Bill C-218 Single Event Sports Betting to Boost Economy

Quintin van Wyk by Quintin van Wyk Published: November 5, 2020 Reading time: 3min
Single Sports Betting Canada

Canada's Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act could allow players across the country to enjoy single-event sports betting and help recover the economy from the unsettling effects of COVID-19.

Players in Canada could soon enjoy single-event sports betting wagers once the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act Bill C-218 is approved in the country. Kevin Waugh, the Conservative MP for Saskatoon-Greenwood, has recently introduced a brand-new private member bill that will make this a reality for Canadian sports bettors, giving you the ability to enjoy a wide variety of wagers on an assortment of single sport events. The C-218 bill will also help in the economic recovery that was caused by the devastating effects of the pandemic.

The approval of single-event sports betting wagers has been one of the main objectives for most MPs in Canada for quite some time. When the C-218 bill is approved, it will ensure that the local gambling industry becomes more competitive and it will make things easier for Canadian bettors as there will be no need to travel across the U.S border to place single-event wagers on sporting events. The government was unfortunately prorogued earlier in the fall which only added more delays to the approval of the C-218 bill.

Kevin Waugh - MP for Saskatoon-Greenwood

It recently became quite clear that the efforts behind single-event sports betting legally at online casinos and sportsbooks could be renewed before the return of the Canadian Parliament as the country has been stalling for years in this department. The Conservative MP for Saskatoon-Greenwood, Kevin Waugh, is well-prepared to enter the battlefield to make single-event sports wagering available in the country. Once this bill is passed, Canada will be more competitive in the betting industry and will significantly boost the recovery of the economy that was caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The first hour of debate already started on November 3rd and will continue to hopefully a quick and decisive approval.

It should come as no surprise that Winsor West MP, Brian Masse, is considered one of the main supporters for the C-218 bill, providing a breath of fresh air for the local gambling scene and promoting a modern perspective for players in Canada when it comes to single-event sports wagers. When the prorogue was announced in September, Brain Masse voiced his concerns with the delay of the bill and his plans to provide something fresh and exciting to the gambling market of Canada. Masse's efforts have been in motion as early as 2011.

The former Winsor-Tecumseh MP, Joe Comarti, supported the C-218 bill that would give players in Canada the ability to enjoy single-event sports betting during 2011. However, his efforts, unfortunately, did not provide any results but it did manage to gain loads of interests from the Canadian community and multiple organizations within the country that is still alive to this day.

Single-Event Sports Betting in Spring 2021

The Winsor West MP Brian Masse reported that this significant change in the country, when it comes to local gambling, could be approved with a simple signature. Both Kevin and Brain are in a cross-party partnership with the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act Bill. As per both MPs, the perfect time to act on this improvement in the country is right now, and the longer it's delayed, the more money the country is losing.

Canadian sportsbetting enthusiasts are usually forced to drive down to the U.S border to successfully place wagers on single-event sports with New York being one of these states. Many also use offshore sportsbooks. Due to this, all provinces in Canada are deprived of the substantial revenue that should actually stay within the Canadian borders. The C-218 bill will also combat the unregulated gambling market that has been thriving for years within Canada.

David Cassidy, the president of Unifor 444, recently reported that once all is said and done, that single-event sports wagers could be approved by the Senate as early as Spring 2021 in Canada. This will also allow the country to reach a new and important milestone for the gambling field of Canada. Who knows, perhaps if this passes then the next step will be for provinces to provide private licenses for Canadian online casinos, but that's not likely.

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