Best VPN Friendly Casinos Online in Canada 2024

Emma Byrd by Emma Byrd Published: April 12, 2024

VPN online casinos open the doors to players living in regions where betting is illegal but unregulated and residents of countries that allow gaming, like Canada. With fewer restrictions limiting the number of players who can join, VPN platforms have recorded huge success in 2024, and from the looks of things, that upward trajectory is set to continue. By the end of this page, you will have a clear picture of how to join casinos via VPN to play real money games, claim bonuses, and collect your winnings without breaking a sweat.

top vpn online casinos

Top VPN Online Casinos That Welcome Canadian Players

Using a VPN to play is only allowed in selected casinos, with many operators opting to run sites tailored for different countries. Therefore, you need to take great care when choosing an online casino that allows VPN gaming. Our list below has the best-performing Canadian casino brands that permit members to wager real money on a VPN connection:

Pros and Cons for Using VPN Casinos

VPN gambling in casinos is a two-way street with some advantages and disadvantages, making using VPN for online casinos suitable in some cases and unsuitable in other cases. When weighing whether or not to use a VPN, you need to consider the following pros and cons:

  • Enables access to sites outside your country
  • Play a wide variety of real money games
  • Claim multiple no deposit and free spins bonuses
  • Additonal layer of security on Internet traffic
  • Banned on some sites
  • Servers might not always be available

How Does a VPN for Online Casino Sites Work?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an encryption software designed to establish a tunnel within your network, thereby masking your location and IP address so that you can browse anonymously. Information sent via such a connection follows a different path from normal Internet traffic, protecting you from hackers. Popular VPNs in 2024 come with easy-to-use user applications that you can install on your PC or mobile, allowing you to access the service with just a few taps or clicks and carry your secure connection anywhere.

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How to Choose the Best VPN Software in 2024

Internet users looking for the best private and secure connection have lots of options, with tens of unique VPN services available online. Therefore, narrowing down to the best one for you calls for careful consideration of several factors affecting private network user experience. To help players select the best VPN, we consulted veterans in international gaming, who pointed out the following important factors to consider before buying a VPN software:

  • Security : Highly popular VPN software ranks top because it has reliable technologies to secure your connection. So, settle for one that offers multiple protection features like a kill switch upon impromptu disconnection, threat protection, ad-blocking, and track-blocking.
  • Server Locations : Server locations determine the number of unique virtual locations to which you can channel your traffic so that you appear to be located in a different country. For superb experience, pick software with multiple active servers in the country you want to play to have alternatives in case one server becomes inactive.
  • Speed : Chanelling your Internet traffic through an encryption tunnel affects the connectivity speed, which is a necessary compromise considering the upsides. But you don't have to compromise too much on speed if you choose a service with top-notch tunneling protocols like SSTP, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN.
  • Compatibility : Your gaming device impacts which VPN software works best for you since the user experience might be optimized for specific platforms. For example, software that only uses the SSTP protocol is available on Windows operating systems, locking out iOS and Android users. In addition, you might require third-party apps compatible with your device to activate the private connection.
  • Reputation : Good software sells itself by maintaining a good reputation over time. Following this, check user comments on social media sites or consult honest review sites like Online Casinos Canada for top recommended VPN software. Going through such platforms highlights solutions to common problems you might encounter, allowing you to troubleshoot minor issues on your own.
  • Cost : How much it costs to have full-time secure access to the private network determines which software you use. Luckily, market dynamics in 2024 have brought down the cost of VPNs, making the service accessible to everyone. Consider how often you need the software to determine if you should pay for the monthly or annual package, and don't forget to take advantage of any free trials.

Best Online Casino VPN to Use in Canada in 2024

Canadians using VPN to access online casinos should pick reliable software based on speed, reliability, and affordability. After reviewing the user experience on top recommended software, we picked the best-performing ones and explain what we like about each one below.

Nord VPN

Nord VPN offers a secure private network connection with thousands of reliable servers in 60 countries, allowing you to access the best VPN casinos in 2024. Traffic sent via this software passes through the NordLynx tunnel, which securely transmits the information to the destination after AES-256 encryption. Moreover, the software offers multiple simultaneous connections for an amazing experience without lags or downtime. Install the NordVPN mobile user application to get a 7-day free trial, and don't worry about a change in reliability since you get a one-month refund guarantee when you subscribe and pay with your credit card or Bitcoin tokens.


CyberGhost offers a fully-packed private browsing package that encompasses over 9,000 servers spread across 91 countries, allowing you to circumvent geo-location restrictions to access casinos with ease. We recorded impressive speeds after connecting to Cyberghost, enabled by the WireGuard tunneling protocol, which complements the AES-256 encryption used to protect information. In case the server connection drops, the software triggers an automatic kill switch, which adds a layer of protection for you to remain anonymous. Besides the crucial features, you get add-ons like dedicated gaming and video streaming servers for live casino wagers, ad-blockers, and malware detection tools. Unfortunately, CyberGhost does not offer trial periods, but you can pay for your secure connection in Bitcoin or e-wallets like Paypal.

Express VPN

Express VPN packs lots of power in a light-user application that you can download in just a few seconds and start browsing securely. With over 3,000 servers available in 105 locations, using this software unlocks doors to gamble in many VPN international casinos with real money. Once activated, information sent via a connection protected by Express VPN passes through the Lightway tunneling protocol, which maintains speed and adds an obfuscation layer for security. Users can install the PC or mobile application for devices, which allows up to 5 devices on one user account. In addition, the company provides an advanced-level application you can install on compatible routers to secure entire networks. All versions of the Express app come with a kill switch that comes in handy in case your server connection drops.

Other Choices

If the best VPNs discussed above cost more than what you can spend on securing your network, consider these other choices that pass the test on basic security and safety but come with limited features or locations:

  • VyprVPN : VyprVPN only costs $10 for a 1-month subscription and $5 each month for the annual subscription, allowing you to enjoy security at a low cost. You get to switch to your preferred tunneling protocol with options that include WireGuard, Chameleon 2.0, and IKEv2. With a self-configurable kill switch, this software gives you ultimate control over your network.
  • IPVanish : IPVanish comes packaged with an optional subscription to SugarSync, a secure encrypted storage bundle, and offers a 7-day free trial on the mobile app plus a 30-day refund to unsatisfied clients. Users can connect to over 2,000 servers in 52 locations and use WireGuard or OpenVPN tunnels for fast and secure browsing.
  • TunnelBear VPN: TunnelBear offers a completely free version that allows you to browse securely without any payments. However, the free version has limitations, such as a 500MB monthly data cap. On the paid version, you can connect to over 3,000 servers in 48 locations and enjoy good speeds on the WireGuard protocol.
  • Surfshark : Surfshark offers unlimited connections at a time, making it the best option for playing at a VPN Friendly Crypto Casino in Canada. Although pricing ranks in the higher end, this feature-rich software is worth your while since it uses the effective WireGuard protocol, maintaining high-speed connections that rarely drop. For enhanced safety, Surfshark has a strict no-logs policy and further protects users using military-grade encryption, making it safe for use in real money gaming. Unfortunately, you cannot test how well the software works for free since the company offers no trial packages.

The Top VPN's Compared

After comparing the features available on the most popular applications, we ranked Nord, CyberGhost, and Express VPN as the top 3 privacy apps we recommend for online casino access in Canada via VPN. The table below outlines how different features on each of our top picks compare to help you select the most suitable application.

Feature NordVPN CyberGhost ExpressVPN # of Servers 5,300+ 7,400+ 3,000+ # of Countries 60 90+ 94 No Logs Policy Yes Yes Yes Simultaneous Connections Up to 6 Up to 7 Up to 5 Encryption Protocols OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec, NordLynx OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec Ad Blocker Yes Yes No Kill Switch Yes Yes Yes Price (p/m) From €3.29 From €2.11 From €6.19 Free Trial No 1 Day No Money Back Guarantee 30 days 45 days 30 days
set up a vpn

How to Set Up Your Software - Step by Step Guide

Besides remaining anonymous on the Internet, browsing privately allows you to bypass geo-location restrictions to access winning opportunities in VPN real money online casinos. To get started, you need a reliable VPN, which you can set up with these easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Choose the Best VPN Provider : Compare the features and add-ons offered by different VPN applications in Canada to find the best ones. Pay keen attention to how much you have to pay in monthly or annual subscription fees and whether your gaming device is compatible with all features bundled in the software.
  2. Install the Software on your Device : Download the appropriate installation file to your device and launch it to install the VPN app. New applications allow users to log in using multiple devices, which saves you from having to pay for a different subscription for each device you own.
  3. Clear Your Data and Cookies : Cookies collect information about your current location to share with web crawlers for a tailored user experience. So, it is advisable to clear past cookies and data to prevent websites you visited before from sharing your real location.
  4. Open VPN and Choose Country : On the first days of using a VPN, you may get a few days of free trial to test performance. Launch the VPN application and choose an available server in the country you wish to access. Most apps will take a few seconds to initialize the connection and show you a pop-up notification when done.
  5. Register a VPN Account : After the trial period, you need to pay for a monthly or annual subscription to keep using the VPN. Payment details requested during registration link to your debit, credit card, or PayPal account, allowing you to pay for the package you prefer. Alternatively, you can pay with Bitcoin on selected sites by making a deposit to the provided QR code.

Best Online Casino VPN Real Money Bonuses for Canada

One of the motives driving Canadians to play at VPN friendly casinos is accessing bonuses and huge million dollar jackpots at international gaming platforms. Our review crew gathered the best bonuses in different casinos, which are similar to locally available promos in many ways. So, be on the lookout for the terms and conditions related to each offer and avoid breaking any rules to keep your online Canadian VPN casino winnings. With that in mind, check out our recommended promos below, where we shed light on user-friendly promos and free chips available at VPN online casinos open to Canadians.

Legal Implications to Be Aware Of

Using a VPN for privacy when browsing the Internet is completely legal in Canada, as long as you don't misuse the obfuscated private connection to break any rules. But whether or not you can use a VPN to play online casino games depends on the casino and the local gambling laws. In the section below, we explain a few things to keep in mind when playing at casinos online that do not block private connections in 2024.

VPN Rules that Must be Followed

Before firing up your VPN to access international markets outside Canada, look into the policies of the casino you want to play in and make sure they allow the use of VPNs for real money games. Remember to only play on sites with licenses recognized in Canada and steer clear of bonus misuse by creating multiple accounts on one platform. Many operators provide a list of restricted countries in the terms and conditions. So, check that your country is not listed there before registering your account and complete KYC checks to verify your identity before making a withdrawal from the cashier.

There are Consequences if you Break the Rules

Dire consequences await players found to be illegally using VPN casino online apps to get access to sites restricted in their country or taking unfair advantage of promos. Expect immediate account closure and denial of your winnings, which you can avoid if you play by all rules. That includes choosing platforms licensed to operate in your location and only using one account created using your real identification details.

Why Casinos Ban the Use of VPNs

Many online casinos have strict policies against VPN software due to the unpredictable variables arising from allowing players to use private networks. For starters, private networks allow residents of restricted jurisdictions to join, which may cause legal troubles with governments that ban gambling. In addition, private networks increase the possibilities of bonus misuse, where a member can create multiple accounts to claim a bonus more than once.

Keep Your Winnings Tips When Using VPN for Online Casino Sites in 2024

Accessing gaming sites via a private connection can open up new opportunities that may be inaccessible on a normal connection. However, you should tread carefully to avoid conflicts with the cashier that can lead to account closure or your winnings being withheld. Follow the steps listed below for a smooth experience at leading Canadian VPN casinos to keep your winnings in 2024:

  1. Turn on VPN Before Logging into the Casino : Activate the private connection software and choose an available server in the country you wish to connect to on the software's interface.
  2. Use anonymous payment methods like Cryptocurrencies : If your goal in using a private connection is maintaining anonymity, keep your payment details secure as well by opting for anonymous payment methods like Bitcoin.
  3. Get Regular Payouts : Request for payouts frequently and as soon as you make a win on slots, progressive jackpots, blackjack, roulette, or baccarat.
  4. Cashout Small Amounts : Avoid the lure of making a one-time huge cashout, which might draw attention to your account. Instead, cash out small amounts every few days and keep the entire amount withdrawn below the weekly or monthly maximum withdrawal limit.
  5. Follow the Casino T&Cs : General casino terms and conditions apply to all members, including VPN users. So, read the fine print and adhere to all rules without forgetting to satisfy additional rules applicable to bonuses, like wagering requirements, bet limits, and game restrictions.


  • Can I use a VPN for online casinos in Canada?

    Yes. Canadians can use private networks to play online on platforms that allow members to use such software in the terms and conditions.
  • How do VPNs work?

    Information sent through a VPN is channelled through an encryption tunnel, set up as virtual servers in different countries, allowing users to bypass geo-location limits and change their IP address.
  • Can I get a no deposit bonus at these sites?

    Yes. VPN-friendly betting sites compete for a share of the international market and award special promos, including no deposit cash coupons and free spins to members.
  • Is there any risk involved?

    With only a few gaming sites allowing access via virtual networks, players should take care when using VPNs for online gaming and join platforms that have requisite licenses to operate in the region in which they reside.
  • How do I know if a casino accepts VPN usage?

    Read through the fine print in the terms and conditions to know if a site allows punters to use virtual networks. Such details on many operators' platforms are included together with the list of restricted countries.
  • Do I have to pay to use a private network?

    Yes. You have to pay for a monthly or annual subscription to access all the features of reliable VPN software. But, a few apps give new users a limited-feature trial version for free over a number of days.
  • Are there any VPN friendly crypto casino sites for Canada?

    After comparing several sites, we recommend PlayAmo for users who play with Crypto in Canada. Join the operator to enjoy the best Bitcoin games and loads of unique cash promos and free spins with no deposit.
  • Can I play real money games?

    Yes. Real money games in slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker, and video poker categories are available at the best VPN casinos.
  • Can I claim bonuses and keep winnings when using a VPN?

    Claiming bonuses comes with additional terms and conditions that you must meet to keep winnings, like wagering requirements, betting limits, and maximum cashout limit.
  • Can a casino detect if I am using a VPN?

    Yes. Periodic system audits can flag traffic coming from a virtual private network, meaning you can get away with using a VPN for a while, but the operator is bound to find out sooner or later.
  • Can I play online slots at these sites?

    Yes. You can wager real money on a wide range of online slots when accessing sites via a private network and make fast withdrawals, provided you adhere to all terms and conditions.
  • What are the advantages of using a virtual private network?

    Many users subscribe to private networks to secure their connection and access sites that may be restricted in their country. Following this, players with secure connections have a wide range of games to choose from and can claim promos on offshore sites.
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