Best Live Dragon Tiger Casinos

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A lot of online casinos have live Dragon Tiger tables available to Canadian players in 2024. To make it easier to decide which one might be the better fit for you, we have reviewed all of the top names in the space. With full breakdowns using our proprietary system, we show you the best places to get in on the action with these real money live dealer games. We also show you the casinos that will get you your winnings the fastest and give you the best bonus and promotional opportunities out there today.

Play Live Dragon Tiger at Canada Online Casinos in 2024

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play live dragon tiger

How to Play Live Dragon Tiger

The table layout for Dragon Tiger live games looks a lot like blackjack, but the gameplay is actually more like a simplified version of Baccarat. Because the rules are so easy to learn, it's a great title for slots fans to pick up to ease into the table games side of things as well. In what follows on our guide, we'll break down all of the rules and play procedures for the live dealer Dragon Tiger online casino games and what you need to know to jump in and get started. It may seem like a complicated title, but it's actually pretty straightforward.

Table Layout

At the live casino Dragon Tiger tables, the layout is mostly divided into two sides. Different software providers can have some small differences from an aesthetic standpoint, but the general idea is the same. One side is for the Dragon card, and the other is for the Tiger. You'll notice that Evolution's tables have a more decorative look with illustrations of each on the tables themselves. However, Playtech's studio table style opts for a more straightforward and classic casino look that's more of what you would expect if you were playing in an actual land-based facility.

Around the sides of the tables, you may see the actual show of cards being dealt from as well as the discard pile for the previously used cards. All of this is typically shown up above the software interface portion of what you see on your screen, which can include things like your betting options, your account balance and the recent history of how different hands can go. In most cases, dragon is represented by red markers on this history chart while tiger is represented using yellow. Ties are sometimes shown with green, but that depends on the provider.

Card Values

At both RNG and live Dragon Tiger casinos online, the ranking of the cards is the same. Ace is always considered a low card (ie: like one point), and the rest of the cards go in the usual order. Along these lines, this means that the king is the highest card available in the deck. While this title is often compared to Baccarat, it does not share the same scoring system. Instead of the 10s and face cards counting as the same thing, in this game, they all go in order with kings beating queens, queens beating jacks and so on.

Along these lines, Canadian players should be warned that there are no "natural" wins like what you see in Baccarat either when you would land an 8 or a 9 on one of the two hand positions. Instead, no matter which cards are dealt at the real money live Dragon Tiger casino tables, they are always evaluated against each other. A lot of players believe this adds more excitement because the hand isn't suddenly over as soon as the first card is dealt in many cases, which is what it can feel like in Baccarat with a natural 8 or 9.

Rules to Follow

In the real money live dealer Dragon Tiger games, you're expected to know a handful of rules of how the game essentially flows from one hand to the next. In what follows, we'll list out the most important of these rules both from the gameplay perspective but also from how you should conduct yourself in the chat section. If you follow these rules, you'll have a great time gambling on this particular game. However, if you ignore them, then you can find yourself running into some problems and not having as great of a time as you otherwise could.

  1. The first rule is that the dealer is a professional not only in dealing the cards but also in managing the game in general on the software side. As such, even though you can chat with the dealer and other players, make sure to keep things polite.
  2. If you're used to RNG style tables, you might be surprised that the betting limits can be a bit different. Canadian dollars are available for use in the Canadian Dragon Tiger games, and it's not unusual to see a minimum of C$1 per hand.
  3. Keep in mind that the card rankings are more like poker than like Baccarat with the exception that aces are always the lowest card out there. This can throw you off if the side you've bet on gets an ace, but you lose to something like a 4 and don't understand why.
  4. Wagering on a tie is a possibility, and for most providers, it pays out at 8:1. However, you should be aware that it has a much higher house advantage than the dragon or tiger wagers, so it should be used cautiously if it's used at all.
  5. Many people at the tables may decide to bet together as a group on the same wagers. They may do this because it's more fun for them to have their winnings all come together simultaneously. While you shouldn't antagonize them if you wager against them, you're free to bet how you want.

Side Bets

Because of the relatively simple gameplay found at live dealer Dragon Tiger casinos, things get spiced up with different types of side bets. It's important to understand that not all of these will be available at every single table because different software providers have different options to set them apart from others. However, if you have an overall idea of what the side bets look like, then you can make more informed decisions if you decide to spice up your own experience by choosing some of them instead of the standard dragon and tiger spots.

  • Suited Tie : If the results of the hand are two cards with the exact same rank and suit, then the suited tie bet wins. This wager typically pays out at a rate of 50:1, resulting in some of the best live Dragon Tiger winnings available on a single bet, and it has a house edge of 14.0%.
  • Big : A wager on the big side bet is a wager that a specific side (ie: dragon or tiger) will be dealt a card that's eight or higher, inclusive. This is an even money wager with a 7.7% house advantage.
  • Small : The counterpart to the big wager is the small, and it pays for a particular one of the two sides to land a six or lower (inclusive). Note that both of these wagers lose on a seven, and it has the same even money payout as big with the same 7.7% house edge.
  • Even : The set of cards 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and Queen all win on an even bet, which pays even money. It also has a 7.7% house advantage. Note that the best live Dragon Tiger casino games don't always have this wager available, but some do.
  • Odd : It's easy to get thrown off with the odd wager, so we'll spell it out as plainly as possible. This bet pays at 1:1 if your specific side wagered on lands a 3, 5, 7, 9, Jack or King. Note that the ace does not count for a win. Likewise, the house edge is 7.7% like the other even money wagers.
  • Suit : You can bet on the suit of a specific side for a chance to get a 3:1 payout. While the volatility of this wager is higher than the even money side bets above, the house advantage is the same at the 7.7% level.
  • Same Colors : Also known as a two red or two black, you can bet on either way that the colors will match up. You get a 3:1 win if you're right, but you only lose half of your wager if they are opposite colors. The house edge is low for side bets at 3.4%.
  • Different Colors: Players can bet that the two cards dealt will show different colors (one red and one black). The pay structure is the same as wagering on the same colors with the same 3.4% house advantage.

Step by Step Gameplay

Jumping into this title can be intimidating since it's not as popular as other table games, so you may not be familiar with it just as a matter of course. However, we'll show you in what follows exactly what to expect from playing Dragon Tiger live casino games and how the entire process works.

  1. Choose Your Table : Each site will have different live tables with slightly different rules and available side bets. This can include things like having an auto pilot mechanical dealer instead of a human being shuffling the cards manually between hands, so pick the one that best fits what you're looking for.
  2. Take a Look at the History : The game's history of the past several rounds will be shown on the screen. Many players like to study this before placing their first bets in a session because they like the idea of using that information to try to guess which way the next set of cards will go.
  3. Place Your Wagers : When it's time for the table to accept bets, you'll want to place your wagers on either the Dragon or Tiger side of the board. Additionally, you can wager on any available side bets at this point in time. At Canadian live dealer Dragon Tiger casinos, the suited tie option that pays 50:1 is a common side bet, for example.
  4. See the Cards Dealt : Once the betting period is over, the dealer announces that there will be no more bets. From there, the dealing process is followed, and you'll see cards dealt for both the dragon and tiger positions.
  5. Winner is Announced : After the cards are dealt, the side with the higher card is announced. This is when all of your live Dragon Tiger winnings are awarded if you wagered on the side that won. Additionally, you'll often see celebrations in the chat interface for people who bet in the same way that you did.
  6. New Betting Option : With your second betting round and beyond, you'll be given a new betting option with many software providers. This is the option to simply re-bet, which has you place the exact same wagers that you were placing in the previous round. This is completely optional but makes things much more convenient.
live dragon tiger payouts and rtp

Live Dealer Dragon Tiger Payouts and RTP

In the best online live Dragon Tiger games, you'll actually have a similar maximum RTP as what you see in any of the other games. This RTP is about 96.3%, which corresponds to a house edge of about 3.7% with correct play. However, your actual long-term payouts in practice will depend on which wagers that you place and which particular rule sets you have. For example, playing with a different number of decks can slightly change the RTP one way or another. In what follows, we'll show you the basic wagers and most common side bets along with their payouts and subsequent RTP percentages.

Bet Type Payout RTP Dragon/Tiger 1:1 96.3% Tie 10:1 82.17% Side Bets 1:1 to 50:1 86.0% to 96.3%

Dragon Tiger Roadmaps

Different Dragon Tiger online casino software providers will have different versions of what are known as roadmaps. These are different ways of looking at the history of the past several hands. Much like what you find in Baccarat, a lot of the fun in this game is about using these roadmaps to try to figure out what might happen in the next hand. This is such a critical part of the gameplay that even the mobile apps for the tables will make sure that you can see these roadmaps as clearly as possible.

Pragmatic Play is known for having all five popular types of roadmaps as available options. The Big Road Map just shows the results in order in a pretty standard and straightforward way that focuses on showing the streaks. However, the Bead Plate is a simple grid that just lists all of te results out without any particular sorting. The other options like Follow the Dragon and Double Dragon are basically variants on these that deal with limited screen real estate in different ways. For all intents and purposes, players will generally stick to the Big Road or Bead Plate options.

Pros and Cons of Live Dealer Dragon Tiger Casino Games

It's no secret that different types of players prefer different types of games. With that said, there are particular advantages and disadvantages to playing with live dealer Dragon Tiger casinos online when compared to other titles like craps, Baccarat or blackjack. The livedealer games in general even have their own particular nuances compared to the RNG versions of the same title. With so much to choose from for Canadian players, we want to make it as easy as possible to decide if this is the kind of title that you will enjoy with the main pros and cons below.

  • The gameplay process and rules are easy to learn, so you don't have to worry about getting confused about what's going on.
  • With common side bets that pay ranging from 1:1 to 50:1, you can pick the appropriate risk and reward for your particular play style.
  • Each software provider has their own presentation style, which makes it easy to choose a play environment that you enjoy.
  • Getting to chat with other players and your dealer is a big plus for many people since it offers a tremendous social atmosphere.
  • Players who want more strategic complications will not enjoy how straightforward this particular title is.
  • The house advantage with correct play is slightly higher than similar titles like Baccarat.

Live Casino Dragon Tiger Real Money Strategies to Win

There are three main strategies to use in real money live Dragon Tiger games. First, you should use bonus codes and other promotions to get extra value for your bottom line. Second, good game selection allows you to pick the tables that have the betting options that most closely match what you're looking for. Finally, the wagers you choose while you're at the table will have different levels of house advantage and RTP. When you combine making strategic decisions in all three of these areas, it can all come together to make a serious difference.

With that said, this game does not have the same level of strategy as some games like casino poker, blackjack or video poker. Instead, it has more of the level of strategy of getting in spins on your favorite slot or placing bets on the result of the turn of a roulette wheel. The lack of strategic depth is what comes along with having a title that is so easily accessible and simple to jump right into. It's a game that's more about having a good time with other people at the table instead of thinking so hard about each one of your moves.

Best Real Money Casinos by Category

When you're ready to make your deposit and get started playing for your own Dragon Tiger winnings, we have some recommended casinos down below. You'll note that we do not recommend one site for everyone, and that's because not every player is looking for the same thing out of his or her experience. Instead, we have broken things up based on different categories so that you can narrow your search down a bit based on what is the most important to you with good promotional opportunities available at each that may appeal to different types of players as well.

Best Live Dragon Tiger Casino : Zodiac Casino

Zodiac is known for having a great selection of dozens of different live dealer options. You start out 80 opportunities to become an instant millionaire for just a $1 minimum, and that's on top of up to $480 in deposits on your following four deposits. It's a great site with a tremendous customer service team and an awesome reputation for taking care of the people who play there. If you really want to get in on the action with the best overall site for live dealer Dragon Tiger, then it's hard to find a better starting place than Casino Zodiac.

Best for High Stakes : Golden Tiger

Players who want to step up to the high stakes will find that Golden Tiger is the best option out there today. What's really cool, however, is that you can try out the software with a $10 deposit for a set of 150 free spins for new players only. Outside of that, a total of up to $1500 in rewards can be had from their five-part welcome package. Higher level stakes, particularly at their sizable selection of live tables, are the order of the day here. This is why they are our pick for players who want to make wagers much larger than average.

Best for Low Stakes : 7 Sultans

If you're playing on a budget and want to make a smaller deposit last longer, then 7 Sultans is the place to be. You're able to play at fairly low stakes in all of their live table offerings. Canadian live Dragon Tiger players will find that bets down to $1 or less are not uncommon. Additionally, a budget-friendly welcome package is available that's spread across your first five deposits. Combined, these can give you five bonuses, respectively, worth a total of as much as $1500.

Best for Fast Withdrawals : Jackpot City

Jackpot City has a super solid reputation for quick withdrawal times. This means with methods like PayPal, Interac and Bitcoin available, you can receive your winnings as quickly as possible when you run up some payouts at the live Dragon Tiger tables. No deposit is required for a free set of 50 free turns on the Boom Galaxy online slot with a 70x wagering requirement if you want to see what the software feels like. Additionally, as much as $1600 in bonus rewards can be earned at JackpotCity inside of your initial four deposits.

Most Dragon Tiger Variants : LeoVegas

If having a lot of different options to choose from is what's most important to you, then we can recommend LeoVegas. Their game selection, even within the live dealer section alone, is tremendous with options from many different software providers. Players are able to earn as much as $1,000 in bonuses with $30 in their special golden chips for live tables with a 40x wagering requirement. Alternatively, a more traditional $1,000 welcome package with 200 free turns on Book of Dead (with no requirements on the free spins) is also available.

Software Providers Offering Real Money Live Dragon Tiger

A handful of different software providers for live games can be found at our recommended Canadian casino sites. Along these lines, we like to make sure that players get familiar with them and what each of these developers has to offer, which we'll break down for you in the following.

Evolution Gaming

By far the biggest name in the space, Evolution Gaming has the largest selection of live titles overall, and they tend to have the most serious level of variety in each individual genre and sub-genre. With their live Dragon Tiger tables, they offer two primary options with a regular table and a first-person view. The main side bets they have available are the tie at 11:1 and the suited tie with the standard 50:1 payout, and the table minimum amounts per wager are frequently lower than $1.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is probably the best provider for players who like a lot of side bets. They have the big, small, even, odd, and red/black combination wagers in addition to the tie and suited tie options. Since each of these individual bets can be placed on either the dragon or tiger side, there's a ton to choose from. Reasonably low betting limits with options for higher levels for players who want that combined with highly trained professional dealers help to create an awesome overall experience.


It was announced in late 2018 that industry juggernaut Evolution Gaming was purchasing Ezugi. After this acquisition, it was easy to see the high-quality influence of the latter on the former. Their legacy can be seen in the style of presentation used at the tables with a larger focus on having a strong visual appeal and a fun display, which is really easy to see with Dragon Tiger. While Ezugi games do not run on their own anymore, it's pretty easy to see how much Evolution changed their own tables after this acquisition to match up with the parts of the experience where Ezugi was superior.


For players who want a simple and straightforward, no-nonsense experience, the live real money Dragon Tiger casinos that use Playtech's platform are where you want to end up. For starters, they only have one type of table, and while that's normal for this particular title, you can see that it uses a more traditional casino layout than what some other developers use. On top of that, they have the big, small, odd and even side wagers in addition to the tie. Additionally, one thing that's atypical here is that the ace wins for the odd while the 7 loses.


Vivo Gaming has the most barebones gameplay style of any live offering for this game. They have none of the atypical Dragon Tiger side bets, and you really only have the dragon, tie and tiger options to pick from. To compensate for this, the betting times between rounds are shorter, which lead to getting in more hands per hour, and the presentation is excellent. It's worth noting that the betting minimums are higher than many other providers at the $1 level per hand, but that's not incredibly out of the ordinary for the live space in general.

best dragon tiger casino bonuses

Best Online Casino Bonuses to Play This Game in 2024

A number of solid bonuses are available for players who enjoy our recommended casinos and want to enjoy the real money live dealer Dragon Tiger games. With that said, the different options will appeal to different people in different ways, so you need to know what's available in general to make it easier to pick out deals that are a good fit. In what follows, we'll look over the different common promotional options and give you an idea of what goes into each.

No Deposit Bonus

Canadian players really love no deposit bonus offers that give you a free opportunity to land some serious wins without having to risk anything. They're a great alternative to playing the demo versions for free, but with live games, you run into a problem. It's pretty rare to see a free chip option that can be used to play at the live tables. With that said, you can use these deals to build up a bankroll from scratch, meet the requirements and cash out, which you could then use to deposit at a different site to play for real.

Minimum Deposit - $1, $5, $10

Some sites have special promotional options. These minimum deposit casino bonus offers typically come in at the $1, $5 and $10 levels for Canadians. However, the offers at the $1 and $5 levels are almost exclusively for slots fans. That means they're not really that viable in the live dealer space. With that said, many of the $5 minimum casino sites have deals that allow you to play pretty much whatever you want. That means they're a good fit for this particular genre.

Live Dealer Welcome Bonus

Overall, the most viable promotions at live Dragon Tiger casinos will tend to be welcome packages. Some of these can be used with all live games, and some are specifically for the live dealer sections. However, in either case, you can get some pretty sizable bonuses with clear wagering requirements that can be used to play a wide selection of titles. That makes them the best pick overall from all of these options.

Play Dragon Tiger at Top Mobile Casino Apps

Because the game quality is high while still having a quick speed of play, we can recommend playing at these tables via mobile. All of our recommended casino sites offer mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Note also that these work on tablets as well as a large selection of smartphones, including the smaller "mini" style. Despite having a smaller screen, these tables fit just fine because of the simplified table layouts, so you don't have to worry about having trouble placing the wagers that you prefer.

Top Tips to Play and Keep Winnings in 2024

Having the best experience possible and maximizing your chances of winning are the goals that we think most players have for their play. In what follows, we'll give you a handful of tips to help you achieve both of these aims.

  1. Select Your Budget First : Before you deposit or start playing, decide on your budget first. From here, you can decide on bet sizes that fit an overall monetary strategy.
  2. Pick a Legitimate Casino : If you go with a shady or less reputable brand, you can find yourself having problems like not being able to get your winnings. That's why we suggest sticking with our proven recommendations.
  3. Always Use Bonus Promotions : There's usually no reason to avoid getting paid for playing your favorite games with bonuses and other promotions. This is especially true if they're widely available, which they are for the Dragon Tiger games.
  4. Pick High RTP Wagers : All of the tables for this game will have more or less the same set of bets available. We suggest making most of them either dragon or tiger since those have the highest RTP levels.
  5. Be Familiar With the Rules : Knowing the specific rules of the games as well as the rules of your promotions will make it much easier to have a great time overall.
rating of the best live dealers casinos

How We Rate and Review the Best Live Dealer Casinos

Our approach to reviewing these casinos is based on a strict, proprietary rating system. We take a look at things that all players will find to be important and rate each of them, and from there, we put together an overall composite score. Our criteria for these ratings are listed below so that you know what goes into them.

  • Proper Licensing - If a site doesn't have proper licensing, we won't even bother looking at anything else. That's how important it is to the legitimacy of a brand.
  • Software Providers - In the live dealer space in particular, the software providers available can make a serious difference in your game selection and the quality of your experience.
  • Banking Options - We want to see a good range of different payment methods as well as a history of paying out winnings reliably and promptly.
  • Customer Service - If you would like help with something or have a question, we want to know that a customer service representative or support team member will be there to help you 24/7/365.
  • Game Selection - The overall selection of games is important in terms of both quality and quantity for players who like jumping around and trying new things.
  • Mobile Compatibility - In 2024, we believe that all popular sites should have mobile options that allow you to take your play with you on the go.

Live Dragon Tiger vs Live Baccarat

While they are typically compared to each other for being so similar, live Baccarat and Dragon Tiger also have some serious differences. For one, the RTP is lower in Baccarat. Additionally, the rules for how the hands play out are somewhat different with Baccarat being a bit more complicated. Nonetheless, the player's side of things are very similar in the sense that you just choose which side you think will win, and the house deals the cards to see if you're right. As a result, players who like one will typically like the other.

Other Live Dealer Games to Play For Real Money in 2024

In the live dealer online casino space, a ton of different titles are brought to life with real human dealers in real money games. This includes some of the most popular table games and genres of all time. In the following, we'll give you an idea of what you can find in the live dealer sections of these sites.

  • Live Blackjack : The live dealer blackjack games come in a variety of styles to give you plenty to choose from with a high level of strategy involved.
  • Live Poker : Several variations can be found at the live dealer poker tables, which gives players the ability to pick the options that really fit their play styles.
  • Live Sic Bo : As one of the most popular dice games of all time, live sic bo casinos give you the ability to wager on a huge selection of side bets when you play.
  • Live Baccarat : Known for being similar to Dragon Tiger, you'll find a great social atmosphere and high payout rates at the best live dealer Baccarat casinos online.
  • Live Roulette : You can take a spin with the American, European, French or other variations at the best live roulette casinos that Canada has to offer.
  • Live Game Shows : The top live game show casinos have a variety of different types of titles that you can't find in RNG form, so it's the ultimate in finding something fresh.


  • Can I play live Dragon Tiger for real money at Canadian online casinos?

    Yes, this game and many other live titles are available.
  • What is the payout for Dragon Tiger?

    The main wagers pay out at 1:1 or even money.
  • Can I play this game for free in demo mode to practice and learn the rules?

    No, it's generally not available for free play like most live dealer titles.
  • Are there any winning strategies I can use to boost my odds?

    Choosing a good bonus and sticking to the highest RTP bets are good strategies.
  • How many card decks are used in this game?

    It depends on the software provider and the particular variant, but it's typically an eight deck game.
  • Is card counting allowed in this game?

    Card counting is allowed, but it's not as viable as you might think because the shoe isn't dealt as deeply as in brick and mortar casinos.
  • Are there any side bets for Live dealer Dragon Tiger?

    Several side bets are available that win based on different card values.
  • What are the betting options in this game?

    The core bets are on the dragon, tiger or tie options.
  • Can I play this game on my mobile in Canada?

    Yes, this title is great to play on mobile via iOS or Android.
  • What is the minimum real money bet I can make?

    In many cases, the minimum is C$1, but it can occasionally be lower depending on the casino and software.
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