles that can be played on iOS or Android devices either on a mobile app, if one is available, or the no download version.
  • How does the chat feature work?

    Look for the chat box on the side of your screen, click it and start messaging the live dealer. Your message will be displayed in real-time to the dealer and they can verbally respond to your message.
  • How much can I win?

    This totally depends on the game you play. Some variations offer side bet bonuses where winnings have a fixed payout, while others offer progressive jackpots where winnings are in the millions.
  • Which titles have progressive jackpots?

    Live poker games like Jumbo 7 Jackpot Side Bet Casino Hold'em and Progressive Jackpot Caribbean Stud are some of the most popular progressive jackpot titles in Canada.
  • Can I play in live casino poker tournaments?

    Yes. However, this will obviously depend on the site you sign up with. Go through our reviews for the best brands where you can take part in live poker tournaments.
  • Which software provider has the best range of betting limits?

    The best range of betting limits will depend on your preference, as top providers like Evolution Gaming, Playtech and others offer a host of games with a variety of betting limits that you can choose from.
  • How do I know the games are safe and not rigged?

    All licensed sites are required to offer games that are tested and certified by independent third-party auditors. This is to ensure the outcome of games are fair and unpredictable. You can be sure that all top live poker casinos listed on our site are duly checked for fair gaming.
  • Can I use a casino bonus to play at a live poker casino online in Canada?

    Yes, of course. You can use your bonus to play live poker as long as the bonus terms & conditions state that you can do so.
  • What is live dealer poker?

    Live poker is basically having a live dealer tend to your gaming needs over the internet, real time from a studio.
  • Can I play for free before betting real money?

    Yes. You can signup for a no deposit bonus with the top live dealer sites in Canada listed on our page and play your favourite live poker games for free and even win real money too. Please be sure to check if the games you want are available with the bonus before signing up for it.
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