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Canada's online bingo fans love to get a good deal. It's hard to find a better offer than the ability to pick up real money wins in a casino online, especially when you have opportunities to play for free in some of the most popular games available. Since we know that all kinds of players have different types of preferences, we want to show you how to find the best Canadian bingo casino that will be a great fit for you as an individual.

List of Top Canadian Online Casinos for 2024

  1. 1 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $500
  2. 2 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $100
  3. 3 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $480
  4. 4 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $750
  5. 5 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $500
  6. 6 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $200
  7. 7 Sign-Up Offer 200% Match Bonus Up To $1000
  8. 8 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $200
  9. 9 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $300
  10. 10 Sign-Up Offer 120% Match Bonus Up To $360
  11. 11 Sign-Up Offer 120% Match Bonus Up To $240
  12. 12 Sign-Up Offer 120% Match Bonus Up To $300
  13. 13 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $700
  14. 14 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $300
  15. 15 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $200
  16. 16 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $100
  17. 17 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $800
  18. 18 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $100
  19. 19 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1600
  20. 20 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1000
  21. 21 Sign-Up Offer 150% Match Bonus Up To $300
  22. 22 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1000
  23. 23 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $300
  24. 24 Sign-Up Offer 150% Match Bonus Up To $300
  25. 25 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $100
  26. 26 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $200
  27. 27 Sign-Up Offer -% Match Bonus Up To $0
  28. 28 Sign-Up Offer 500% Match Bonus Up To $50
  29. 29 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $200
  30. 30 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $100
  31. 31 Sign-Up Offer 25% Match Bonus Up To $100
  32. 32 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $250
  33. 33 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $750
  34. 34 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $100
  35. 35 Sign-Up Offer 200% Match Bonus Up To $800
  36. 36 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $500
  37. 37 Sign-Up Offer 350% Match Bonus Up To $1000
  38. 38 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $200
  39. 39 Sign-Up Offer 200% Match Bonus Up To $2000
  40. 40 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1400
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best canada bingo sites

How we Rate The Best Free Online Bingo Casinos for Canada

Our Canadian online casino ratings of the top bingo casinos don't just rely on one or two factors. Instead, we take pretty much everything into consideration that you can imagine. With that said, some of these elements do factor into things more than others. For example, anything to do with game integrity is more important to us than small differences in game selection. To help you understand how we rank the different bingo casino sites, here's an overview of the information we use.

  • Licensing - The first thing we typically look for is where the opeerator is licensed and if that license is current. It's not enough for them to say that they're licensed for bingo; we actually verify that the license hasn't been suspended or expired and that the operator is a legal online casino.
  • Player Experience - One key consideration for us is what the overall player experience is like. This is itself a combination of a few different things, but we don't recommend bingo online rooms that don't give a great experience overall.
  • Bingo Variety - Most of the top bingo options have both 75-ball and 90-ball available, but we like to see some variety in the styles that players can choose from.
  • Other Game Selection - An overall game selection at these bingo casinos will include other types of titles as well. The greater the selection there, the more that players will have to pick from, and the better the experience will be.
  • Social Atmosphere - Players who focus on these games tend to have higher standards for social interactions while playing. As such, we want to make sure that you have no issue with chatting it up and meeting other people.
  • Safety and Security - We like to make sure that player information and financial details are all encrypted using high-level standards and that other data protection measures are in place.
  • Mobile Options - More players like to use their smartphones and tablets to play bingo games in 2024 than at any point before, so we always look for a strong mobile interface with a wide compatibility.
  • Generous Bonuses - There's no reason for us to rank a site highly if they don't have great bonuses for Canadian players considering how much competition there is.
how to play bingo

How To Play Online Bingo Casino Games

Whether you're playing free bingo online or playing for real money, the process is more or less the same. However, if you aren't familiar with the general idea, or if you've only played in land-based scenarios and haven't played on the Internet, we'll show you everything you need to know in our comprehensive bingo rules guide. Even if you do know the rules, a refresher might be a good idea if you haven't played in a while.

  • Bingo Game Rules

    The basic rules for this genre are pretty much the same for each individual type or style that you play. However, you will need to pay attention to certain slight differences like how the formats can vary for the card sizes. Nonetheless, here is an overview that you can start from to understand how it works in the more general sense.

    • Start by picking out the specific style you're looking for. Additionally, this includes choosing the stakes unless you're playing free bingo games, in which case that's a non-factor.
    • From there, it's time to actually purchase your tickets for your cards. Players can enjoy several cards at once if they so choose, but certain limits on this are often put in place.
    • Once play begins, you'll watch and listen for the numbers that are called. When a number is called that matches your card or cards, mark them off (also known as daubbing).
    • Notice that if you miss a number, most Canadian sites will automatically select the numbers for you so that you don't miss out on any wins.
    • The goal is to hit any of the available patterns that give you a payout. We'll break those patterns down a bit more down below, but they can be as simple as landing specific lines or just filling your entire card.
    • While all of this is going on, don't forget that you have the ability to chat it up with other players enjoying the same experience as you.
  • Tickets and Prices

    The available bingo ticket prices can vary a lot. If you're playing real money online bingo, cards usually start at a minimum of somewhere between CA$0.10 and 1.00 apiece. However, some have lower prices for specific rooms that offer a special type of play designed particularly for what's considered a micro stakes style. You're free to pick and choose which stakes you play with and how much you pay both per ticket and per round in total.

  • Understanding Game Patterns

    The most popular online bingo games are centered around a five by five grid of spots. On this grid, you can make different patterns to get paid other than making specific horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. Dozens of these are available, and the only real limit is your imagination. As such, here we want to break down some brief descriptions of the most popular of these patterns. You can also take a look at our in-depth bingo strategy guide where you'll find additional winning combinations to further increase your chances of winning in 2024.

    • Lines - A set of five consecutive spots are used that make up a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line for this pattern.
    • Four Corners - Both big and small versions of this are available based on hitting all four corners of the large 5x5 square or the smaller 3x3 square in the center.
    • Cover All - All 25 positions are covered for this pattern, which usually takes the longest to play because so many numbers are required to hit a win.
    • Wine Glass - A total of 13 spots are used to make a symbol that looks like a full glass of wine. The calls for the middle three columns are more important here because of where the spots fall.
    • Diamond - A diamond shape is created from 13 spots that connect the middle positions of each of the five sides of the card.
    • Square - All 16 of the symbol positions touching the outside edges of the card are required to make this square pattern.
  • What are Chat Games and Social Bingo?

    Chat games, also sometimes called social bingo, are designed to feel more like playing in a land-based hall. It's one of the most popular types of Canadian online bingo because the social factor is so heavily expressed. What this basically comes down to is that the numbers are called in the chat, and players will need to pay attention to daub them when they happen, but an auto-daub option is also available. Team play and other options are also available that add a lot of social interaction to the mix.

Online Bingo Game Variations

For the most part, all of the best free sites will have at least two major styles to pick from with 90-ball and 75-ball. However, you can sometimes find the 30-ball and 80-ball bingo variants as well, though they are less popular. The main differences are in the amount of numbers used and the size of the cards themselves. Here we'll give you an overview to make it easier to pick out which type you might prefer.

  • 90 Ball Bingo

    With the 90-ball style, you're playing with a card that's nine spots wide and three spots high, but only five numbers are shown on the card on each row. The first column shows 1 through 10, the second 2 through 20 and so on. Payouts are usually awarded based on getting one, two or three horizontal lines, though three lines is typically called a "full house" instead.

  • 75 Ball Bingo

    You can tell the 75-ball variation by its iconic 5x5 ticket that often has a "free space" automatically given to you in the center. A total of 15 numbers can land in each column, so that means 1-15 for the first, 16-30 for the second, etc. You get a lot more available patterns in this version than others because of the amount of visual real estate available. Likewise, the play tends to last longer per round.

  • 80 Ball Bingo

    When you play with the 80-ball variant, your card or ticket has 16 total squares on a 4x4 grid. The first column can hold the first 20 numbers, and the second, third and fourth each hold selections from 21-40, 41-60 and 61-80, respectively. The 16-spot grid allows for a number of different types of patterns, but it's more limited than the 5x5 format.

  • 30 Ball Bingo

    The least popular of the major bingo styles is 30-ball. With this one, the ticket has three columns and three rows while only showing nine total spots. You can land 1-10 on the first column with 11-20 and 21-30 showing up on the second and third, respectively. However, the patterns are very limited with this style since you typically have to cover the entire thing in order to win. With such a small grid, it's easy to see how it's limited in this way.

10 Most Popular Real Money Online Bingo Games

  • Swedish Style - A progressive jackpot option that uses the "five line" style that's like 75-ball but without a free space.
  • Lion on the Line - Speed is the focus in this 30-ball style title.
  • British Style - This 90-ball type game offers a relaxing approach without things getting too slow.
  • 52 Card - Your object here is to fill a complete row first to win your portion of the prize pool.
  • Deal or No Deal - Based on the television show theme, this 90-ball title offers an additional chance for an extra payout based on the gameshow concept.
  • Lion's Roar - Another spin on the 90-ball concept, the payouts are more geared toward hitting a full house.
  • Take Five - The goal here is to get all five lines full in this 75-ball title with no free space and a focus on hitting horizontal rows.
  • 90's Extreme - One of the more popular free online casino bingo games, just 0.05 CAD is enough to get you in on the action with a growing jackpot.
  • US 75 Ball - Another progressive option, this one is based on the classic 75-ball style that's particularly popular in the United States.
  • Fluffy Favorites - Pick up a progressive jackpot as well as a bonus for players who manage to fill their ticket in this 90-ball title.

Odds and RTP

At online bingo casinos, you'll often see the odds listed for various styles of play and different kinds of tickets. This is typically based on giving you the odds of being the first person to hit a specific pattern or just simply filling your card. In most cases, these odds are listed according to the number of cards issued for the round. For example, if 100 cards are dealt, and you have five of them, those odds are 95:5 or 19:1. However, you may also see these expressed as a percentage, which will list the percentage of the total tickets you hold.

RTP, known as return to player percentage, is a figure that tells you how much you'll average getting paid back out of your purchased tickets. For example, a 98% RTP rate means that you'll win back 98 percent of the value of your total wagers in the long run, on average. A higher RTP generally means better chances of winning, and a lower RTP is usually the opposite.

best bingo bonuses

Online Casino Bingo Games - Canada Real Money Bonuses

A variety of bonus options can be found at all of the best real money bingo casinos. However, this variety means that some differences between them will make some of them better for some types of players while others are not. Most of this comes down to learning the terms and conditions to look out for, but in any event, getting extra value for playing your favorite titles is always welcomed.

  • Match Bonuses

    Online bingo wins can come and go, but match bonuses make it easy to shoot for something that you know will be available. The idea is simple: You make a deposit, and that deposit is matched based on a specific percentage of the amount you added. However, sometimes it can be a flat bonus as long as you deposit over a particular level. In either case, this bonus is released to your account either in "chunks" or all at once time based on your real money play.

  • No Deposit Bingo Bonus

    One of the most popular ways to play free Canadian casino bingo games is with no deposit bonuses. The exact format of these can vary, but no matter how they're broken up, they give you opportunities to play without risk in some of the most popular and interesting styles available. What's more is that you can actually score real payouts with them, which makes them exceptionally popular among all kinds of players.

  • Bonus Terms and Conditions

    Each bonus that you get will have certain terms that have to be met to avoid the bonus being voided and removed from your account. The most common condition you'll need to meet concerns wagering requirements. Overall, the idea is that you need to play real money online bingo until you have put in a total amount of wagers that matches a certain multiple of your deposit and/or bonus. This is put in place to avoid scenarios where players abuse promotions without actually playing.

  • How To Claim a Bingo Bonus From Top Canadian Sites

    1. Start by looking at our reviews of the top free bingo casinos online. This will help you to make your decision on where to play.
    2. Once you've chosen and created your account, get an idea of which promotion you would like to take advantage of from their lists of deals.
    3. Click or tap into the cashier section, and choose the option to make your deposit. You'll be asked to either choose your bonus or type in a code to indicate the one you wish to claim.
    4. At this point, we recommend reading over the terms and conditions. Restrictions on what you can play and the wagering requirements in particular are some of the main things you should look for.
    5. If your bonus requires a deposit, it will be prompted at this point. Choose your deposit method and the amount that you wish to add to your account.
    6. You'll be asked to confirm your deposit, and once you do, and it's accepted, you're ready to get started playing with your bonus.

Best Online Bingo Casino Game Software Providers

A handful of main software providers offer bingo. Some of them have different levels of popularity, largely due to their variety of styles and length of time in the industry. While all of them have pros and cons, most of them have something reasonably good going on with their offering. Nonetheless, your preference for one over the other will depend on what you're looking for individually, so we have some highlights of each major developer in the following.

  • Virtue Fusion - While this name is popular and still used, it has officially been re-branded as Playtech Bingo (see below).
  • Playtech - Tons of extra games are added to the dozens of variations they have on 90-ball, 80-ball and 75-ball bingo. This includes branded options like Deal or No Deal with tickets starting at $0.05.
  • Cozy Games - You'll see this name sometimes, but they were actually absorbed by Entain and operate under that name now. Nonetheless, under this new name, they offer a lot of 30-ball, 75-ball, 80-ball and 90-ball action. Tickets are as low as CAD 0.05.
  • Dragonfish - With a focus on 75-ball and 90-ball variants with bet sizes as low as $0.05 per ticket, they embody the idea of quality over quantity. That aside, you still have plenty of options to pick from with a number of jackpot titles.
  • IGT - International Game Technology has one of the largest selection of play styles available. The 30, 50, 75, 80 and 90 ball versions are all available here. Additionally, given their history in the slots industry, it's not surprising that several of these have progressives.
  • Gamesys - "Slingo" style titles are what most players know Gamesys for. This is a combination of a 5x5 bingo style with slots. Additionally, 75-ball, 80-ball and 90-ball styles are also available with a focus on branded scratch cards as well.

Online Bingo Games Vs Offline Bingo Halls

The decision to play online or in person is largely one of personal taste, though some bingo players enjoy both for different reasons. On the one hand, it's easier to fine free online bingo games where you can pick up real money prizes. On the other hand, playing in a land-based setting can have more of a community feel to it. The other major issue is about accessibility given that you can play at any time you want, almost anywhere you want, with mobile software options. With that said, even though the play goes at a slower pace in person and has fewer promotional opportunities, it's seen as more of a social activity.

Strategies You Can Use

When competing for real money winnings, you may want to try different types of bingo strategies or even come up with your own. Here we want to show you three of the most popular strategies that players have been known to use. You can use these as they are or use them as inspiration for devising your own approach to play.

  • Granville Strategy - The idea behind the Granville approach is to pick cards that have numbers that are as different as possible. This helps to make sure that you get at least one "hit" on as many individual numbers as possible.
  • Tippett Strategy - Using Tippett's strategy is all about the difference between short and long play styles. In shorter examples, the idea is to pick numbers away from the mean, but in longer situations, you're recommended to pick those closer to the average value of the available numbers.
  • Multi-Card Strategy - Playing more cards is a manipulation of volatility as a strategy. While you increase your total wager as a whole, you also boost your chances to win. This decreases the volatility and can actually cost the same per round if you choose your ticket prices carefully.

Best Mobile Apps - Play On The Go

With modern mobile devices, you can take your play with you no matter where you go. All of our most recommended and highest rated online bingo casinos allow you to play on both Android and iOS. Additionally, you can enjoy these titles on both tablets and smartphones, which includes "mini" style smartphones with slightly smaller screens. We recommend taking advantage of the auto-daub features while playing, however, since it's easier to get distracted if you're doing something else as well and miss a number.

best payment methods canada

Payment Methods for Canadian Players

Canadian players have a wide selection of payment methods available. Credit and debit cards are some of the most popular options, but electronic wallets get a lot of use from players as well. You can also use a prepaid card if you don't want to use your regular card, and wire transfers are almost always made available for withdrawals. With that said, Interac is a very popular option in Canada for making transfers straight to or from your bank account, and Instadebit is used a lot as a top e-wallet.

Top Tips on How to Win Real Money Casino Bingo Games Online

Your chances of having winning online bingo sessions can be boosted by using certain tips and strategies. While some of the tricks we'll show you in the following are more strategic in nature, others are just about making sure you have the smoothest experience possible. Whether you're new to this type of play or are a seasoned veteran, we're sure you'll find something useful in this set of tips.

  1. Always keep your auto-daub option turned on. Some players don't like it because they feel it ruins the "purity" of the experience, but you won't be feeling very pure if you miss out on a win because you were distracted.
  2. Depending on the style played, choosing an individual room with fewer players can increase your odds of winning while lowering the potential prizes you can pick up. This lowers the volatility overall, which is an approach some people prefer.
  3. On the other hand, if you want a higher volatility, going with low bet sizes for larger progressive jackpots is one of the best ways to go.
  4. Playing in free online bingo games that can still land you real prizes is always a solid strategy. This is especially true if you mix it in with your regular ticket play.
  5. A good bonus with reasonable wagering requirements can make it feel like you're getting paid for playing something you would have been enjoying anyway. This boosts your bankroll in the long run, which is great for your chances to come out ahead.
  6. Make sure to look at the payouts for the online bingo games you consider playing. Different rooms at the same site can have different payout scales that make one option a better pick for you than another.
  7. Solid bankroll management makes it easier for you to continue playing and shooting for higher payouts over a longer period of time with the same deposit.

New Online Bingo Casinos in Canada

Something we put a focus on is reviewing all of the new Canadian online bingo sites that launch. This allows us to keep players informed of any great deals and special offers that could come their way. Additionally, it puts us in a position to keep our ratings of all of the best sites updated so that you know the top places to play.

What other Games Can You Play for Real Money?

Plenty of other titles are available at online casinos other than the bingo options themselves. These are great for taking a break from the action, or they may be your favorites overall. In either case, there are lots of slots including free online slots in addition to a range of table games like blackjack, Baccarat, roulette and table poker are the most common. Additionally, scratch cards are particularly popular, and you can even find lottery-like titles like keno.

Our #1 for Online Bingo Games Casino - 888Bingo

Our highest recommended Canadian online bingo room is 888Bingo. They use the Dragonfish software, also owned by 888, which gives you a good selection of titles to pick from. Additionally, they have plenty of non-bingo options with a focus on slots and scratch cards in particular. We love their bonuses, free spins and opportunities for free play, which comes pretty regularly for all players. Add that to a history of strong customer service and licensing in both the UK and Gibraltar, and you can see why they have maintained such a high level of popularity.

Online Bingo Games Offer a Fun and Social Experience

The combination of having great winning chances with an amazing level of social interaction helps to make online bingo casinos a fairly unique way to play. It's all about making sure that you have a great time with other players in a way that works for what you're looking for. Making friends and celebrating payouts together adds a lot to the overall experience, especially when you're cashing in on bonuses and free online bingo opportunities the entire way.


  • Is online bingo legal in Canada?

    Yes, it's completely legal to play these titles for Canadian players.
  • Where can I play bingo online for real money?

    We have recommendations and reviews of the best options for playing for cash prizes.
  • Can I claim a bonus to play bingo online?

    A variety of different types of bonus opportunities like no deposit, free spins, free cash, match bonuses and other promos are available.
  • Can I play progressive jackpot bingo?

    Yes, several progressive jackpot bingo options are available with potential payouts at a variety of levels.
  • Which bingo sites have no deposit?

    Many of our recommended sites have free online bingo games with no deposit required.
  • Can I use PayPal to play bingo online?

    Yes, if you're playing from Canada, you can use PayPal as a payment option.
  • Can I play free bingo games online?

    Absolutely. We have reviews of the best free online bingo casinos that make depositing completely optional.
  • What are beginner rooms?

    These are rooms with smaller ticket prices created for new players who are just getting started. Additionally, they tend to use easier to understand patterns on the tickets for payouts.
  • Are there bingo casino apps?

    Yes, iOS, Android, Windows and other mobile devices can be used to play while out and about.
  • Do I need to download software to play?

    No, no download is required to play at virtually any of the best sites out there today.
  • What are the odds of winning?

    The overall odds of getting a payout vary, but it's often based on the number of players in on any particular bingo room. In others, it's based on the individual tickets purchased.
  • Should I use the chatrooms?

    You're free to use the chat options if you like, or you can turn them off completely. Different bingo players have different wants and needs for social interactions.
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