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With so many different bets available, it's not exactly surprising that online roulette strategy gives you a lot of ways to go that are pretty viable. In real money games, you'll always want to get the best payouts available, and you can do that in this genre no matter the casino you're playing with. Canadian fans will love how in-depth you can get with customizing how you play while retaining pretty high payout rates and keeping the house advantage low. We'll break down how to do all of this and how to get as much value as possible in the process in what follows.

tips on online roulette

5 Tips For Real Money Roulette at Online Casinos in Canada

If you just want to start off with some solid strategies for playing roulette without having to learn a lot upfront, then we have five tips for you that will allow you to do just that. These tips are fairly straightforward and easy to implement. However, while each of them individually don't necessarily change that much about your experience, the combination of the five of them can help you to make a serious difference in how your sessions turn out. Down below, we'll detail these individual approaches and show how they combine with each other based on our expert list.

1. European is Better Than American if You Want to Win

The best online casino American roulette strategy is to not actually play that game at all. Instead, you should go with the European or French versions instead. The reason for this is simple, but if you've never ran into it before, it may be shocking to see how straightforward it is. Fundamentally, the American style has the exact same gameplay as the other two with a higher house advantage. As such, you should go with the European version at the very least, though the French style is slightly better if you're making even money wagers in particular when available.

2. Outside Bets Are a Better Choice

If you're concerned about volatility or are simply new to the game and want a strategy to play roulette without learning a bunch of complicated bets, then the "outside" wagers are the way to go. Outside bets are the ones that have their names listed on them (eg: even, odd, red, black) as opposed to inside bets that are placed inside of the grid of different numbers listed on the table layout. Additionally, with payouts of 1:1 or 2:1, you don't have to worry about long shot chances to win on these wagers.

3. Know and Understand the Odds

All of the regular bets have standardized payouts in most typical forms of the game. Accordingly, each roulette betting strategy is based on knowing what these payouts are when you're putting together sets of wagers. In the following, we'll give you an overview of all of the inside and outside bets as well as how much they pay out when you win. With so many wagers available, it can be a bit to keep up with for many players. However, you'll frequently have a similar chart available straight from the table interface for easy reference.

Bet Type Payout Straight Up 35:1 Split 17:1 Street 11:1 Corner 8:1 Six Line 5:1 Column 2:1 Thirds 2:1 Red/Black 1:1 Even/Odd 1:1 1-18/19-36 1:1

4. Use Casino Bonuses

Overall, many players agree that the best strategy that works no matter if you're a beginner or if you're advanced is taking advantage of excellent roulette bonuses. These are promotions that add funds to your account, and as a result, you're essentially getting paid some amount on top of whatever your account balance would have been otherwise. As such, this makes it much easier to come out ahead than if you didn't have this source of value available. With that said, you've got to watch to make sure that this game can be played with the bonus in question.

5. Don't Chase Your Losses

It seems anti-intuitive at first, but one of the most important winning roulette strategies is learning how to avoid chasing losses. Chasing losses is a mistake that some people make when they have a small loss where they will bet a larger amount than they were before in an attempt to "catch up" or "get back to even." The problem is that if they lose on that wager, they're now down a lot more than they would have been by just taking a break and coming back for another session at a future point in time.

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Online Roulette Uses Different Betting Strategies

One element of play in this game is choosing how much to wager on the round in front of you. Different approaches can be grouped together into two main styles of roulette betting strategies. These are basically centered on the idea of whether you're looking at the results of previous rounds or if you're thinking of each round as its own independent wager that's in a vacuum compared to all other spins. Both are viable ways to play, but some players will lean more toward one than the other.

  • Progressive Betting : With a progressive approach, this means that you can add to a given wager multiple times in a row across multiple rounds before resetting back to a base value.
  • Non Progressive Betting : For players who do not use progressive betting, their wager sizes are based on standardized values that they choose ahead of time on their own.

Things that can Affect Your Roulette Strategy

Different types of players have different types of strategies for roulette at casinos. The way they come up with those strategies, however, are based on a specific set of criteria that is actually somewhat limited. The reason we have so many resulting approaches is that different players weigh these criteria in a variety of ways, so what is important to you may not be important at all to another player. In what follows, we want to give you some ideas of the criteria that you may want to use when forming up your own ways to play.

  • Game Variant - Some styles of the game have different rules than others. Along these lines, the best roulette betting strategy for one title may not be the same as for another.
  • Bet Selection - If you prefer one type of wager over another, particularly inside vs. outside bets, then you'll need to adjust how you play to compensate for the differences in potential payouts.
  • Min/Max Wagers - For players who keep a low maximum bet size, progressive betting approaches may not be the way to go. This is because those styles of casino roulette strategies can require you to increase your wager several times in a row.
moste popular roulette stratégies

Most Popular Roulette Strategies and How They Work

Several of the top roulette strategies by popularity are different variations on similar progressive betting themes. These systems put you in a position to try to achieve something specific with how you set up your wagers, and it's worth noting that many of them focus on the even money bets since they are generally considered to be the most popular in the genre. For each of the following approaches, we'll give you an idea of how it works and what to look out for if you decide to try it for yourself.

  • Martingale Roulette Strategy

    In the Martingale roulette strategy, which may be the most popular betting system in the world, the idea is simple. You begin with a starting wager on an even money bet. If you lose, then you simply double your bet size and try again. This repeats over and over with the idea that when you eventually win, your total profit for that round of bets will be the amount that you started with. However, this can turn into a problem if you lose several times in a row and have to put up a large wager to keep going.

  • D'Alembert Strategy

    With the D'Alembert system, you start off by picking out a betting unit that will be your starting size. While placing wagers on even money bets only, you'll increase your bets by one unit after wins and decrease them by one unit after losses. The exception is if you are betting exactly your starting amount, you keep the same value after losses since you can't bet zero Canadian dollars on a round of this game and expect to win something. Of all of the online roulette strategies that use progressive systems, this one has a reputation for having a lower volatility and betting range. This system is excellent to incorporate while playing at trusted live dealer roulette casinos.

  • Fibonacci Strategy Roulette

    Another way to progress through different bet sizes is by using the Fibonacci sequence. With the Fibonacci strategy roulette becomes all about following a specific sequence of number named after this man. That sequence starts with 1 and 1, and you add the last two numbers in the sequence to find the next one. This leads to a sequence that goes 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 and so on. Like most of these progressive betting approaches, you will wager the next item in the sequence when you have a loss. Once you hit a win, you start over.

  • James Bond Roulette Strategy

    The James Bond roulette strategy is based on creating different tiers of potential wins. It's based on a distribution of 20 betting units, which simply means that you divide your wager up into 20 parts of equal size and distribute them in a certain way. Of those 20 units, a total of 14 are placed on the 19-36 wager. From there, 5 units are placed on the 13 to 18 double street (also known as a six line). Finally, the remaining 1 unit is placed on the single green zero, assuming you are playing the European variation.

  • Paroli Betting System

    With the Paroli roulette strategy online, you don't have to worry about long losing streaks messing up a progressive betting pattern. Instead, you only need to consider sets of three consecutive wagers at the most when using even money bets. Each time you lose, you drop your bet size down to whatever your starting amount is (or keep it there if that's what you wagered on this losing spin). However, after each win, your bet size is doubled. Your object is to hit three wins in a row, and once you do, you start the system over again.

  • Labouchere System

    One European roulette strategy that's a bit different than most is the Labouchere system. You start with a series of numbers that may look like 1-1-2-2-1-1 that all add up to the total amount that you'd like to win at the end of your session. For your next wager, combine the first and last numbers on the list and make an even money bet of that size. If you win, you strike those numbers from the list and continue. However, if you lose, then you add the amount you lost to the far-right side of the list.

Best Roulette Strategy Checklist Before Spending Real Money

To come up with the best roulette strategy for you as an individual, you need to make sure that you check a few boxes, so to speak. Having all of your bases covered is a big part of making sure that you are maximizing your chances of coming out ahead. Here we'll show you a quick checklist to follow that can help you to avoid common mistakes.

  • Is it within my budget?
  • Have I learned the rules?
  • Do I have enough practice to win?
roulette advice for beginners

The Best Advice For New Canada Casino Players

The key component of a winning roulette strategy for new players is making sure that you have all of these types of fundamentals covered. Without those fundamentals, it's difficult to boost your chances of coming out ahead. To make sure that you have a solid foundation for your overall approach, we want to give you the most important pieces of advice that you can receive for this game all in one place below. Look over your preferred ways of playing to make sure that they include these items, and you'll have a much better time in your sessions. Don't forget to learn the rules of roulette before you play for real money in 2024.

Understand the Different Game Variants

Get familiar with each of the major styles of the game. In particular, we recommend learning the differences between the American, European and French variations. From there, you can also get familiar with some of the live dealer versions that have somewhat different rules. A big reason why you should learn about the variety of styles out there is that it helps you to learn which titles to avoid while also making it clear how much choice and flexibility you have in making sure that you're able to pick out a game that will fit what you're looking for.

Outside Bets are the Easiest to Start With

For new players in particular, it's much easier to start with what are known as the outside bets or outside wagers. If you can spot the grid of numbers, then you can see that all of the bets outside of that grid on the table layout are known as the outside wagers. They're less complicated to learn, and they have a lower volatility with payouts of either 1:1 or 2:1. It's also really clear where you need to place your chips to make this wager, which is not always the case if you place bets on the inside.

Play European Variants for Better Odds

In most cases most of the time, the European style has the best payouts. The French variation has better odds on the even money wagers in particular, but it is a variation of the European style. Outside of the even money bets, all other wagers have the exact same payout rates and house advantage. With that said, avoid the mini roulette game with a single green zero and the numbers 1-12 since it doesn't have the same payout rate as these other single-zero options. Additionally, avoid the American style because it has the same gameplay with worse chances of winning.

Choose a Bonus That Can Be Used on Roulette

Bonuses should be a part of every player's strategy while playing at top real money roulette casinos. There's simply no way around making sure that you're claiming a bonus or other promotion that can be played with titles from this genre. Since it's basically free chances to win and extra money in your pocket, it's something that players should make sure is always a part of their overall approach. With that said, it may take a small amount of planning or hopping around to different casinos in some places. However, it's very much worth it because of the serious value that these offers can provide.

  • Leo Vegas

    Leo Vegas Gives You $30 Golden Chips

    We strongly recommend the bonus package from LeoVegas. They give you up to C$1,000 in deposit bonuses for new players. On top of that, you can claim C$30 in what they call golden chips, which can be wagered for free chances at winnings. All of this can be played with their full selection of table games, including their great live dealer offering. This is perfect for players who want to work on their Lighting Roulette strategy. However, it's just as viable if you want to stick to the more typical versions of the game, making it a particularly flexible option.

Set a Budget and Stick to It

You simply can't learn how to win in roulette if you don't learn to manage your bankroll properly. The most fundamental rule of bankroll management is to start off by picking a certain budget and sticking to that amount. From there, it will make sense to divide that budget up by a certain number like 100 or 200 to decide what the maximum wager should be that you place at any given time. That baseline is then used when forming up your strategies to help avoid situations where the volatility can get out of hand with respect to your budget size.

Use These Strategies When Playing Live Dealer Casino Roulette Too

In the live dealer games, most strategies can work out the same as in their RNG cousins. However, some changes in some variations will switch up how your payouts work, and that's something that you'll probably want to keep an eye on. For example, in the Lightning variation, some of the base payouts are slightly lower than usual to make up for the fact that you can hit random prizes that are much larger than what you'd otherwise be able to win. Accounting for this type of change and the switch up in volatility doesn't require much of a change in your overall approach, however.

minimum deposit bonuses

How To Win Roulette on a Small Budget - Minimum Deposit Casinos

You don't need to put in a large amount to your account balance in order to have serious chances of winning some payouts in this genre. Minimum deposit sites at different levels can give you a different availability in terms of game selection, but you can typically find a way to make this work no matter how you prefer to play. Here we'll give you an overview of each major deposit level and what you should look for in each.

  • $1 Minimum Deposit Casinos

    $1 Minimum Deposit Casinos

    One of the things to know right off the bat is that $1 minimum casino offers aren't very good for learning the best strategy for roulette. That's because they only allow slots to be played due to the low-risk nature of the deals. We want to make sure that players are aware of this because, while they are an excellent value in and of themselves, they're just not a good fit for players who want to get good at playing this particular genre of games.

  • Deposit $5 Casinos

    Deposit $5 Casinos

    Making a somewhat larger deposit gives you more options when it comes to the game restrictions of the given promotions. As a result, you can find some $5 minimum online casinos that will allow you to play table games. However, many of them also only allow slots. We strongly recommend checking the terms and conditions ahead of time before claiming these offers so that you avoid any type of confusion.

  • Play with $10

    Play with $10

    Once you're up to the $10 minimum deposit casino level, most of the offers can be find to learn how to pay roulette strategy correctly. This is because, fairly often, they allow you to play this and other table games to clear the wagering requirements of the offers. A big part of the reason for this is that all of their bonus offers can be used at the ten dollar level, so you can actually pick and choose which specific promotion that you want to take advantage of.

  • $20 Roulette Strategy

    You'll find that $20 roulette strategy guides are pretty common, and you may wonder why that is. In most cases, it's because $20 is the most popular minimum deposit available, so you can claim almost all welcome bonuses with a deposit at this level. What's really cool about this amount is that you can often double or triple your total amount with some large sign-up bonuses. Additionally, the wagering requirements tend to be better with more game selection flexibility than promotions that allow a smaller deposit amount.

Best Canada Online Casinos Recommended in 2024

We have recommended a number of top names for Canadian players. In what follows, we show you our top suggestions for the best sites to play at and what they have to offer.

  1. 1 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1600
  2. 2 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $250
  3. 3 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $150
  4. 4 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1200
  5. 5 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $475
  6. 6 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $750
  7. 7 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1000
  8. 8 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $480
  9. 9 Sign-Up Offer 400% Match Bonus Up To $4
  10. 10 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1500
  11. Load More

Choose No Deposit Bonuses for a Free Roulette Strategy

The core idea behind playing this game for free is using a no deposit roulette bonus of some type to get started. Some of these allow you to play table games, but many require you to play the initial play-through with slots. Many players like to go through the slot play for a chance to start a bankroll fresh from nothing, which is a fun strategy. With a low risk and serious chance for a real money reward, it's difficult to argue with.

Practise Winning With Free Roulette Games

When you're working on your strategy for roulette, the best thing that you can do is practice with free online roulette games in demo mode. Free play versions and demo versions of these games are a great place to start. They will allow you to pull together all of the different ideas, tips and tactics that we have described in the above and figure out what works the best for you.


  • Can I win with a $20 roulette strategy?

    Yes, and this is a viable option at most casino sites.
  • What's the best casino bonus to claim in Canada for this game?

    We like the offer from LeoVegas for up to C$1,000 in bonuses and C$30 in golden chips.
  • Are there strategy betting charts available for this game?

    Yes, you can find charts at the table and otherwise that show the payouts for each wager type.
  • What is the most successful roulette strategy when playing online?

    Game selection and picking the titles with the best payout percentages are great places to start.
  • Can I play free games with no download and no registration?

    Yes, you can. There are many sites including ours that offer free games with no download and no registratin required.
  • Can I play and win real money on my mobile?

    Mobile players are welcome to play for real money on both iOS and Android devices.
  • What roulette game has the best odds of winning?

    French roulette has the best payout rates for even money wagers, the European style is equivalent on all other bets.
  • How long does it take to learn a strategy?

    You can learn basic strategies for this game in just a few minutes.
  • What is the best roulette strategy for beginners?

    We suggest sticking to the outside bets for beginning players.
  • How can I practise my skill without risking any money?

    Yes, free play versions are perfect for practicing without any risk.
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