A Guide to Casino Wedding Destinations in Niagara Falls

Quintin van Wyk by Quintin van Wyk Published: April 21, 2020

Niagara Falls Wedding Casino destinations might be just what you and your partner are looking for- especially since these are becoming more and more popular amongst modern couples. Why? Well, it is quite simple.

niagara falls casino wedding venues

A casino wedding at Niagara Falls can bring a touch of authenticity and uniqueness - something your guests haven't seen. Niagara Falls are exquisite and have a very fairytale-like ambiance - solely as a location. Moreover, a wedding at a Niagara Falls casino will simply give your wedding everything it needs - class, a touch of luxury, and some fairytale theme.

Although the current coronavirus situation affects our everyday life, and postponed all gatherings and events, including venues, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't have the option to plan your wedding ahead. In fact, you can use the quarantine and social distancing period to prepare better and plan the wedding of your dreams - especially if you dream of a Niagara Falls Casino wedding. You can see this situation as a blessing in disguise and take the time to prepare, look for the perfect venue and organize everything ahead so that you can party like you deserve to after the pandemic is over.

However, regardless of how experienced you think you are at organizing events - a Niagara Falls casino wedding will demand a lot of dedication - choosing the all-inclusive packages, venues, etc. So, we've decided to create the ultimate guide to a Niagara Falls casino wedding and the best packages. We'll go over the most important aspects of the all-inclusive packages like the venue, the destinations, and all details regarding marriage planning. So, if you need to have the absolute best Niagara Falls casino wedding and pick the best chapel and venue - stay with us. We'll point you in the direction of the most amazing packages with venue and chapel, and you'll surely get the best all-inclusive packages for your Niagara Falls casino wedding. Here is what you need to know.

Choosing Your Venue - Such an Important Decision

Choosing a chapel and venue is important - after all, these are the places where the magic happens. So, when you are choosing the venue and chapel for your Niagara Falls casino wedding, you need to look at several packages. We'd suggest a set of all-inclusive packages because these will surely save you a lot of trouble on figuring out different menu details individually.

In addition to this, the venue and chapel can truly set the tone for your entire wedding with their packages. Besides finding the best Canadian online casino sites we went over a few tips and tricks that can help you choose your venue and chapel packages and options properly. Here is what you need to know:

Talk to a wedding planner

A wedding planner can help you with the details regarding venue and chapel since they are experienced in organizing and planning large events like weddings. In addition to this, wedding planners can also give you some insights and ideas on how to choose the venue and chapel packages and all-inclusive options based on your personal preferences - you'd be amazed by how much their experience can be of help in choosing these packages.

Your Vision

Even if you want to please your guests, have in mind that your wedding is probably the most expensive party you'll ever pay. This is exactly why you need to choose packages of a venue and chapel that will be aligned with your vision. Think of how you imagined your wedding - and we've all thought about that since we were kids. Moreover, the venue and chapel should have the size, colors, and design depending on what you'd prefer.

Think of your guests

Although the bride and the groom are the most important people at the wedding, you need to consider the guests - otherwise, just elope, right? Well, we aren't' saying that you should hear all their suggestions and blindly follow all the instructions they give you, but still, have them in mind. Specifically, consider the number of guests and ensure that you have a chapel and venue that can hold those people. In addition to this, consider the number of guests that will require sitting at your Niagara Falls casino wedding venue and chapel - especially since the more people need to sit - the more spacious your venue and chapel should be. Having these two things in mind will surely save you from unhappy guests and ensures that everyone will be relaxed and have the time of their life.

Budget is everything

Regardless of how grandiose your Niagara Falls casino wedding dreams are and regardless of how luxurious you want your venue and chapel to be, you simply need to have in mind that sometimes, you might need budget-friendly packages. Besides packages, you can opt for a cheaper all-inclusive set of packages and pick the one that is within your budget.

There are two things you need to have in mind regarding this.

First, don't spend too much. Find the things of your packages that don't seem to be essential, and cut them off. This means, no spending on special details, effects and flower arrangements that will cost you more than your venue or chapel.

Second, don't save too much. It is best to find the balance between things that you should and shouldn't pay for. For instance, while you will save money by not paying for super-expensive flower arrangements in the venue and chapel, you can surely pay for great all-inclusive packages that will keep you care-free. In addition to this, we'd suggest not saving on music, since this is an essential part of the whole atmosphere you provide for your guests.

All-inclusive packages

Have in mind that there are many all-inclusive packages that will save you the trouble of figuring out minor details. For instance, if you have a set of all-inclusive packages for you and your partner, you won't have to worry about food, drinks or anything during your stay at the Niagara Falls wedding casino venue and chapel, nor for the hotel - everything will be handled for you and you'll have time and energy to focus on more important things.

Get Married in Niagara Falls - Our Top 3 Casino Picks

If you want to elope or simply organize a casino wedding in Niagara Falls, we have some ideas that might come in handy. In the following text, we'll review the different all-inclusive packages for Niagara Falls casino wedding options - your venue, chapel, different options and features in each specific venue. Here is what you need to know about some of the most popular Niagara Falls wedding casino venue options.

Tower Hotel at Fallsview Casino

Tower Hotel at Fallsview casino is one of the most exciting venues you can consider at Niagara Falls. The venue has a chapel, indoor observation deck, restaurant, and hotel. Moreover, it is a wedding venue that has been around ever since 1962, so all employees there are in the business for weddings and special events. In addition to this, it is one of the best venue options for young couples thanks to its cool and sophisticated interior design.

Moreover, the thing that makes the Tower Hotel a unique wedding venue are the diverse options and facilities. Besides the Fallsview Casino which is just a few minutes near, you can enjoy your perfect destination Niagara Falls casino wedding by using all other facilities for a wedding to remember by you - and your guests. Here are the most important things you can find here.

Observation deck - The observation deck is simply breathtaking and can truly give you a feeling of being in an outer world. It is located on the 25-th floor ensuring that you have god-like visuals. Whenever you are on the deck, you and your loved one or partner can enjoy a panoramic view of the Niagara Falls and the Niagara River. Moreover, this is a wonderful space for taking some of your Niagara Falls casino wedding photographs because there are floor-to-ceiling windows with non-glare finish. These aspects can improve the overall quality of your wedding photos, and you'll surely have something to show for your Niagara Falls casino wedding.

Restaurant - Fine dining is important for all trips - but especially for your wedding trip. Luckily, at the Tower Hotel besides gambling at the Fallsview Casino, you can enjoy the delicious International House of Pancakes. It is located on the 26th floor, and it also has an amazing view. Another thing you should know about the restaurant is that it replaced the original gourmet Pinnacle Restaurant.

Casino The Fallsview Casino is in very close proximity to the Tower Hotel, and as such, it can offer an impeccable ambiance and gambling opportunities which will be only a short walk away. The gaming floor is more than 200 000 sq. ft. large, giving you endless opportunities for a gambling adventure.

Organizing a wedding - The whole tower chapel and the venue are amongst the best facilities for organizing an all-inclusive wedding. The packages for hiring this venue include having a fully-serviced wedding with packages that include flowers, cake, consultants, photography and an officiant. There are different packages available, and many of them include all-inclusive accommodations for a care-free wedding with your close family and friends. Moreover, in all the packages, there are fully-legal weddings that will truly officiate your love.

Hotel - Lastly, we should say a few words about the hotel. You should have in mind that the hotel reopened in 2002, after thorough and extensive renovations. By doing this, it included the 4-star Ramada Plaza Fallsview, alongside the Fallsview Casino. The hotel is simply impeccable, offering amazing comfort and great services all around.

The Hilton Niagara Falls

The Hilton at the Niagara Falls is another great venue and chapel destination for the perfect wedding. It has many great things to offer for the perfect Niagara Falls casino wedding for you and your loved one and ensures that you'll have a unique and stylish wedding.

Specifically, there are many things besides the venue and chapel that make the Hilton Niagara Falls the best location for a unique wedding. After all, the whole complex has 50 stories and numerous handy facilities. Here, we've gone over the most important things you need to know about this venue, chapel, and hotel altogether.

Restaurants - Throughout the 50 floors, you'll find seven lounges and restaurants that will surely cater to your fine dining needs. However, have in mind that amongst the many packages you can choose, the best and most renowned one is the 33rd-floor Watermark Restaurant. It offers a panoramic view of the waterfalls and it can be a great place for some of your wedding photos. Also, there are continental, Italian and many other cuisines that you'll love.

Rooms and accommodation - There are suites and rooms at the Hilton that will simply take your breath away. Depending on your budget, you can find a suite with extra living areas, fireplaces, or you can get regular packages that include flat-screen TVs, coffee makers, high-speed internet and all the basic perks of renting a suite.

Relaxation - If you want to use your wedding trip for a bit of relax and chill - you'll find the hotel's pool, fitness center and SPA to be great for you. They were recently renovated, and as such, now should fulfill the most modern standards for sophisticated travelers.

Casino - The Fallsview Casino Resort is directly connected to Hilton Niagara Falls and can offer you a great time here. After all, we are talking about a one-billion Fallsview casino resort complex that basically overlooks the Horseshoe and American Falls. You can go to the casino via a sophisticated glass-enclosed pedestrian walkway. Moreover, at the casino, you can play more than 3000 slots and video poker machines and choose from more than 100 casino table games. You and your partner can gamble and play Craps, Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Pai Gow and many other games and who knows - you might win a fortune that will cover your whole wedding.

Seneca Hotel Niagara Casino

The whole venue at the Seneca Hotel Niagara Casino is a breathtaking one that you'll surely love, especially since when you consider it - it is a direct competitor to the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort in Ontario, but for those who prefer a New York wedding, it is the ideal location. it is simply an amazing place where you can have the wedding of your dreams, and spice things up by gambling too.

What we really loved about the Seneca Hotel Niagara Casino is that it was initially built to compete with the actual Niagara Falls options, and as such, it is an amazing Niagara Falls casino wedding option. Here, we've went over the most important aspects of this venue.

Casino - The Casino has a total area of 147,000 square feet and features more than 4200 slot machine games and more than 100 table games you and your partner can enjoy. If you want to see whether the luckiest day in your life can be even happier - make sure to try your luck at the casino.

Hotel - You should have in mind that this is the largest hotel in New York State that is located outside of Manhattan, so you can get a very grandiose wedding here. It is luxurious, stylish and can offer a lot of great facilities including well-equipped and comfortable rooms.

Restaurants - if you enjoy good cuisine, you'll love the numerous diverse restaurants you can enjoy here. We are talking La Cascata (Italian), Koi (Asian), Western Door, Thunder Falls Buffet, Blues Burger Bar, Morrie's Express, Three Sisters Café, and many more others that will offer impeccable food, up to the standards of the pickiest gourmets.

Shopping If you enjoy shopping or want to spend the money you won from gambling at the casino, you can enjoy the many shops here. There are Swarovski, a Seasons shop, a Sky Boutique, the NewsStand and many other shops you'll love to roam around in.

Your Marriage-Planning Checklist

We all know that wedding organization can be very time consuming and exhausting. You have to pick numerous details including a venue, a chapel, look over all-inclusive packages and menu packages and find the best one. More importantly, all of these things happen intro text

  • 12-Months Before - Book Your Venue:
    It is a well-known fact that your whole wedding will revolve around the location of it - and the venue and chapel are what makes your location and destination. If you opt for a Niagara Falls casino wedding, you can go over our list above and find the best venue and chapel for you. After looking over the online websites and pictures, you'll need to go there in person. Don't miss out on doing this unless you've seen it before. Also, have in mind that you'll need to make a down-payment on the venue. Although at this point you don't know exactly how many guests there will be, you'll need to do a general calculation of the guest count to pick the best sized venue and chapel.
  • 11-Months Before - Book Your Vendors:
    Depending on the wedding's specifics, there might be different vendors that you'll need to contact. If you opt for catering - you'll need to get recommendations on vendors for catering. The same goes for picking out the cake vendor, the dress, etc. Basically - you'll need to book anyone you'll pay for your wedding.
  • 9-Months Before - Find Your Wedding Attire:
    When you organize your wedding, you need to be dressed like you always dreamed of doing. This is exactly why you need to do this so early before your actual wedding. First, starting to do this a few months before the wedding will ensure that you'll get the dress/tux of your dreams, and ultimately, it will ensure that all changes will be done in a timely manner. However, there is one other thing that people usually forget - even if you buy the dress or tux so early, you must try it out a few weeks before the wedding because throughout the months you might gain or lose weight, and your dress/tux must be a perfect fit.
  • 5-Months Before - Reserve Your Honeymoon:
    You and your loved ones will surely benefit a lot from a well-organized honeymoon. Talk things over and look over all-inclusive honeymoon packages to find the best packages for your needs and standards. You'll also need to pick out the location, hotel and book it. You can do so via a travel agency or you can organize it by yourself. Have in mind that travel agencies have a lot of all-inclusive packages that will save you a lot of time and trouble. Still, don't forget to be careful about your budget and not exceed it.
  • 4-Months Before - Choose Your Cake:
    You'll need to choose two things about your cake. First - you have the flavor. This means that you'll need to go cake-testing with your loved one or someone close and pick out the favorite flavor you're your vendor. Second, you'll need to choose the specific design aspects of your cake. For instance, if chardonnay is your leading wedding color - you'll probably need some same-colored details on the cake as well.
  • 3-Months Before - Write Your Vows:
    Wedding vows are the absolute nightmare for people who are afraid to talk in front of the audience at the venue and the chapel. But, don't worry - if you get to this a few months before the actual wedding, you'll have enough time to refine the vows to the point of perfection. A couple of tips and tricks regarding the wedding vows: Read a few love books, you'll get some notes. Also, don't forget to customize and tailor your vow for your loved one, rather than writing a generic vow. Think of some mutual interests, hobbies, favorite books you might have and get some inspiration from them.
  • 2-Months Before - Mail Out Your Invitations:
    Two months before the wedding you'll need to send out all the invitations. After getting them from the vendor, you'll need to organize yourself and send them all out. Make sure to include an RSVP option in the invitation packages which will help you in the further organization of the wedding.
  • 1-Month Before - Map Out Your Seating Chart:
    By having an RSVP option on your invitation, you probably know who's coming and who isn't. Thanks to this information, you can combine a list and organize the seating arrangements for all your guests. This includes figuring out which people should sit where, and trying to distance people that for whatever reasons, shouldn't be near each other. You and your partner know your guests, so make this a fun activity on a big chart.
  • 1-Week Before - Finalize All the Details:
    Regardless of how much you organize things, you can never be fully prepared in advance. Have in mind that in the last week - some things will not go as planned. This is exactly why you need to be ready to tackle all issues that might emerge at this point of the wedding organization. Your florist might cancel, you might not like that someone will cancel on coming, and that is all OK - try to handle problems one at a time, and remember, this wedding isn't about minor things and flowers - it is about love. So, make sure that you keep the love burning while you do all of these things and go over last packages, options and finishing touches.

Niagara Falls is a Beautiful Place to Make Your Wedding Dreams Come True

Niagara Falls is a magical place - that's a well-known fact. However, you can truly spice things up by having a Niagara Falls casino wedding where you combine packages with luxury and style with magical surroundings in all-inclusive accommodation. Have in mind that your wedding should be about what you like - and if you want an otherworldly experience - consider these packages and all-inclusive options we mentioned above.

So, while you are closed down at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, make sure to relax and think things through and start organizing the wedding of your dreams. Although you cannot host a wedding, nothing stops you from organizing and gathering ideas for the most magical casino wedding in Niagara Falls.

If you want to increase the budget for something extra, you can follow the trend and try to earn some easy money by playing casino games online. Don't worry, many of these sites, like AllSlots Casino Canada, offer free no deposit bonuses for newcomers, so you won't have to spend anything on your own. Sounds like an interesting idea, doesn't it?

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