Announced Changes to the Classic Lotto 6/49 for Canada

Quintin van Wyk by Quintin van Wyk Published: May 1, 2022 Reading time: 2min
canada revamping 6/49 classic lotto

Classic Lotto 6/49 is receiving a revamp in 2022 to mark four decades of existence in Canada. The draw-based game is behind positive changes in the lives of many Canadians who have participated and won. Anticipated changes will see the jackpot prizes increase to include two jackpots in each round. In a bid to make the game more appealing, the highest possible payout of each jackpot is growing to millions of dollars.

Successful participants are not the only beneficiaries of the classic lotto. Since launching in 1982, the Canadian government has reported a boost in revenue totaling over CA$65 billion from lotteries and popular online casinos in Canada. In addition, the lottery is responsible for injecting income directly into the pockets of residents across the provinces, totaling more than CA$32 billion. Thats not all. The management behind the lotto gives back to the community by funding benevolent programs aimed at providing basic and essential services across all Canadian territories.

Classic Lotto 6/49 Upcoming Changes

Starting September 2022, several things will change in the game. First, what is currently known as the main draw will morph into the Classic Draw, with a bigger jackpot of CA$5 million every round. In the same fashion, the Guaranteed Prize will change to Gold Ball Jackpot, reserved for one lucky participant in each round who could win this prize or the progressive jackpot.

Taking part in the newly-structured lotto will require buying CA$3 tickets, the same price available today. However, the progressive jackpot will be bigger, starting at CA$10 million in cash with a possibility of growing to a maximum of CA$60 million. The upcoming changes are intended to introduce new aspects of the game while retaining the basics, a move guaranteed to attract more Canadians.

The changes will not affect ticket availability since players will still find tickets on regulated online sites run by providers like,,,, and licensed lottery retailers. Best of all, the bigger prizes will not affect the odds in the classic game, which remain 1 in 6.6 for a CA$3 buy-in.

Players will have two ways of participating in the lotto. The first is choosing six unique numbers between 1 and 49 for themselves, while the second is the Insta pick option, where participants get 10 automatically-picked numbers in each play. Every detail is already planned for the launch of the re-structured lottery. Tickets will be available starting Sunday, September 11, 2022, three days before the game's first draw on Wednesday, September 14, 2022.

Biggest Winners

Classic Lotto 6/49 has impacted the lives of many Canadians, one of the reasons it has remained popular for decades. Effecting the proposed changes will only add to the perks of playing the game, in which many have won. One publicly known winner is Sagita Narayan, a lady residing in Edmonton, Alberta. She won a whooping CA$16.5 million in November 2021, with the winning number combination 2, 7, 18, 19, 23, and 25 announced on November 10, 2021.

Reports from the OLG point to a more recent win, this time from Barrie, Ontario, who is yet to come forward. The draw held on January 10, 2022, picked a winning ticket that qualified for the CA$36.4 million payout, being the only winner from the draw. The Crown Corporation, which is responsible for effecting the payout, allows up to 52 weeks for the winner to come out and claim the prize. So, they have enough time to do that.

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