Become a Canadian Millionaire with 80 Chances to Win

Darko Ilievski by Darko Ilievski Published: October 28, 2021

Players from Canada and elsewhere have hundreds if not thousands of casinos from which to take their pick. In addition to available games and banking options, one of the most critical things to consider is available bonuses. Here's what you need to know about 80 chances to win and other promos.

80 Chances to Win to become millionaire

The Ubiquitous Appeal of 80 Chances to Win and Free Spins

Players from Canada and around the world find betting so much fun because of the uncertainty mixed with the thrill of winning. And that tantalising moment of doubt before a bet comes off is pretty cool. However, sometimes it's nice to have a guarantee of coming out on top, or, at least, not finishing behind. So it's not hard to see why match deposits, free cash, free spins, and 80 chances to win style promos are so popular with players from Canada. The big question is: why are they popular with casinos?

The casino model is necessarily predicated on players losing more than they win (on a collective basis). Bonuses such as 80 chances to win fly in the face of this, but the overall benefits for the casino outweigh the costs, in much the same way as a major jackpot win on Mega Moolah or another progressive slot allows a site to highlight the potential lucre that might await the luckiest of players at the newest Canadian casinos. Online betting has exploded in popularity, and this has worked similarly to the price wars of supermarkets to the advantage of the consumer. When there's a wide choice of places to play, said places have to up their game to attract custom and edge out the competition. And the welcome bonus and recurring promotions are the perfect example of this.

By increasing a player's bankroll or giving them the opportunity to effectively take a site for a test drive, online casinos from Canada and around the world provide a real incentive for players to sign up and see what's what. For the player, this means free spins and the like, for the casino it means getting a new player registered. So the betting site has a substantial reason to try and offer the most generous special deals it can. The competitive nature of the industry has continually driven sites not only to offer more than their rivals but to try and be innovative as well (hence free spins being available as both welcome promos and recurring bonuses for players).

Last but not least, software studios are fans of online promotions as well. Many players from Canada and elsewhere have their favourite games and stick with them, which can make it something of a challenge for software developers to promote their new games. But with bonuses, the free spins enable players 80 chances to win and introduces the prospect of real cash prizes with no risk of loss, encouraging players to spread their wagering wings and try new games.

The Best Games to Play with 80 Chances to Win

Promotions vary significantly, and players should account for the particular details when considering which games are the best to play. A new popular deal available from online casinos such as Zodiac Casino, Jackpot City Casino, Royal Vegas Casino, and Spin Casino involves depositing $1 and getting 80 chances to win with a top jackpot slot. One prime example of such a game is Mega Moolah, the progressive jackpot juggernaut created by Microgaming and perhaps the single best known high payout slot in the entire industry. The way a progressive slot works is to have a minimum jackpot (which may still be six or even seven figures) and to increase the top prize every time there's a spin that doesn't result in the jackpot being won. This means gargantuan wins are possible, and Mega Moolah has made many a millionaire over the years. So the chance to be in with a shot of a life-changing sum of money (80 shots, indeed) for just a dollar is really rather tasty. And even if you don't scoop the progressive jackpot, the odds are you'll more than make your money back.

Mega Moolah's hugely popular but it's also not the only free online slot available at leading online betting sites such as Zodiac Casino. Fans of both movie blockbusters and classical history will find the multi-millionaire dollar prize to be won playing Gladiator very appealing, while the Book of 99 combines a fantastic RTP (return to player) of 99% with a minimum six figure jackpot.

Tips and Tricks for Meeting the Wagering Requirement

The wagering requirement (sometimes shortened to WR or called the playthrough requirement) is the main condition that needs to be satisfied in the journey from redeeming a promo code to transforming it into real cash. While casinos offer increasingly generous bouses for players from the UK, USA, Canada, and elsewhere, this does not come as a total giveaway. You will not receive $20 that you can just withdraw and have in the bank. Therefore, before a withdrawal can be made the wagering requirement must be met. As the names implies, this is the total sum of wagers that must be placed, and will be expressed as a multiple of a promo's value (so a $20 free spins deal with a standard 30x WR will require $600 worth of bets to be made before it can be withdrawn).

This is where the type of game matters in multiple ways. For offers that allow table games and slots to be played, it's usual for slots to contribute 100% of stakes to the playthrough requirement while cards and roulette can be significantly less (often 50% and sometimes lower). This makes it much easier to meet a wagering requirement spinning reels (although if you are into table games focus on single zero (French) online roulette and blackjack as these have the lowest house edges).

If you're playing slots, then RTP is the key statistic as this indicates the average return a player can expect from a gaming session. The average runs around the 95% or 96% mark, but some can be as high as 98% or, exceptionally, 99%. How much you focus on RTP over jackpots also depends on the withdrawal cap, the maximum sum in bonus cash and related winnings that can be withdrawn. If you're over the limit but still need to meet the WR, then it makes sense to absolutely focus on RTP just to tick that box (and even if you incur losses you'll still have winnings overall). If things aren't going so well you might prefer to change tack and choose a higher volatility slot that may offer a chance to bounce back. Note that special offers geared towards progressives, such as 80 chances to win, may specifically exempt a jackpot win from any withdrawal cap (be sure to consult the detail to find out). However, if you come across this offer on Mega Moolah, it you'll be able to still nab the jackpot.

Other Important Terms and Conditions

Reading the fine print is not the most exciting part of the Canada casino experience but it is wise, and can save you heartache if there are unusual or particularly stringent limits lurking in the terms and conditions. The universal wagering requirement and typical withdrawal cap, already discussed, are the main ones to be aware of, but there are some others which can trip people up.

For some special offers there can be minimum and maximum limits on individual stakes to prevent players from laying down very large stakes and meeting the wagering requirement in a few steps. Straying beyond these limits will likely void a bonus and ensure no winnings at all, although this condition isn't always present. The available games can vary a lot depending on the bonus. Many no deposit bonuses in Canada are tied to one game or a linked series but free cash often can be used for almost everything. Emphasis on 'almost', as certain games will not be eligible for promos, so just ensure your favourite game isn't on a forbidden list.

Speaking of forbidden things, some betting patterns can also be strictly prohibited. This won't apply to 80 chances to win type deals, but certain bets (such as backing both colours in roulette) designed to meet the WR at no or very low risk are off the table. Wager this way and you will probably find your promo has been voided and, far from being a safe and smart approach, you end up with nothing.

Some special offers (match deposit deals and the $1 for 80 spins bonus) require a deposit. This should be made crystal clear on the bonus' page, but sometimes specific banking methods are not accepted for this deposit and it's important you check beforehand. Also bear in mind that online casinos tend to like players to withdraw using the same method with which they deposited so it's best to transfer money in with the same system you would use to transfer it out, if possible (some methods are deposit only).

It's the easiest condition to meet but players sometimes forget to check the time limit and end up falling foul of a deadline. These are typically generous enough to not be a problem but it's best to check just to make sure the calendar doesn't eat your bonus.

80 chances to win and other promotions offer a great opportunity for players to begin their time at a new legal casino in CA with a golden hello. As with every promotion, always check the terms and conditions to ensure everything's looking good.

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