Best Live Casinos Online for Canada

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For players who want a more realistic experience, online live casino games are the way to go. Plenty of players all across Canada prefer these live tables over playing the traditional RNG real money titles. What's more is that the social factor is brought into the equation as well with the ability to chat to your dealer and other players at the table. With live video and audio feeds and this increased social element, it's not hard to see why these titles are so popular in 2024.

Play Live Casino Games at Canada Online Casinos in 2024

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playing with live dealers

Pros and Cons of Playing with Live Dealers

Like any form of gambling, playing in an online casino live will have things about it that players love while also having things some players don't care for. Overall, we believe that the experience as a whole is great for most players in most situations. However, to make sure that you have a complete picture about what to expect, our team has a list of the primary pros and cons of playing in this format in what follows.

  • The high definition streaming offered at live dealer casinos online helps to immerse players more than any other way to play.
  • A strong social element is a key component to the experience since you're free to chat with other people who are playing from different parts of the world as well as your dealer.
  • All of the most popular table games of all time are represented in the overall selection, including classics like craps, roulette, blackjack, casino poker and Baccarat.
  • Types of games that you cannot find in the traditional RNG format are also available like game show styled titles and options based on popular board games like Monopoly.
  • Because you're often waiting on other players to make their wagers, you will typically have fewer total betting rounds per hour in live games.
  • Demo and free play versions of these tables are generally not available for you to try out ahead of time.

What Are Live Casinos?

With live dealer casinos, you are seeing a real table with real dealers streamed live in real time while you play from a studio designed just for that purpose. This includes spinning the wheel, rolling the dice and dealing the cards just like what you would see if you were playing in a brick and mortar location. However, you still interact with the games like you would if you were playing a typical RNG-style online table. This form of live betting also includes a chat function that makes talking to other people who are also playing quick and easy.

how to play live dealers games

How These Games Work

The functionality of these types of games is basically a combination of brick and mortar and online elements. Everything is set up so that computers can automatically register what is happening on the actual tables so that betting options and other elements appear instantly and accurately on your PC or mobile screen. The online casino games providers use things like barcodes and other sensors so that the house doesn't have to manually input the results of the game into a computer for your own computer to know what's going on.

A big part of the appeal of these tables is that they are actually happening in real time. Without that element, the legitimacy of live casino wins could be put into question. However, due to regulatory requirements, they have to be able to prove at all times that no prerecorded betting rounds are taking place. This helps players to trust what they see on their screens and to become more immersed in the play environment instead of worrying about the actual functionality and legitimacy of how the games are operated.

The 5 Stages of Live Casino Games

No matter which type of game you're playing from the wide range of titles available at Canadian live casinos, the truth of the matter is that there are really only about five stages that play out through each betting round. In what follows, we want to break these stages down for you in a straightforward way so that you can easily understand what's happening at each point of play.

  1. Dealer's Announcement : At the beginning of this cycle, the dealer welcomes any new players and announces that it's time to place your bets. A timer starts on the screen to show how long you have until the next round begins.
  2. Placing Bets : While the timer is running down, you have a stage where it's time to place your wagers. If you played on the previous round, you will typically have an option that allows you to simply repeat your previous bets for the sake of convenience.
  3. Starting Gameplay Mechanics : After the timer is up, the dealer announces "no more bets," and the starting mechanics begin. This can include dealing cards, but it can also be when spins happen of roulette wheels, slot reels and so on. If dice rolls are used for randomness, those can happen during this period as well.
  4. Actual Gameplay : At this point, you may have to make decisions about how to play your hand. In some titles like Baccarat or sic bo, no decisions are really needed after your wagers were made, so you can skip this stage in those types of games.
  5. Collect Winnings : If you land a winning wager in these real money live casino games, then they are collected and added to your account balance right away once the gameplay is over. This period is brief and only lasts a moment until the process starts back over at the first step up above.
best live dealers games

Real Money Games Available in 2024

A good mix of different types of livedealer titles are available to Canadian players. You have everything from games that emulate a sportsbook to card based titles that you can't find anywhere else like different styles of 21. While they are all operated by professional dealers who can walk you through everything that you need to know, it's still a good idea to have an understanding of the overall portfolio of options that you can pick and choose from. Down below, we want to give you a thorough introduction to all of these available titles so that you understand what you have at hand.

Live Blackjack

Generally considered to be the most popular live online casino genre, blackjack has several rule variations and many different styles to pick from. It's frequent to see rule sets that aren't available in RNG games as well, which adds to the mix even more. In fact, virtually all of the major providers like Playtech, Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play have their own specialty variations that can't be found anywhere else. If you're a blackjack fan, and if you want to play one of these particular types of tables, you need to make sure that your online live casinos of choice have that specific blackjack table type available.

Within the games themselves, you have a lot of flexibility on bet sizing. In the past, in the earlier days of this type of play, minimum bet sizes were often much higher than what you would otherwise see. However, in the modern environment, it's not uncommon to see table minimums at just $0.50 or lower per hand. With that said, you'll still see some tables that require at least $1 as the smallest wager available. The min bet size you get really just depends on which table you're playing with.

Tips to Win at Live Blackjack Online Casinos

Because so much strategy is involved in this genre, we want to offer some advice on how to get started and maximize your chances of having a great time. In what follows, we have our top tips to boost your chance of coming out ahead as a winner and getting the experience that you want.

  • Make sure to always be working on a bonus if you can because that's extra money for playing a game where small edges matter a lot.
  • Each Canadian live casino dealer at each style of table will have slightly different rules to play by. Make sure that you're picking the rule set that gets the best RTP available.
  • Learning what's called "basic strategy" can help you to avoid making simple mistakes that can lower your chances of winning, but this can be done with a chart as well.
  • Note that card counting can sometimes help you to lower the house edge slightly even though they don't go super deep into the shoe like what would be required to get a larger advantage.

Popular Blackjack Games With Real Dealers

The topic of game selection is pretty important in this genre, and we want to make it really easy for you to pick the style of live casino blackjack that you'll have the best time with. In what follows, we want to give you an overview of three of the most popular titles out there in the live space so that you have a starting point for picking out where you'll start.

  • VIP Blackjack : Both Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play have VIP style blackjack games with similar names. Visually, it has a style that's more in line with the exclusive tables in brick and mortar locations. However, the bet sizes are usually fairly reasonable with minimums going down to the $1 level in most cases despite being a straightforward experience with no side bets.
  • Classic Blackjack : The classic style produced by Evolution Gaming is focused on a more well-rounded experience. Table minimums are usually $1 per hand, and you have the Perfect Pairs and 21+# side bets available to give you more action to go along with the very traditional rule set.
  • Infinite Blackjack : Instead of multiple players taking up several spots at the table, Infinite Blackjack by Evolution Gaming has several people playing the same hand. This allows for an unlimited number of players at the table, in theory, with no waiting lists required. A $1 minimum wager per hand and streamlined rules around splitting and doubling make this a great option for players who want less waiting and more playing.

Best for Live Blackjack - Yukon Gold

Yukon Gold is a great live casino Canada based players have available because of their solid set of promotions and wide game selection of dozens of live titles. On your initial deposit of just $10, you can earn 150 free spins with no code requirement if you're a new player. Additionally, you can get a 100% match worth as much as $150 on your second deposit. Other Yukon Gold promotions and special offers are available on a regular basis, and they have a tremendous reputation for taking care of their players with top-tier support and customer service.

Live Roulette

The world of online live roulette is almost a bit of a throwback to the era before Internet play where the roulette table was one of the most exciting social elements in the entire casino. Dozens of players would gather around the table to chat and have a great time in a game that's easy to learn but still has a bit of depth to it. In the modern era, you'll find that each major software provider has several styles of roulette to pick from, and a good mix of different variations can be found from what's typically available.

Of all of the non-card based titles, this is probably the easiest for new players to get in with as well. Wagers frequently go as low as $0.50 per spin, and that means you don't need to break the bank to have a great time. Combine that with the availability for low volatility wagers, and it's a friendly environment for people just getting started. At the same time, plenty of possibilities exist for people who want the ability to win more and are willing to take on the additional risk.

Real Money Winning Roulette Tips

Roulette is one of those games that requires a bit of a direct approach because there's no really much complicated strategy involved. However, we still have some tips for you that will help you to keep your real money roulette winning chances as high as possible.

  • Avoid American roulette tables because they have a lower RTP percentage than most other variants despite having what's otherwise a very standard style of play.
  • Many Canada live casino promotions and bonuses allow you to play roulette, and you should have a bonus that you're working on a lot of the time to get the extra value.
  • If you're starting out, sticking to the "outside" wagers that pay even money or 2:1 is a great way to get a balanced introduction to the gameplay.

Popular Roulette Games

There's only so many ways to add variation to single zero roulette tables, but the top providers have come up with some good ideas. Some of these variants are simply different ways to present the same style of play. However, others add some more unique elements that you can't find anywhere else. In the following, we offer a quick overview of three of the most popular options and what they bring to the table.

  • Immersive Roulette : Produced by Evolution Gaming, this game is all about taking the presentation of single zero roulette to the highest level possible. Like most titles in this genre, the minimum wager is $0.50 per turn, and it offers a standard European experience with tons of camera angles and a particularly high quality visual appeal.
  • Live European Roulette : Virtually all providers, big or small, have a live European roulette style available because it's the most popular game in the larger genre. Betting minimums vary a bit but tend to be around $0.50 per spin. If you aren't sure where to start, this is the game that we recommend going with.
  • Lightning Roulette : With min bet sizes as low as $0.20 per turn, Evolution Gaming's Lightning Roulette brings a wide range of players to the table with chances to win much larger prizes than usual thanks to a system of big multipliers. This title is the best for fans who want chances to win payouts larger than almost anything else you can find in a roulette game.

Best for Live Roulette - Quatro Casino

Our top pick for this genre is Quatro Casino. This site is known for having a super solid selection of dozens of live dealer games, including several styles of roulette. What's more is that you can pick up a set of free spins every day for your first seven days with a new account. They also have access to the Casino Rewards set of VIP rewards, so you get rewarded for playing here in the long run. This is on top of a 100% match worth up to a maximum of $100 on your initial deposit.

Live Baccarat

In brick and mortar casinos, Baccarat is typically considered to be the most social card game out there. Because the gameplay is pretty simple and straightforward compared to other table games, the social component was always extremely important. A lot of that is lost in RNG based titles, but in the live atmosphere, the social element comes alive as it was intended. Along these lines, Baccarat is the best option for players who want something with a combination of a fun social scene, high payout rates and a straightforward style of play.

To add variation and excitement to this genre, side bets are typically the way to go. With that said, the "squeeze" procedure where the dealer skillfully teases what each card may be is alive and well, and it ties into the social aspect of the experience wonderfully. Low betting limits, compared to the high limits that used to be the norm at land-based tables, also add a bit of inclusive flavor to the tables and make it easy for virtually all players to pick out sizes that fit within the bounds of their bankroll management guidelines.

Top Tips for Big Wins

Baccarat is inherently a low-volatility and low-variance title. It also has straightforward strategies for players who want to get the best payout rates available, so the following tips we have for you are more based on having the most fun you can while playing.

  • Pay very close attention to the house edge of the bets that you select. The side bets in particular can have much lower payouts than the banker and player hands.
  • Figure out what you want out of your session ahead of time before choosing a game. Some players want more hands dealt per hour, and others want to enjoy the social atmosphere more.
  • Because the house edge can potentially be so low, any promotion, loyalty program or bonus that can add value is a big deal to your bottom line.

Popular Baccarat Variants

Variation between different styles of Baccarat largely come down to game speed, available side bets and presentation elements. Deciding which of these are the most important before the login window even appears will make it much easier to pick out the specific title you prefer. Among the available options are a few specific games that are among the most popular that we will detail for you in the following.

  • Baccarat Squeeze : With a minimum bet size of $5 and an emphasis on the slow squeeze style of dealing cards, you'll get the fewest hands per hour in this title from Evolution Gaming. Basic side bets like pairs and perfect pairs are available, but everything else is more about the social elements and squeeze excitement.
  • Single Player Baccarat : Several providers have a single player style table under different names. The idea is that it's just you and the dealer with a supervisor or virtual pit boss watching over the games. Min wagers are high to compensate for being the only person at the table, but the personalized attention is the key element here.
  • Lightning Baccarat : Evolution Gaming's Lightning Baccarat title is made for players who want something more exciting than the standard mode of play. Betting starts at just $1 per hand, and random multipliers can show up tied to specific cards that can drastically increase the size of your wins.

Best for Live Baccarat - Golden Tiger

Your first five deposits with Golden Tiger will get you match bonuses that are part of an overall welcome package. It ends up being as much as $1500 in total rewards, which is a lot of potential value just for signing up as a new player. This casino has a tremendous live dealer section with lots of Baccarat variations and other types of games, which makes them the perfect place for people who prefer this type of play. No matter if you want a fast play style or if you want things to be slow and steady, this is the place to be.

Live Poker

Casino poker is an interesting genre for a number of reasons. Each BC casino online, and those in other provinces, will virtually always have a strong selection of different types of poker games. The reason for this is that there are so many styles that have different rules and gameplay mechanics. While they're all considered a part of the same genre, the truth is that there's more variation between the individual titles than what you find in any other group of casino titles.

This is the case with the poker live real money casino games as well. As a result, the degree of strategy varies a lot from title to title, as does the degree of complication inside of the actual gameplay procedures. These simple realities mean that just because you know how one variation works, it doesn't mean that you can jump straight into another without having to learn anything. That may sound like a lot to learn for some players, but others love the variety they have to pick and choose from.

Win More with These Tips

Nonetheless, since strategy is a strong component of virtually every title in the genre, we have some important tips for you to follow. These will help to boost your win percentage and help you to get larger payouts when you do come out ahead.

  • Learn the rules of a particular style before jumping straight into it. Even if it looks similar to something you've played before, serious rule variations can lead to much different strategies.
  • If you don't like a lot of strategy, more straightforward options like Three Card Poker are available and may be the best type of pick for you.
  • Be careful when it comes to any available side bets. Many of them have a house advantage that are twice (or more) that of the main wagers.

Popular Poker Variants

Out of the dozen or more most popular titles in the genre, there are still a few that come out on top over and over again. Down below, we give you some information about each that can help you to decide which of them might be the best option for you as an individual. When making your decision from our descriptions, the main things to focus on are the complication of the strategies and how the winning hands are determined.

  • Casino Hold'em : The strategies involved for Casino Hold'em are relatively complicated. Virtually every provider has their own style of this game, but the rules are typically the same. Betting frequently starts at $0.50 to $1 per hand, and the gameplay is slightly slower than other variations.
  • 3 Card Poker : Another option that most providers have a version of, the Evolution Gaming tables often get the most attention because of the Six Card and Pair Plus side bets. This is the most simple of the games in this genre to learn, and a perfect strategy can be picked up within just a couple of minutes.
  • Caribbean Stud : This is another game that you can find virtually everywhere. It's moderate on the strategy scale since you can learn to play over 95% of hands perfectly with just a couple of basic rules. Again, Evolution Gaming's version is the most popular with the 5+1 side bet and the optional progressive jackpot side bet.

Best for Live Poker - LeoVegas

It's really difficult to beat what LeoVegas has to offer live dealer poker fans. Their game selection gives you your pick from several of the most popular variations available in the industry, and at the same time, they have some of the most valuable live dealer bonuses. You can pick up as much as $1,000 in bonuses in their live dealer special with another $30 in special golden chips that can be wagered with no risk and no play-through. Otherwise, the 40x wagering requirement is definitely better than much of what you can find with their competition.

Live Game Shows

The main live online casino genre that you can't find in the RNG section is the set of live game shows. These titles put presentation, entertainment and excitement at the forefront to bring you a type of experience that you simply cannot get from the traditional RNG style of tables. Additionally, they're set up to be extremely easy to learn how to play, and you can jump straight into them without knowing much beyond the basic rules and still have an amazing time.

Each of the most popular software providers have put together their own games in this genre. That means you have much more variety to pick from since they aren't just basing their titles off of classic casino table games that many players have seen thousands of times. Overall, this means that the bottom line is that players who want the most cutting edge and freshest experiences should take a serious look at these game show style titles.

Winning Tips to Use

With live game show titles, strategy isn't a major part of the experience because they want things to be quick and uncomplicated. However, we have a few tips below that can help you to have the best experience you can and to get a higher payout rate overall.

  • The first thing to look at is the availability of any bonus offers. Many sites allow you to clear wagering requirements with these titles at a 100% rate.
  • Checking out the RTP of each title and any available side bets will allow you to make a more informed decision since you can go for options with higher payout rates.
  • Make sure to also choose games based on how fun they are for you, even if that means having a slightly higher house edge.

Popular Game Show Variants

Several unique games and others based on popular board games or television shows can be found in this genre. Below are a few of the most played of these titles found in Canadian live dealer casinos.

  • Deal or No Deal : Put together by Evolution Gaming, this title includes several of the same game mechanics as the original television show. With an incredibly low minimum wager of just $0.10, this is a flexible title with particularly entertaining hosts and hostesses.
  • Monopoly Live : Also produced by Evolution, the base game for this title centers around a 54-spot wheel that spins at the beginning of each turn. However, the bonus features bring you into the traditional board game type of mechanics, rolling dice and traveling around a board for big wins.
  • Dream Catcher : Generally considered to be the first title ever released in this genre, Evolution Gaming put together an awesome money wheel type experience for players. For as little as $0.10 per spin, you can get chances for instant wins and a variety of different entertaining bonus features.

Best for Live Game Shows - Royal Vegas

With a long history of taking care of players, Royal Vegas is our pick for the top spot for these game show titles. Across your three initial deposits, they offer 30 free spins on Book of Atem for just $1 along with 100 bonus spins on a deposit of only $5. From there, up to $1,200 in match bonuses are available. This multi-part welcome package is just the beginning of the parade of promotions and deals that they make available to their players.

Others Live Casino Games to Play For Real Money

A sizable number of other genres can be found in the live dealer online casino space. This includes both established titles that have been around for a long time as well as games created especially for the live streaming format. Below we want to give you a quick overview of the different real money casino game options available and the things to look out for when enjoying them in this particular style of presentation so that there are no surprises.

  • Craps : The most popular dice game in the world can be found in the live space from providers like Evolution Gaming and others. While the minimum bet sizes vary depending on where you're playing, the action is pretty serious and typically centers on the player always coming from the shooter's perspective for a ton of action.
  • Sic Bo : Despite using three six-sided dice instead of two, this is actually a more simple game than craps. You simply pick out which wagers you would like to place, the dice roll, and you see if you won before the process repeats. Most major providers have some version of this available.
  • Teen Patti : People often mistake this for three card poker when they first see it, but it has a different scoring system with a similar appeal. With Pairplus and Six Card side bets, things get heated pretty quickly despite the relatively straightforward nature of the base game.
  • Andar Bahar : A popular Indian card game, Evolution Gaming has the most popular live dealer version of it. Based on the outcome of a few cards being dealt, this title is heavy on side bets and offers a lot of ability to customize how you place your wagers.
  • Football Studio : The game Dragon Tiger has been reworked to look more like a football match-up between home and away teams by Evolution. The focus here is on the social atmosphere and people breaking up into groups to cheer on each side across several hands in a row.
top live dealer games providers

Live Casino Game Software Providers

A large number of online casino software providers produce games for the live dealer space. Some of them are more popular than others, and some have been purchased or merged with other developers over the years. Nonetheless, there are still a few major names that Canadian players will see the most while others can be seen in a more limited capacity. In what follows, we show you which are the most popular and what you can expect in terms of game selection and availability for all of the top names.

Evolution Gaming

The definitive juggernaut of the live space, Evolution Gaming has a lot of depth in every type of game with dozens of table types available. Additionally, they tend to have lower betting minimums than most of the competition with some options going as low as $0.10 per turn. After purchasing the slots provider Net Entertainment, they found themselves in more online casinos than ever before, making them the most used software platform for the live games. Many of the most popular live Canadian casinos use their software even if they also have others available.

Pragmatic Play

When Pragmatic Play entered this space, they primarily had a history as only being a high-quality slots provider. However, they put a lot of work into bringing a tremendous product to market, and now they hold a significant portion of overall play in Canada. Their lineup includes several styles of classic table games like roulette, Baccarat and blackjack. Additionally, they also offer game show titles and a few other specialty games that you can't really find anywhere else. In the modern era, Evolution Gaming is the only platform that has a claim to beat Pragmatic Play out, which is incredibly impressive.


In late 2018, it was announced that Evolution Gaming was purchasing Ezugi, which had been their primary competition for well over a decade. Ezugi was known for bringing a high level of visual appeal and aesthetic quality, and we can definitely see how those elements were brought into the fold and made Evolution's lineup so much better. In present day, presentation quality is one of the areas where it's difficult to beat Evolution Gaming, and their purchase of Ezugi appears to have a lot to do with that.


Playtech is a company that loves to get into the action with virtually anything that has to do with gambling online. Because of this, it's not surprising that they entered the live dealer space, and it's equally unsurprising that their lineup is really good. While they tend to focus on providing high-quality experiences for many classic games like blackjack and roulette, they have also stepped into the less typical game show arena with titles like The Money Drop Live, Quantum Roulette and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Live.


Vivo Gaming is a great provider for live dealer casinos despite being slightly less well-known compared to the larger brands like Evolution and Playtech. Nonetheless, the quality of their offering is top-notch, and they have plenty to choose from. This even includes less commonly offered options like Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger. If you want a more classic look and feel that matches up with what you might expect from a brick and mortar casino location, then this is a provider to check out.

Xpro Gaming

Also known as XPG for short, the main place where they stand out is with how they field their dealers and create their backdrops. It's all about creating the most visually appealing setup possible with a bit of a mix between classic and modern aesthetics. Their selection of titles is strong as well with multiple variations of Baccarat, roulette and blackjack. Additionally, their Wheel of Fortune title and live multi-play poker options make them stand out from the competition.

Authentic Gaming

One of the things that Authentic Gaming does differently than most is that they have a roulette table that's actually streaming live from a real casino floor. As a result, you can play on the same table as real life patrons who walk up to the same table. With that said, variations of roulette are all that this provider focuses on, so they have a bit of a narrow specialty. Nonetheless, if you're a Canadian player who is fan of roulette, then they have some of the coolest variants available with bet sizes starting as low as $0.50 per spin.

Asia Gaming

As the name implies, Asia Gaming focuses more on bringing games that are popular in different parts of Asia to a larger audience. Their live Niu Niu and Golden Flower card games are great examples of this. However, they don't have the largest selection since these two games and a blackjack option with the 21+3 side bet are the majority of their offering. Nonetheless, they have a great look and presentation, and they're an awesome pick for players who want to try something that's a bit different.

Visionary iGaming

More generally known as ViG for short, Visionary iGaming has a standard lineup of blackjack, roulette and Baccarat without much else. Their specialty game that no one else seems to have is an early payout version of blackjack that allows you to enjoy up to three hands at once. The thing that sets this game apart is the ability to take an early payout based on the mathematical average value of the hand you're dealt. Outside of this, their selection is pretty straightforward without much that makes them stand out.

Live Casinos and Studio Options

The vast majority of games in this space are streamed from special studios. These studios have professionally trained dealers from different parts of the world who are set up to run the games that you're enjoying on your mobile device or computer. With that said, the different providers have studios all over the world, so there's quite a bit of variety there. Thanks to our global infrastructure for high-speed Internet, Canadian players can check out what's going on in all of these different studios without any noticeable lag.

Native Dealers and Exclusive Tables

With studios in different regions comes dealers and croupiers from different parts of the world. One company may have several different tables on different continents of the same exact game, which means you can often pick and choose which setup and which dealer you'd like to have. In this way, native dealers can become a part of your selection criteria since it can be interesting to interact with people from across the globe. This is especially true with exclusive tables where you're the only player there (or one of just a few) and get to chat with the dealers in a bit more of a one on one way.

Interact with Chat Options

The chat interface is a critical part of the overall live dealer experience. With it, you get to speak with all kinds of different players who happen to be at the same table as you. This helps to create a social atmosphere that many people feel is missing in the RNG games. Aside from talking to the other people at the table who are enjoying the game, you can also talk with your dealer. This includes the ability to tip your dealer, just like what you'd be able to do if you were playing in a brick and mortar location.

Live Dealer Etiquette

With this ability to talk at the table comes a certain etiquette. Players are expected to remain respectful at all times, and the chats are moderated for this purpose. It helps to keep things fun for everyone involved, and it means you don't have to worry about people taking over the chat with things that keep people from being able to enjoy the game. Along these lines, it means no blaming the dealer for results that you didn't want in the games. With these rules in place, the social atmosphere remains an asset in your overall experience instead of becoming something that players tend to avoid.

Best Real Money Live Casino Features

A variety of features are available in these games that many players wouldn't even consider unless they've played in them before. Here we want to cover a number of these to make sure that you know just how much you can customize your experience.

  • Several languages are available from most of the top providers. This allows you to pick the one that you are the most comfortable with.
  • The number of game variants is pretty serious, especially considering that several of them are not available in RNG games or anywhere else.
  • A variety of camera angles can be chosen in some titles, and in others, they cycle through. This helps to keep the visual appeal high while keeping things fresh and entertaining.
  • Some people prefer a male or female dealer because that's what they're more comfortable with, and you have that option for many of the tables.
  • Many of the games in the live dealer space have a focus on giving you numerous side bet options. Having more betting options in this way allows you to better customize your experience.
best bonuses for live dealer

Free Canadian Online Casino Bonuses to Claim

With so many promotions and types of bonuses out there, many players may have trouble choosing which types are the best for what they want to play. In the live dealer space in particular, there are several popular options for bonuses that actually don't allow you to play the live tables in most cases. To help you navigate this element of the experience, we want to quickly walk you through the most common types of offers like no deposit deals, minimum deposit bonuses and welcome packages and let you know whether they're a good fit and why.

No Deposit Free Chip Bonus

A particularly popular option for Canadian players is a free chip that comes from a no deposit bonus. The idea behind these offers is that the casino gives you some free money to try out the games to see what you like while you retain the ability to run up actual real money wins. Unfortunately, there are virtually no cases where you're able to use these deals to play at the live tables. In many cases, you're only limited to slots.

$1, $5, and $10 Minimum Deposit Bonuses

Several casinos focus on making things as easy as possible for players on a budget to get in on the action. We call these minimum deposit casinos, and the popular levels for Canadians for these offers are at the $1, $5 and $10 levels. With the $1 and $5 levels, live dealer games aren't really viable because the bonuses you get typically only allow play on slots. However, many of the $10 minimum deposit bonus options do allow you to play pretty much everything in the casino. The only caveat is that the wagering requirements can be higher for live tables.

Welcome Bonus for Live Dealer Games

The most consistently viable option for getting a great bonus for the live tables is with a welcome bonus. In particular, there are many that are made especially for the live games, so you don't have to worry so much about game restrictions and other terms. With these promotions, you tend to get a solid match percentage, and you can sometimes get other goodies like free spins on different slots attached as well. If you're a player who likes the live tables, then these are generally the promotions that you should focus on getting a great value from.

Live Dealer Versus RNG Online Casino Games

Many titles are available in both RNG and live dealer formats. Because of this, some players might want to know which is better between the two ways of play. While it's not necessarily the answer that players want, the truth is that it really depends on you as an individual. A good place to start is with the play speed. Overall, RNG titles are faster, and you'll get in more rounds during your sessions because you aren't having to wait on anyone else to place their bets. If speed is the most important thing to you, then RNG games are the way to go.

However, other things may be more important to you than how quickly the rounds go by. If social interaction and the presentation of the game itself are critical to you, then live titles will easily be the better choice. These games beat out their RNG cousins on these two criteria handily. Along these lines, the best way to decide which will fit you the best is to start with which things are the most important to you and then go from there. With that said, many people like to jump between both styles, and there's nothing wrong with that.

choose the best live casino online

How To Choose The Best Live Casino Online in Canada

In our reviews, we focus on a handful of what we believe to be the most important criteria for evaluating the best live online casinos. From there, we take these criteria and combine them with our proprietary rating system to make it easier for players to quickly pick out a good fit. However, we also want to make sure that you know what the criteria are that we are using and why we think they are so important. Down below, we'll show you exactly what we use for our ratings so that you understand our reasoning behind our ratings.

  • Software Providers : In the live space, knowing which providers are used is a key piece of information. There are a relatively low number of them, and we favor sites that have tables from the biggest names.
  • Exclusive Tables : Some players like to get in on the action with private tables. This isn't important to each individual player, but we find that sites that have them available do better in other areas as well.
  • Promotions and Events : We love to see players get a chance to enjoy themselves and get value with special events like promotional offers and tournaments that allow you to play in different ways.
  • Industry Awards : Several independent sets of awards are given by third-party entities that help to really show an objective view of which casinos offer the most for players.
  • Mobile Availability : In 2024, we don't think there's a good reason for any top casino to not have a great mobile app that makes it easy to take your live play with you anywhere you have a connection.
  • Game Selection : While it's tied to the software offering, the fact of the matter is that a larger selection of higher quality titles will always win out for players because it's the best of both the quality and quantity worlds.
  • Betting Limits : In the modern era, smaller betting limits and a wider overall range of available sizes are the industry standard to make things as inclusive as possible for players.

Play and Win on The Go with Mobile Casino Apps

Something that surprises many players is that you can easily take your play with you on the go even in the live dealer games. This goes for players that use both iOS and Android systems. While tablets do offer more screen real estate, so to speak, even mini smartphone styles can enjoy these tables with no problem. That's because you can use the simple "pinch" motions to zoom in on the tables in games like roulette and craps to make it easy to make the specific wagers that you want without accidentally placing your chips somewhere that you didn't mean to.


  • How do I play live casino games online at Casinos in Canada?

    Pick out a site from our list of top names, register, make your deposit and hop right in.
  • What's the best bonus for real money live dealer casino games?

    Welcome bonuses tend to be the best option for players in most cases in live games.
  • Can I play with a low budget?

    Some live titles have minimum wagers as low as $0.10 per turn, especially in the game show genre.
  • Can I practise for free in demo mode?

    No, demo or free play versions aren't available for most of these games.
  • Can I play free live casino games and win real money?

    In most cases, you cannot use no deposit offers to play at the live tables.
  • Are there real money betting strategies I can use to win more?

    Yes, many titles like blackjack have strategies that can be used to maximize your chances of winning.
  • How much time do I have to make my bets?

    This varies between games, but 10 to 20 seconds is about average.
  • Is card counting allowed when playing live blackjack?

    Yes, card counting is allowed, but it's limited in usefulness since they change shoes earlier than in brick and mortar games.
  • Are there any progressive jackpot titles?

    You can find progressive versions of titles like roulette and other games.
  • What's the biggest jackpot won to date?

    The Age of the Gods live roulette game by Playtech has a progressive that pays out a minimum of $100,000.
  • What happens if the live stream is lost?

    All bets are made void, and your wagers are returned to your account balance.
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