No Download Free Online Keno Games Guide

Free Online Keno Games

Welcome to our free online keno games guide. Here you will find everything you need to know about playing this lottery style casino game including rules, strategy and tips, free bonuses, and more. Online Keno is a fun game of chance with better odds than the Canadian government lottery. You can play online for free or for real money whenever you want and it is one of the most popular casino games with big jackpots and easy gameplay. Below you will find information on how to play for free with no download and no registration required as well as the rules and how to be information.


Play Keno Online for Free

This popular casino game can be played at most Canadian online gambling sites. If you're not confident or you've never played before, we recommend playing free keno games first. This way you get to see if you like the game, learn the rules, try out strategies and tips, and learn how to manage your bankroll effectively. Free games allow you to build your confidence and learn everything you need to know before moving on to play for real money. The payout tables for online keno are different at every online casino so learning how to play using free games for fun is a great way to start.

Rules of the Game

The rules of this online casino game are simple and very easy to learn. The first thing you have to do is select the free keno title you want to play. There are several variants available and each one has slightly different rules. Select your numbers from the Keno grid which consists of 80 different numbers. You can choose a few or as many as you like. The minimum is one and the maximum is 20. Next, select the amount you want to wager on the numbers. You should be aware of the fact that once you've selected your number and how much you want to be you cannot retract or change it. Press Play and the numbers will be drawn and you will be able to see how much you've won.

How to Play Keno for Fun

 If you play free online keno games with no download and no registration, you get to learn the rules and gameplay without any risk. The game is easy to play and is very much like a lottery where you choose your numbers and hope they are drawn. You normally get to choose between 1 and 15 numbers, but this will differ depending on the variation of the game you are playing. When you click Play, a draw takes place and 20 numbers are picked at random ranging from 1 to 80. Once the numbers have been drawn, the results will be shown in the payout table and you will be able to see how much you've won. The amount of numbers (spots) that you need to hit in order to win a prize will depend on the individual casino and the number of sports you have chosen to play. If you choose a large amount of numbers, you can also win prizes for getting zero balls. The largest wins always come from matching all the numbers you have picked. The prizes and payouts can vary a great deal but on a $1 bet, choosing 10 spots you will win $2 for 5 numbers matched, $25 for 6, $150 for 7, $1,200 for 8, $10,000 for 9, and a massive $100,000 for all 10.

How to Bet

In most online keno games in Canadian casinos, you get to choose between 1 and 15 numbers in each game. The amount you choose is completely at your discretion, but it is worth noting, that the more numbers you choose, the higher your payout rate will be. As you click on the numbers you want to choose, the payout table for the keno game will begin to populate. This table has two columns, one is for hits and the other is for payouts. This information lets you know how much money you will make if you match a certain amount of the numbers you've chosen. If the payout table says 5/800, this means that you would get 800x your wager if you hit 5 numbers. You adjust the size of your bet by clicking on the arrows next to the bet amount. Once you are happy with your bet amount, you have to choose which play button to select. You can select Play 1, Play 5 or Play 10. This tells the game how many rounds of numbers you want to play in a row. Once the game starts, the game will draw numbers and check them off on your card with an X or a checkmark and you get paid based on the numbers you hit. 

Strategies on How to Win Real Canadian Money

keno free games Online keno is essentially a game of chance and a random number generator is used to pick the numbers. There is no way to predict what numbers will be chosen. There are however a few things that you can do when playing for real Canadian money to increase your chances of winning and getting the best odds possible. One of the main strategies to apply when playing for real money is to choose an online casino for Canada that has a good pay table. Casino Keno games tend to have a 90% to 95% RTP so try to find the highest paying variations. The house edge will vary depending on the number of spots you choose to play so the more numbers you select the higher your payout will be. Below you will find some of our top strategies and tips for online keno.

  • Play free keno games to learn the rules and gameplay
  • Find a Canadian casino with a high maximum payout
  • Choose a casino with a great keno welcome bonus
  • Don't select too many numbers
  • Look at the odds
  • Don't stick with the same numbers all the time
  • Use Multi-Race Cards
  • Have fun and don't chase your losses

Online Keno Bonuses

Online casinos offer great welcome bonuses for new players from Canada and here on our site you will find plenty of real money bonus offers that you can use to play free keno games whilst winning real Canadian money. The most popular bonus is the no deposit bonus and this will allow you to play free keno games and win real money. Deposit bonuses are the next best thing and these can provide you will free casino cash when you make a deposit. Be sure to check out our great keno bonuses and check back often so you don't miss out on any of the great deals we have. 

Glossary of Terms

  • All or Nothing: A bet where you have to match all drawn numbers to win
  • Bankroll: The amount of money you have to play with
  • Catch/Hit: A number selected by the casino that matches a number you have chosen
  • Catch All: Where you get all the numbers called out
  • Catch Zero: You have no chosen numbers
  • Deuce: Two keno spots side by side
  • Draw: The selection of the numbers
  • House Edge: The advantage the casino has over the player for the keno game
  • Jackpot Meter: A display that shows the current jackpot prize
  • Keno Board: A menu that displays the keno numbers that have been drawn
  • Quick Pick: Where the casino picks numbers at random on your behalf
  • Spot: A number between 1 and 80 that you have chosen for your keno game
  • Winning Numbers: The numbers drawn by the casino during the online keno game

free keno online for money If online keno sounds like an exciting game to you, be sure to check out our range of free games for Canadian players. These are available for fun with no registration, no download, and no signup required. They will allow you to practice all you need to know and we have great bonus offers for when you want to play for real money too.