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Casino software not only determines the number of games players will find but also the quality they can expect from the casinos they choose to play real money games at. There is a massive variety of games distributed from various software providers. These are the titles that players from Canada love to enjoy while they shoot for real money wins and jackpot payouts. In 2024, the most popular and well-respected names are those that offer up both quality and quantity with their entire portfolio. To help you choose the best for you, we have full breakdowns, ratings and reviews of these packages and the sites that offer them.

Best Online Casino Software for Real Money Casinos in Canada 2024

what makes a software provider good

What Makes a Great Software Developer

There's no shortage of different casino software developers that put together games from players. However, they're not all equal when it comes to what they offer Canadian players. When we rate the various providers here at, we use a number of criteria that we weigh and combine as a part of a detailed overall review. Here's a look at these rating criteria and why we believe them to be so important.

  • Large Library of Games - The more titles a company has produced, the more likely you are to find options that appeal to you, and the less likely you are to run out of fun choices that you're interested in.
  • High Level Graphics - Visual appeal is a major part of the overall experience of enjoying these games. Players typically have little interested in graphics that aren't being presented at a high level.
  • Licensing - The best casino software developer will have its own licenses to offer titles in reputable jurisdictions, which includes regular audits for fairness.
  • Awards and Accolades - Several trade and award shows can offer up special recognition for these companies and the titles they produce.
  • Mobile Compatibility - The ability to enjoy their catalog of games on smartphones and tablets, including both iOS and Android, is a must in 2024.
  • Security for Players - Keeping your data safe is critical in the modern era, so this includes high level encryption and other best practices.
  • Language Support - Having several languages supported is helpful for allowing players from all over the world to enjoy a company's offering.

real money casino games

Popular Real Money Casino Games in 2024

Game selection is a big part of what determines who the best online casino software providers are. With several different genres and various formats for enjoying those games, there's definitely a lot of ground to cover to make sure that the expectations of players are thoroughly met. In what follows, we'll look over the most popular game types and formats to show you what these companies have put together for players to enjoy.

Online Slots

By volume, slots are the most popular type of title in almost any online casino games portfolio. In fact, it's not rare to see an individual software package include hundreds or even over a thousand different real money slot titles. They're incredibly easy to learn to play, and the spins themselves are quick, which means they contribute the most total wagers by volume of all of the game types as well. With a ton of variety when it comes to slot machine themes, formats and pacing, it's easy to see why they are played by so many.

Progressive Jackpots

Titles that have progressive jackpots can cover a number of different genres. However, these jackpots all have the same thing in common: They build in size over time until someone eventually wins the prize. From there, they reset back to their starting amount, and the process starts over. Each of the best online casino game software packages will have several titles of different types with this kind of jackpot. Some even have multiple jackpot prizes available at various levels all within the same game.

Blackjack, Roulette & Other Table Games

The table games category actually includes a few different genres. Blackjack, roulette, baccarat and table poker are all examples of the available types of titles available under the table games heading. With that said, you'll find a lot of variety with the different Canadian casino games software developers in terms of how much depth they go into with each of these genres and sub-genres. If you're particular about the specific table games that you're interested in, that's something to really pay attention to as a result.

Video Poker

The entire video poker genre is based around the idea of being able to play what was typically seen as a multi-player title by yourself. These virtual machines are all based on a variation of five card draw where you get five cards, discard up to five of them, get new cards to replace the discards and then have your hand judged based on a pay table to determine if you take down any winnings. Much like table games, different casino site software packages can vary in terms of how many of these titles they have and what the exact selection is like.

Live Dealers

If you want something that feels like you're sitting there at a real table in a brick and mortar establishment, then live dealer games are where you want to be. These are set up in either land-based casinos or studios where the games are played out by human dealers at real tables. A handful of key providers focus on this format, and it includes many different table games and other types of titles not available otherwise. Additionally, the social element is boosted from the fact that you can chat up other players and your dealer at any time during your real money play.


Casino game tournaments take on a number of formats and styles. They can also be used with many different genres of titles. Some real money online casino site software packages are set up to be able to run tournaments easily for slots, blackjack, roulette and many other kinds of games. However, others run them through a promotional style using leader boards instead of putting players head to head against each other while they play simultaneously. Overall, the idea is that you get to add an element of competing against other players instead of simply going against the house, which is something many people really enjoy.


A number of other types of titles can be found as a part of these online casino site software packages. In particular, it's not uncommon to see bingo, keno, scratch cards and other types of atypical "instant win" games based on wheels or randomized drawings. It's a lot of fun to simply try something fresh and different, even if you're just taking a break from what you would otherwise normally be playing. That's why the best casino gaming software options always focus on giving you a bit more variety than you may think you initially want.

Best Slots-Only Software Providers

A small minority of online casino site software companies focus completely on slots. In many cases, these are places that were building land-based slot machines before playing on the Internet became so popular. Those are companies that have a tremendous period of experience to draw from, so they can really nail down great titles for players as a result. On the other hand, you have smaller online-only developers that started up specifically to make slots for play over the Internet, and they can focus on being innovative instead of only using inspiration from decades ago.

IGT is the Best Choice for Canada

International Game Technology, known as IGT for short, has been producing slot titles for decades. They're one of the key companies that were able to make the switch from land-based games to the online world, and we have to say that they've made that transition better than anyone else. Along these lines, they have a lot of incredibly high-quality titles to pick from that cover plenty of original ideas as well as licensed brands from popular media.

Slots with Progressive Jackpots

One of the biggest things that will get attention for a real money casino software company is including progressive jackpots in the mix. The chance to win a tremendous amount of cash in a single wager is a very interesting proposition, so it's not exactly surprising that titles with these jackpots make up many of the most popular games in the industry of all time. While some of these progressive prizes are in place for video poker, blackjack and other games, they're most well-known for their association with slots. Likewise, progressive slots hold all of the top records for the largest online payout at any site in industry.

Microgaming Has the Biggest Progressive Jackpots

The provider known the most for having the largest and top-rated progressive jackpots is Microgaming. Their Mega Moolah line in particular has held and broken its own world record several times over, and they also hold the record for the biggest jackpot won via mobile. In addition to their progressive slots, their Microgaming casino software also has progressive games in other genres like blackjack and video poker.

Blackjack & Slots Tournaments

A number of Canadian casino software companies have things set up for different types of tournaments right in their platforms. Of particular note are these types of events for blackjack and online slots. Instead of simply going up against the house, you get to face off against other players in these types of tournaments. It's a cool way to add another layer of complexity and fun to the whole experience, and it's easy to see why so many players enjoy these events.

Pragmatic Play has the Biggest Guaranteed Tournament Pool Prizes

Overall, our top recommendation when it comes to these types of tournament events is Pragmatic Play. They offer one of the best Canadian online casino software platforms out there in general, but what makes them so great for tournaments is their larger prize pools. Additionally, they have a lot of different types of options for these events built right into the software package, and this allows them to run their own promotions as well as allowing the individual operators to offer their own tournaments.

Live Dealer Casino Software

It's entirely possible to enjoy games on your mobile device or computer that are actually playing out with a real human dealer at a real table. This is all thanks to live dealer titles, and you'll find a number of real money online casino software platforms that have these available as an option. Generally speaking, live casino software providers will include plenty of classic table games in addition to certain types of "game show" style options that aren't available in the traditional online format.

Evolution Gaming is the King of Live Casinos

The top name in this space is Evolution Gaming, and it's been that way for over a decade. They absolutely dominate to the point that most other names in this space are essentially trying to either copy what they have done or catch up to them in some other form or fashion. You get a great variety of different types of titles, and this includes their innovative non-standard options like live slots and game show-based options.

mobile casino apps

Mobile Casino Apps

One of the great things about what the best casino software providers bring to the table is that they make it easy to take your play with you anywhere you'd like to go. They do this through mobile apps. The best casino app can be used on virtually all types of modern smartphones, especially those that use the iOS or Android operating systems. Moreover, devices in all different sizes of screens are viable for this as well. This includes larger tablets all the way down to "mini" style smartphones.

Netent is #1 For Mobile Gaming

The top name in the mobile space has been Net Entertainment for quite a while. One reason they hold this title is that they helped to revolutionize how their high-end slots and other games are presented on mobile devices. Additionally, they make their interface quick and easy to use so that all of your favorites are just a screen tap or two away before you can jump right in and get started playing. They also have an excellent selection of all kinds of slots and other titles that work well in the mobile format.

Social Casino Apps in 2024

The social apps for mobile are exactly what they sound like. These are casino software options that are made more for the social side of things and that do not allow you to play for real money wagers. They're a great way to connect with friends over fun games, and you can even compete against each other to see how well you can do all within a low-pressure environment. Here are a few of the most popular of these apps and what they bring to the table.

  • Huuuge Casino - A good selection of many different kinds of titles is the main focus here, which ties into the name perfectly.
  • WorldWinner - In addition to casino-style options, WorldWinner also has a number of other social style games mixed in like board games and gem-matching style titles.
  • Slotomania - As the name indicates, this option is mostly about slots, but they have other types of games available as well with a wide availability for different types of mobile devices.

Complete Solutions

Some casino software packages are pieced together with games from a variety of places. However, others offer up complete, all-in-one platforms that put everything in one easy to use package for operators. While these are often set up as aggregators that host titles from a number of the top online casino software developers out there today, they're set up in one overall solution that makes everything easy to connect to and manage. Several of these are available, but some have pros and cons over the others.

Playtech is the Best All-in-one Software Platform

Having been around in the industry for a particularly long time, Playtech has built up a reputation in a lot of different sectors of the online gambling world. They offer up a casino solution as well as bingo, poker and other ways for people to play. This puts everything that a player could want all in one package as well as offering up games from a number of third-party online casino software developers. Getting everything you're looking for all in one place is the name of the game with Playtech.

White Label Solutions to Start Your Own Casino

The idea behind a white label solution is that the games, back end and everything else are all put together for the operator. In essence, the branding is changed accordingly, and the operator is ready to get started offering titles to players. This is how many Canadian online casino software packages are set up, and it helps to provide a high-quality, uniform experience to players with a lot of quality control put in place.

Softswiss is the Most Affordable White Label Casino Platform

For those who might want to start up their own casino, Softswiss, often stylized as "SOFTSWISS," is the most affordable way to go. The start-up costs are reasonable, and they're recognized as one of the top names in the white label space to begin with. In addition to all of this, they are known to provide plenty of assistance and support when getting up and running instead of leaving you out purely on your own.

best software vendor

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Casino Software Provider

When you're making the decision of which online casino software packages to seek out and prefer over others, it can seem like they all have so much in common that it's difficult to differentiate them from each other. However, first looks can be deceiving, and once you get beyond that initial impression of what each developer has to offer, you'll see some significant differences. In what follows, we'll lay out each of other major areas where things can differ along these lines and why they matter when you're making your decision.

  • Game Selection - While this includes their portfolio as a whole, we're more concerned with which types of titles they have that aren't generally available from other companies.
  • Sound and Graphical Quality - The production values of the games themselves can vary quite a bit between some of the different casino software providers.
  • Bonuses and Promotions - Some software companies run their own special promotions that aren't dependent on the operator that you've chosen to play their games through.
  • Customer Service - The support offered is often tied to the casino software company in question if they're provided by the same place, and we like to see helpful service members available around the clock.
  • Instant Play Offering - Whether a site offers a download-only platform or has an instant play version available through your web browser is an important consideration depending on how you prefer to play.
  • Free Play Mode - Not all Canadian casino software options allow you to play in a demo mode to try out titles without having to risk real money.

No Download Instant Play vs Downloadable - What's the Difference?

Some players aren't entirely sure what is meant when we say that some online casino site software is downloadable while others are instant play and require no download at all. To clarify, you have the download-only options that download a program onto your computer, and you use that program to play. These are typically, but not always, packages that only work on Windows systems. On the other hand, the instant play options simply run in your web browser. This allows them to work on a variety of operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux as well as a wide range of mobile devices.

Overall, we favor the instant play style. It gives you a lot more flexibility to play when you want and where you want, and you don't need a particular type of computer or device.

What is Casino RNG and Why is it Important?

When you play in a brick and mortar casino environment, randomness is determined naturally by the physical elements of the game. This could include the wheel for roulette, dice for craps or the deck of cards for blackjack. However, in the online setting, these sites have to create this randomness in a different way. This is done through the use of what's known as an RNG or random number generator. These are incredibly complex algorithms that build out the randomness used in these games so that everything is fair with no unnatural patterns emerging.

Safe and Legal Online Casino Software Developers

Before choosing where to play real money casino games it is important to look at the software provider or providers beging used. Many sites in 2024 use mulitpled providers. Safe and legal operators are a must and there are a number of elements discussed below that you can check before signing up and claiming your first deposit bonus.

Fair Gaming Certification

Something that the best casino software providers have in common is that they take pride in making sure their games are fair in addition to being fun. To this end, a number of third-party testing facilities can be used to get certification along these lines, and this is typically in addition to the software audits done by the regulatory bodies involved. Here we'll look at some of these certification options and the groups that run them.


Short for e-Commerce Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance, eCOGRA is one of the main names when it comes to third-party fairness certification options. They offer a variety of benefits including ISO 27001 certification, which is the international standard for inspection of the information security management systems that are used to keep your data safe. Additionally, they check the games themselves for fairness, and they're known for being around for a long time, having been first launched back in 2003.

iTech Labs

With iTech Labs, you get to see a focus on a few different areas. They offer evaluations for general certifications, security and quality assurance. This means that they break down how these sites run their games as well as how they keep your information safe and secure. These are the main areas that players are concerned with because you want to play in fair games, and you also want to know that your financial details and personal information are handled properly.


TST stands for Technical Systems Testing, and they're probably the oldest name in this particular space since they actually got their start in the early 1990s. In a departure from the above two options, TST also does a lot of work with land-based gambling platforms, which has given them a different type of experience. Certification from TST means a lot in this industry because they have shown just how much they take information security and fair gaming seriously.

Free No Deposit Bonus Codes

When it comes to different types of promotions, no deposit bonus offers are more popular than most. Some of the best Canadian online casino software options have special offers of this type built straight into their platforms. This makes it easier for operators to not have to add them directly, and in turn, players get a lot more options to pick from. Here we'll take a look at some software packages that sometimes include codes built in.

RTG Uses No Deposit Bonus Codes

Realtime Gaming, known as RTG for short, often builds bonus codes straight into their platforms. While they aren't always no deposit offers, some of them can be, and this gives you a wider range of different promotional options to pick and choose from. In what follows, you'll see a few examples of these types of deals from sites that use the RTG portfolio of titles.

  • Bodog Casino players can get a 100% Welcome Bonus up to $600 + 50 Free Spins on their first three bonuses.
  • Slotocash Casino offers new players a Welcome Bonus of $7,777 + 300 extra Free Spins.
  • New players can claim a Welcome Bonus of €500 + 75 extra free spins on Cash Bandits 3 at Casino La Riviera.

No Bonus Codes Required for NetEnt

With Net Entertainment, or NetEnt for short, it's frequently the case that no bonus code is needed for certain offers. Instead, all you really need to do is sign up for your account. This covers a variety of different types of deals and promotions as well, which gives players the ability to customize their experience to a great degree. Here are some examples of what's available:

  • Vulkan Vegas starts players off right with 125 free spins along with a 200% match worth up to $250.
  • When you get signed up to play for real money, Nitro offers 100 percent up to $100 along with a set of 20 free spins.
  • No deposit is required to pick up 88 free spins at 888 for the Rise of Pharaohs slot.

Custom Platforms are Operator Dependent

Custom platforms can mix together different existing platforms and put them all under one roof, so to speak. The idea is to offer players more to pick from in terms of game selection. However, it can also lead to a wider range of promotional offers. With that said, you can end up with a mix of deals where some do require codes and others do not. A few examples of solid offers that you can pick up along these lines include the following:

  • Get 50 Free Spins on Boom Galaxy at Jackpot City - No Bonus Code Required
  • 888 offers $20 No Deposit Bonus on Sign Up
  • Get 50 Real Money Spins at Royal Vegas for New Players

Recommended Casino Sites by Type

We understand completely that what one player is looking for is not necessarily what appeals to another. To this end, we have recommendations for specific places to play based on what you're looking for in particular. Here we'll look over those options and show you exactly why they fit the given criteria to be our favorites in certain areas.

  • Best for Online Slots - Captain Cooks

    Captain Cooks is known for having several hundred different slots from some of the top online casino software developers out there today. They have a great 100% welcome bonus worth up to $475 in addition to a 100 free spins deal for only $5. With that kind of value combined with that great of a game selection, it's not hard to see why Casino Captain Cooks is our top recommendation for online slot fans.

  • Best for Live Dealers - Royal Vegas

    A strong variety of different types of live dealer tables are the order of the day at Casino Royal Vegas. Their selection provided by Evolution Gaming in particular tends to be the most popular among players. Additionally, it helps that they give you up to $1200 in bonuses across your first four deposits. You can also pick up 30 bonus spins on Book of Atem for a deposit of just $1, so players at all different levels can take advantage of their generous offers.

  • Best for Casino Tournaments - Jackpot City

    If you're the type of player who really loves tournaments, then Jackpot City Casino is our recommendation for you. They have several types of tournament events available on a regular basis. Additionally, they know how to take care of their players with an offer of 50 free spins on the Boom Galaxy slot. You can also earn 80 free spins for a deposit of just one dollar on Wacky Panda. This is all in addition to their welcome package of up to $1600 in deposit bonuses on your first four deposits at a rate of 100% up to $400 on each.

  • Best for Game Selection - Zodiac

    Some players specialize and focus on one particular type of game while others prefer to have a larger variety. The online casino site software used at Zodiac Casino gives you a really wide selection to pick from with a lot of different providers to choose from. They also like to reward their players with top-tier promotions, which includes a great welcome package across five deposits that gives you to $480 in value. Additionally, you get 80 free spins on your first deposit, and you only need to make a minimum deposit of $1 to cash in.

  • Best for No Deposit Bonuses - Casumo

    Casumo has a great no deposit offer that places it at the top of our list for those. You'll earn 15 free spins on the 9 Masks of Fire slot with no deposit required. However, it has a simple 30x requirement and a large $100 maximum cash out that really puts the value over the top. In addition to that, Casumo Casino players can earn 200 free spins on their initial deposit of $10 or more along with as much as $1200 in bonuses as a part of their overall sign-up package. With hundreds of titles to choose from in a wide range of categories, it's easy for players to find something here to enjoy.

  • Best for Minimum Deposit - Casino Kingdom

    If you're looking for a low minimum deposit, then we have to recommend Casino Kingdom. For just a $1 deposit, you can get 40 opportunities to instantly become a millionaire on their Mega Money Wheel title. As if that wasn't enough, you can earn 100% on as much as 200 CAD when you make your initial deposit. Their available game selection for these promotions comes in better than average, and they have great customer service if you run into any questions about these deals.

  • Best for High Rollers - Playamo

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, people who are looking to play for higher stakes than average will love what PlayAmo Casino brings to the table. Not only do they have one of the best online casino software packages available, but they also have a tremendous high roller bonus. You'll earn a 50% match worth up to $2,000 when you claim this offer. The wagering requirement is just 50x, which is great for a deal that can give you this much value.

Start Playing with the Best Casino Software

Our goal is for players to have the best overall experience possible. To this end, we want you to understand what to look for in Canadian casino software providers and how their offerings match up with what you want to have available when you play. A lot of this comes down to game selection, but it also includes which devices you can use to play. By getting an idea of what you're after on the software side, it makes it a lot easier to figure out the best place to play for you as an individual.


  • Why are some software developers better than others?

    The quality and selection of games available and whether you can play on different computer systems or via mobile can make some better than others.
  • Are all online casino software providers fair and safe?

    No, some use shady tactics, but the ones we provide are audited regularly for fairness.
  • Do casino software developers need to be licensed in Canada?

    The legal side of this depends on where exactly you're playing and other details, but we only recommend fully licensed software companies.
  • Do all providers offer no deposit bonus codes?

    No, not all companies for software for casinos provide these types of deals.
  • Can I play real money casino games on mobile?

    Yes, a wide range of different types of titles are available via iOS and Android.
  • How fair are online casino games?

    When the software is audited regularly by a reputable company or regulatory body, they're proven to be completely fair.
  • Who makes the best progressive jackpot slots?

    Microgaming is typically considered to be the top name in the progressive jackpot space.
  • How often are new games released?

    Lots of new games from different providers are released each month.
  • Can I play for free or only real money?

    Virtually all top-level software developers allow for both in most of their games.
  • Do all online casino software companies make live dealer games?

    No, many of these developers do not make live dealer titles.
  • Who is best Netent or Microgaming for slots?

    Both have great games and a strong catalog, but NetEnt is slightly better for quality while Microgaming has them beat on quantity.
  • How do I test out the games before depositing real money?

    Using the demo or free money versions will allow you to test these titles.
  • Why is testing the RNG of online casino games important?

    This testing helps to make sure that these games are fair.
  • How to start your own online casino?

    A white label option like SoftSwiss is the easiest way to get started.
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