No Download Free Online Bingo Games Guide

Online Bingo is a favourite pastime for many Canadians and what better than to enjoy this game for fun whilst being in with a chance to win real money. In our free online bingo games guide, we'll tell you where to find the best sites, what to look for, and how to play free games for real money. We talk about bingo bonus offers, rules, how to bet and more. Read through our page and get all the information you need on online bingo.

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Play Bingo Online for Free

Whether you're new to online bingo or you've been playing for a while, there are a lot of advantages to playing for free. Free bingo games let you learn the rules and see just what it takes to win the jackpot. They also let you test out strategies, try out different variations, and just have fun. On this page, we share information on how to play online bingo games for free using bonus offers that will allow you to win real money, as well as listing the best sites too.

Rules of the Game

All bingo games essentially function the same way. It is a game of matching numbers and doesn't require skill. It is a simple, fun, exciting game that everyone can enjoy. The first thing you have to do is buy bingo cards. These contain a random selection of numbers arranged on a grid. The online bingo game will tell players whether they are looking for a full house, a horizontal line, or a pattern, in order to win. Numbers are then randomly generated and displayed on your screen. If you have auto-daub selected, your computer will mark off the numbers on our card. The first person to get all the numbers required wins the prize pool. bingo free games

How to Play Bingo for Fun

There are dozens of great online bingo websites for Canadian players and you can choose between 75 ball, 90 ball, and 80 ball bingo games. These are fast paced and cater to all budget types. The real money prizes up for grabs will vary depending on the game and the number of people playing. The difference between the bingo games is the number of balls, the speed of the game, and the way the numbers are arranged on the bingo cards. There are also differences in the winning patterns available.

75 Ball Bingo is the favourite variation for Canada and the US. The bingo cards display a 5x5 grid with the middle square left empty. Numbers 1 to 75 are called out until a player completes the winning pattern. Patterns alternate between games and can include letters, shapes, horizontal, and vertical lines.

90 Ball Bingo is the UK's favourite variation and the bingo card features 9 columns and 3 lines. Each line contains 5 numbers and 5 empty squares. The cards contain the numbers 1 to 90. Each game has three winning patterns at the same time, meaning three chances for players to win. The first part of the game is for completing 1 line, then 2 lines, and finally the full house.

80 Ball Bingo is the newest variation. In this game, you get a 4x4 grid with no empty spaces. This is another pattern type game and includes corner games as well as diagonals. The columns are all different colours to help players spot the numbers quickly, but with auto-daub on online bingo games, you really don't need to worry about this.

How to Bet

When you join an online bingo room, the ticket prices are clearly displayed. You choose the number of tickets you want to purchase and the price is automatically calculated. You can also select the buy max button. You can purchase between 1 and 100 cards in some games, but the maximum number will be displayed. You can also pre-buy tickets for upcoming games which mean you never have to miss out on winning a jackpot as your tickets will play even if you aren't online.

Strategies on How to Win Real Canadian Money

Although online bingo is a game of chance and the numbers are chosen at random, there are some tips and strategies that Canadian players can use to help increase their chances of winning real money. We have listed out top strategies below.

  1. Learn the rules: Read the rules and play free games before you sign up to play for real money.
  2. Play chat games: chat games are a great way to socialize and win some free cash too. Cash games often offer free bonus money that you can use to play more free bingo games.
  3. Look out for BOGOF games: Buy one get one free games are a great way to get more for your money. For each ticket you buy, you get another one free.
  4. Play free bingo games: A lot of online bingo sites offer free games too so be sure to check the schedule to see when they are. These free games let you win real money too.
  5. Play at off-peak time: Your chance of winning is enhanced when you play with less competition.
  6. Pre-buy tickets: You can purchase tickets for online bingo games in advance. This is great for large jackpot games and you tickets play even if you can't be online.
  7. Stick to your budget: Never spend more than you can afford. There are bingo games for all budgets including those that start at 0.01.
  8. Claim bonuses: Make use of bingo bonuses and claim them whenever possible.
  9. Play as many tickets as you can: Your chances of winning are increased the more bingo cards you have.

Online Bingo Bonuses

Online bingo bonuses are a great way to enjoy some free bingo games whilst still winning real money. No deposit bonus offers are common and this is where the site will give you free money when you sign up to play for real money. Note that when you are looking for the best no deposit casino in Canada, you have to make sure they have this type of bonus for bingo games; otherwise you might not want to sign up with this specific casino. There are also deposit bonuses where you get a percentage match on your deposits. We list all the best bingo bonuses for Canadian players here on our site so be sure to check back often for the best free online bingo bonus deals.

#1 Jackpot City logo
$1600 Match Bonus Up To 100%
#2 Sports Interaction Casino logo
$100 Match Bonus Up To 100%
#3 Gaming Club Casino logo
$800 Match Bonus Up To 100%
#4 Spin Casino logo
$1000 Match Bonus Up To 100%
#5 Bodog Casino logo
$600 Match Bonus Up To 100%
RealTime Gaming
#6 Slots Million Casino logo
$100 Match Bonus Up To 100%
#7 Lucky Nugget Casino logo
$1000 Match Bonus Up To 100%
#8 Tropezia Palace Casino logo
$100 Match Bonus Up To 100%
#9 Casino.Com logo
$1000 Match Bonus Up To 200%
#10 All Slots Casino logo
$1500 Match Bonus Up To 100%
#11 Bet365 Casino logo
$200 Match Bonus Up To 100%
#12 Casino Cruise logo
$1000 Match Bonus Up To 100%
#13 Spintropolis Casino logo
$1000 Match Bonus Up To 200%
#14 Mars Casino logo
$400 Match Bonus Up To 100%
#15 EU Casino logo
$100 Match Bonus Up To 100%
#16 Tangiers Casino logo
$2000 Match Bonus Up To 200%
#17 Venetian Casino logo
$2000 Match Bonus Up To 200%
#18 Vegas Palms Casino logo
$100 Match Bonus Up To 200%
#19 Noble Casino logo
$1000 Match Bonus Up To 100%
#20 CasinoBit logo
$0 Match Bonus Up To -%

Glossary of Terms

  • 90 Ball: UK style bingo game that uses 90 balls
  • 75 Ball: American/Canadian game using 75 balls
  • 80 Ball: Online bingo game using 80 balls
  • Auto-dauber: an automatic dauber that marks off the numbers on your bingo card as they are called. Allows players to do other things while the game is being played.
  • Bingo: the term used when you get a full house or winning pattern in a game
  • Buyin: how much the game costs per ticket
  • Bingo schedule: a list of upcoming games, usually listed by time, bingo room, and prizes.
  • BOGOF: Buy one get one free. A special promotion offered where players buy one ticket and get another free.
  • BPs: bingo points. Loyalty points earned while playing online bingo games
  • Caller: the person who calls out the numbers in a bingo game
  • Chat: interactive chat feature available at online bingo sites for players to socialise
  • Chat games: side games that are played in the chatroom that allow players to win bingo points or free bingo cash
  • Coverall: where the objective is to cover all the numbers on your bingo ticket
  • Diagonal line: a winning pattern from one corner to the other including the free space
  • Four corners: a bingo pattern where 4 corners must be marked on the ticket to call bingo
  • Full house: when a player covers all the numbers on their card in a regular game
  • Jackpot: the main cash prize offered in an online bingo game
  • Max tickets: the maximum number of tickets you can buy in any game
  • Min buyin: The minimum amount you must spend to play in a particular bingo game
  • Money ball: If a player gets bingo on the money ball they usually win double the jackpot
  • Multiple winners: this is when the prize pool is split among two or more people getting bingo at the same time.
  • Payout: the amount that the winner of the bingo game gets
  • Progressive: when a bingo jackpot must be won within a certain amount of balls. The jackpot grows until someone wins it.
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Now that you know all about online bingo, the next step is to practice and you can do this by trying free bingo games for fun. Check out our recommendation where you can enjoy free bingo with no download and no registration required. Be sure to also check out our free bingo bonus offers so you can play free bingo and win real money.