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Of all of the places to enjoy real money online casino bingo, certain online establishments make up the top tier of what's available to Canadian players. However, the exact casino that will work the best for you can vary without that top-level category. To help you figure out where to play that will give you the most fitting experience as an individual, we have full reviews with extensive rating breakdowns of all of the most popular options. These breakdowns are set up in a way to make it as easy as possible for you to jump right in and get started.

Best Online Casinos in Canada to Play Bingo for Real Money

  1. 1 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1600
  2. 2 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $250
  3. 3 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $150
  4. 4 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1200
  5. 5 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $475
  6. 6 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $750
  7. 7 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1000
  8. 8 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $480
  9. 9 Sign-Up Offer 400% Match Bonus Up To $4
  10. 10 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1500
  11. Load More
how to play bingo

How to Play Bingo Online for Real Money

The basic idea behind playing bingo online is incredibly straightforward. Numbers are called out from a certain range based on the specific variation you're playing. You mark those called numbers off, or daub them as it's called in this game, while trying to make certain predetermined patterns. Getting started at a real money bingo casino can be quick and easy, and you can be aiming for your own wins in just a few moments if you follow these steps as recommended by the expert team at

  1. Sign Up - Follow the sign up links for one of our recommended sites that stands out for you, and put in your information to register.
  2. Deposit - After you're all signed up, the cashier section will allow you to follow a simple deposit process that just requires your payment information and the amount you wish to add.
  3. Claim Bonus - When putting in that deposit, make sure to claim the promotion or bonus that you want so that the extra value will be added to your account.
  4. Choose Games - Pick from the various styles of real money online bingo along with your preferred stakes and the number of cards that you want to play.
  5. Cashout Winnings - Once you're ready to pick up your payouts, request a withdrawal from the cashier section.

Bonuses to Claim at Real Money Casinos with Bingo in 2024

When you look to claim a good online bingo bonus, you'll find that a lot of different options are available. However, it's hard to determine which is the best overall simply because different promotions work better for different types of players. As such, we want to give you an overview of the different kinds of options and show you what the best online real money bingo offers give you so that you can pick out which is the most appealing from everything available.

No Deposit Bonus

If you want a shot at real money payouts without having to worry about risking anything, then no deposit bonuses are a good place to start. These allow you to play bingo online without having to make a deposit, as the name implies. They're great for risk-free play, but they're also a good option if you simply want to try some games out before you decide if you like the software and overall experience. However, you want to use them, they're a great value.

Get $35 Free at Grand Fortune

A really solid no deposit offer at one of the top real money online bingo casinos is the $35 free chip offer at Grand Fortune. You'll have a simple 50x wagering requirement, which is great for not having to make a deposit. Additionally, the maximum cash out amount is a sizable $100, meaning that you can earn up to 100 dollars without having to deposit with this promotion. That's a great way to get a strong welcome and to jump right into some of your favorite titles.

Signup/Welcome Bonus

When you first sign up to a real money bingo site, you'll have an opportunity to take advantage of a welcome bonus. These are frequently some of the best deals that you'll be able to find in any casino, especially as a Canadian player. They often give value on your first deposit along with multiple deposits after that, and when you put all of that value together, you can end up with a pretty significant boost to your bankroll.

Get 200% up to $250 + 125 FS at Vulkan Vegas

One of the best real money bingo bonus options out there is the offering at Vulkan Vegas. When you first sign up, you can earn a 200% match worth as much as $250. In addition to that, a total of 125 free spins are added to your account, and your winnings from those are added on in the form of another bonus. This is a great way to get value added to your account right away as soon as you register at this bingo casino.


Many of the top online real money bingo casinos offer a type of promotion called a reload bonus. The purpose of this is that you may want to reload your account after you've taken advantage of the welcome package and other deals. As such, they're designed to be available more frequently with more flexible terms and conditions. However, the trade-off there is that you usually get a smaller total bonus value, which is still a great deal for most players in most situations.


Some online bingo sites offer up options for cashback rewards, which are another way to get a bonus added to your account. This works by giving you a second chance to run up some winnings off of the back of a given deposit. Once you get your account balance under some low threshold, a cashback offer can be available that gives you back a percentage of that deposit in the form of a bonus. Along these lines, you're given an additional opportunity to hit some payouts.

Bingo Promos - Chat Games, Beginner Rooms, and More

To maximize your chances of serious real money bingo winnings when you play, taking advantage of promotions and bonuses is one of the key components in our guide to bingo rules. This can include checking out what's available in the beginner's rooms because they often have more favorable promotional deals and slightly different game structures. Other types of special games with bonuses available from a chat moderator can also happen from time to time. In any case, we have some of the top promotions available to all players and which games are the best for taking advantage of them in what follows.

Claim These Great Promos

Bingo Site Bonus Bingo Games LeoVegas 122 Free Spins and up to $1000 in Bonuses Bruno Bingo, Bingo 10, 1-2-3 Bingo, Book of Ra Bingo Jackpot City $1600 in Bonuses Across Four Deposits Pharaoh Bingo 32Red Bingo $20 Deposits Get $32 in Free Money Christmas Pudding PlayOjo 10 Free Spins and 50 Free Bingo Tickets Diamond Dazzle, Super Hero, Blossom Blast, Equaliser, Drop Pots
the best canadien bingo games

Online Casino Bingo Games

For the most part, you can play online bingo for real money in four different styles. With that said, not every place out there will have all four of these styles available, but they do offer slightly different approaches to the overall experience. Here we want to give you an idea of what each of these styles are like so that you can decide which to try that might fit you the most. We also recommend taking a look at our guide to the best bingo strategies to further enrich your gaming experience in 2024.

90 Ball Bingo

The cards in this game have nine positions from left to right that create three total rows on top of each other. From there, five of those positions are chosen at random for each of the three rows to show a number. The first column can have 1-10 with the second showing 11-20, etc. With five bingo numbers showing on each row, and with there being three rows, you have a total of 15 numbers out there. These games are a race to see who can fill the most rows the quickest.

75 Ball Bingo

The easiest way to tell that you're playing a 75-ball real money bingo game is that it has five rows with five columns and a free space given to players in the center of that 5x5 grid. For each column, a total of 15 numbers are available, leading to 1 to 15 showing up on the first row, 16 to 30 on the second, etc. With so many spots available on the cards, you can have a variety of different types of patterns that are what you're aiming for in any particular game.

80 Ball Bingo

While the 80-ball style has more numbers, the gameplay is much like a scaled-down version of the 75-ball games. You have four rows and four columns with 20 numbers available to show up on each column (1-20, 21-40, etc.). Likewise, you have enough screen real estate on the card to have various types of patterns to play for, but this is more of a game of patience since you have more numbers per column available with fewer that can actually give you a hit.

30 Ball Bingo

The best online bingo style if you're in a hurry is the 30-ball game. That's because the 30-ball rounds are the quickest of all of the online real money bingo games out there. The card or ticket offers three columns, three rows and nine total positions. These positions are filled with numbers chosen at random for 1-10 for the first column, 11-20 for the second and 21-30 for the third. You typically play until your card is completely filled, but with only nine numbers needed to be hit, it's easy to understand why this is often called "speed bingo."

Most Popular Bingo Games

Here we want to show you a quick peek at some of the most popular specific games out there in different types. You can find many of these titles at different real money online bingo casino sites, but some of them are tied to specific providers.

  • Lion on the Line - This is a 30-ball style that's all about speed for players who want to get in a quick round.
  • 90's Extreme - Only $0.05 is required per play to qualify, and a strong top jackpot makes this 90-ball title particularly appealing.
  • Lion's Roar - When you play this 90-ball title, you'll quickly find that making a full house is the focus of nearly every round.
  • US 75 Ball - Perhaps the most popular progressive option, this 75-ball game offers some of the biggest potential online real money bingo wins that you can find.
  • Take Five - A variation on the 75-ball style, no free space is available, and everything is about making horizontal lines instead of other types of patterns.
  • Deal or No Deal - It shares the name of the popular television show because that's what this title is based around.
  • Swedish Style - A progressive jackpot is the focus of this 75-ball game, but no free space is available.

Odds and RTP

Each Canadian casino online will list out the bingo odds and payout rates for their different titles. These are usually expressed in the form of what's called the RTP. This stands for "return to player," which is a percentage because that's how much of the total wagers are paid back out to players in the form of wins. For example, if a game has an RTP of 96%, then that's the percentage of all wagers that are given back to players in payouts.

Tickets Prices and Bingo Numbers

When you're learning how to play online bingo, the first thing to note is how you actually pay for your game rounds. There is a price paid for each individual ticket (also called a card), which will have a set of bingo numbers on it in different layouts simply based on the style you are playing. Any subsequent payouts are generally listed as a multiple of this price that you've paid for the ticket, so a 2 CAD ticket that gets paid out 10x will land you $20 as an example.

Understanding Game Patterns

In some games, 75-ball and 80-ball in particular, different types of patterns are used to determine how payouts are awarded. When you're choosing how to play real money bingo online, one of the most important decisions you can make is centered around which types of patterns you want to play for. This can determine not only the length of your games on average but also the sizes of the available payouts for hitting those patterns. Generally speaking, the more difficult the pattern, the better your prizes are when you score a win.

What are Chat Games and Social Bingo?

One of the most interesting parts of online bingo Canada has to offer is the social element. You can chat with other players while you get in on the action, which adds a whole different layer to the experience. The social elements are often missing when you play online, but the ability to talk to people, make friends and connect over the long run to play together when you can offers opportunities to make things so much more fun. That's why we strongly recommend to try out the social bingo rooms and games that offer chat options.

Other Great Real Money Games

Deposit and Payouts At Real Money Online Casinos

Before you can enjoy some real money bingo games online, you have to be able to get funds to and from your account. A variety of deposit and withdrawal methods are available, but which is the most fitting option for you really depends on what you're looking for specifically. To help you pick out what's best for you, we want to walk you through some of the most popular options and what they offer compared to the others.

Credit and Debit Cards

One option is to simply fund your account using a debit card or credit card. This is often the quickest and most convenient way to start playing real money bingo for Canadian players. That's simply because many people already have a card they can use without having to set up any other option. With that said, the fees are average, and while deposits are quick, withdrawals can take a few days.

E-wallets - Instadebit, PayPal, eCheck

An e-wallet is an online account that you can move funds to and from that's separate from your bank account. While PayPal as known as a popular e-wallet, Canadian players cannot use it to make gambling transactions. However, Instadebit is the most popular electronic wallet for this purpose in the country, and they offer reasonable fees and transaction times. Additionally, eChecks can be used much like an electronic wallet as well with average fees and withdrawal times.

Use Your Bank with Interac

Players in Canada have the Interac option available as well. This makes it easy to send and receive money from your existing bank account. It's compatible with the Royal Bank of Canada, the Bank of Nova Scotia, the National Bank of Canada and a seemingly endless number of other banks and credit unions. The convenience factor is pretty high with Interac since you can use it for both deposits and withdrawals. With that said, the fees are about average, but Interac withdrawal times are quick.


One payment option that has fast withdrawal times as well as low fees is crypto. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum can be used at a lot of real money bingo sites for deposits and cashing out. However, some players are hesitant because they perceive a bigger learning curve for this method than what's really there. It's no more complicated to use crypto for online bingo payments than it is to use an electronic wallet, so we definitely recommend trying it out if you haven't already.

How to Signup for a Real Money Casino Account in Canada

Getting set up and ready to play at a real money bingo casino online is quick and easy. The following steps will show you exactly how to get started inside of just a few moments; that's how simple it is.

  1. To pick out where to play, simply choose from our top rated options, or get a little more into our in-depth reviews.
  2. Once you've made your decision, simply use our link given to register at the site you have chosen by putting in the information that it asks for.
  3. From there, you'll sign in and choose the cashier option shown on the screen.
  4. After picking the deposit button, put in the amount that you would like to deposit along with your banking method of choice and the bonus that you would like to take advantage of.
  5. That's all you need to do. Your deposit will process quickly, and then it's time to jump in and enjoy the real money online bingo action.

How to get the Fastest Withdrawals on Your Winnings

Getting the fastest withdrawals that you can really comes down to two things. First, you can speed things up with certain banking options like crypto or Interac. Next, you should make sure to verify your identity with the real money bingo casino that you have chosen to play with. This allows them to process things more quickly due to regulatory requirements. If you verify who you are ahead of time, which only takes a couple of minutes, before you actually request the withdrawal, things will move along quicker.

bingo mobile version

Play on Mobile Casino Apps

A variety of bingo apps are available that make it easy to take things with you while you're out and about. In fact, all of the top real money bingo establishments online have mobile apps available in 2024. If you have a device that uses iOS or Android, no matter if it's a smartphone of any size or a tablet, then you'll most likely have no trouble getting logged in and right into your games. Additionally, you can manage promotions and other aspects of your account like deposits and withdrawals using these mobile casino apps.

Real Money Bingo Apps - iPhone and Android

With so many of these mobile apps available, we have reviewed all of the top names to help you figure out which will work out the best for you. We understand that different players have different wants when it comes to their mobile experience. On top of that, a lot of people have different devices to begin with. That's why we have broken things down to show the best mobile bingo apps for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad as well as tablets and smartphones that run the Android operating systems.

Online Casino Bingo Strategies and Winning Tips

Certain degrees of strategy can be used when playing online real money bingo, and some of those strategies aren't very obvious at first. To help players out, we have a number of tips to help you get the best winning chances that you can. Take a look at the following list of tips, and pick and choose which of them fit how you'd like to play.

  1. Picking out the rooms that have fewer players can improve your odds a bit of taking down prizes.
  2. Going with multiple cards can also increase your chances of a payout in exchange for a higher total price in tickets.
  3. Make sure to always be working on wagering requirements for a good bonus or promotion when you can because this adds extra value to your experience.
  4. Use good bankroll management so that you can continue to stay in the game. If you don't have the available funds to play due to running through your deposit too quickly, then you can't land any prizes and payouts.

Play Free Bingo

There are basically two types of free bingo games. One is when you take advantage of a free chip or a no deposit offer like what we talked about up above. However, the other is playing for "play money," which is what we want to focus on here. The idea is to let you try the titles for fun without having to worry about risking anything. To play free bingo games, you simply log in and check out the bingo offering and check for a demo or play money option.

Play Bingo Online for Real Money vs Free Games

While the gameplay can be mostly the same for real money or play money, there are some important differences in the experience as well. We want to make sure that you know what you're getting into either way you decide to go about it, so we want to show you the advantages of each approach in what follows.

Pros for Real Money Bingo

  • Playing real money bingo games allows you access to a wider range of value-packed promotions and bonuses.
  • You're able to more freely enjoy a larger selection of titles and game options since some are not available for play money.
  • Jackpots and bigger wins cannot happen when you're playing free bingo.

Pros for Free Bingo

  • Using the play money or no deposit options both put you in a position to try the games out without any actual risk involved.
  • Some players prefer a friendlier and more relaxed atmosphere that comes along with the play money games.
  • Playing for free means you won't feel conflicted about leaving mid-game if something comes up or if you get bored.
how we review the best bingo casinos

How We Rate & Review Real Money Bingo Casino Sites

Fundamentally, we try to cater to two groups of people with our ratings and reviews. For those who just want to know which are the top online real money bingo sites, you can jump straight to the upper end of our ratings, pick an option and get started. However, if you want to get into more of the nuance of what would make us choose one place over another, then you can take a look at our full reviews that go into a whole lot of detail. Either way, the following will show the criteria we use when putting together these ratings.

  • Licensing: Without proper licensing, we won't even take a look at a given site because we value player safety and game integrity so much.
  • Big Bingo Bonuses: The better the promotions and bonus offers, the higher we're probably going to rate the casino in question.
  • Social Atmosphere: We like to see a lively atmosphere with good moderation from the staff that keeps things fun and appropriate.
  • Game Selection: Quality and quantity are both factors that we look for when evaluating the offering at any particular room.
  • Banking Options: Having a number of different reputable payment methods available for both deposits and withdrawals is a must for us in 2024.
  • Quick Withdrawals: We have no tolerance for unnecessary delays when it comes to players getting their money.
  • Mobile Options: In the modern era, every top bingo room has a strong mobile app selection for all types of smart devices.

Best Online Casino Canada Awards for 2024

We think it's important to put players in a position where they can choose from the top real money online bingo casino sites based on what they're specifically looking for. Not all players want the same things, so no matter what it is that you're focused on, we want to make it easy for you to find it. To help you out along these lines, the following will show our highest rated picks in specific areas that certain types of players are keyed in on.


  • Best For Mobile : Captain Cooks

    Captain Cooks mobile app makes it as easy as possible to pick up and play while you're on the go. Their $475 welcome package is punctuated by the 100 free turns you get on the Mega Money Wheel, which can make you a millionaire for a minimum deposit of just $5.

  • Best For No Deposit Bonus : Golden Tiger

    Frequent no deposit bonus opportunities are the name of the game at Golden Tiger. However, they also give players up to $1500 in bonuses in a welcome package across your initial five deposits. With a sizable game selection and solid customer service, they're a top pick for a lot of reasons.

  • Best For Minimum Deposit : Casino Classic

    You only need $1 to get started at Casino Classic, and that's why they're the best for min deposits. Such a small deposit will you get 40 free spins on the Mega Money Wheel for chances to turn you into a millionaire and pick up other great offers as well.

  • Best For Free Spins : Zodiac

    Zodiac is often considered the king of free spins because they have so many offers on their wide range of slots. This includes getting 80 free spins for a Zodiac deposit of only one dollar in addition to picking up offers on the four following deposits worth up to $480 in value.

  • Best For Progressive Jackpots : Yukon Gold

    Progressives are the order of the day at Yukon Gold, especially with their special offer to get 150 free spins on the millionaire-making Mega Money Wheel. Players can also earn 125 free spins for $10 on their first deposit on the Immortal Romance title along with 100% up to $150 on the second deposit.

Alternative Games to Play

No matter which real money bingo casinos you play with, they'll have a number of other types of titles available for some variety in most cases. This gives you other genres to try out and mix things up a bit when you're in the mood for something different. In the following, we'll show you what to look for in each of these major genres to make it easier to decide what might appeal to you.

Online Slots

Slots are a natural fit to go along with playing real money bingo games online. They have a somewhat similar feel because it's about making lines of correct symbols on a grid, but the major difference is that the games go a lot quicker. With a number of progressive jackpot titles available, you can also land bigger total wins in this genre than any other in the online casino space.


Another game with a quick style of play is roulette. Perhaps the most popular table game of the past century or two, this is an easy title to learn because you're simply trying to pick groups of numbers from a list that you think will hit when the ball lands. In this way, it has some similarities to playing bingo. However, plenty of depth in strategy is available since you can change which numbers you're going for on each individual spin.


If you're a fan of the strategic side of real money online bingo, then you may want to take strategic play to a whole different level at the blackjack tables. Your decisions in this game matter a lot when it comes to your bottom line, and it's a situation where skill and luck both come together to determine the outcome.

Video Poker

Video poker is also a genre that centers largely around strategy. It also has quick game rounds, and it's easy to put down and pick back up via mobile in particular just because of how the gameplay works. What's more is that most variations allow you to win up to at least 800 times your wager on a single hand.

Card Games

A lot of different styles of card games can be found online. Everything from Casino Hold'em to Let It Ride are popular games for Canadian players despite having much different rule sets. Many of these are based on poker variations, but while this gives them an underlying link, the differences frequently outweigh the similarities, giving you a serious variety to pick from.

Scratch Cards

It's difficult to find an online bingo casino that doesn't have a number of scratch cards to pick and choose from. These quick and easy tickets are a faster way to get in a lot of the same style of play as you find as bingo, and that's why the two genres are tied together so much. When you play with online scratch cards, you can win some pretty sizable prizes while also having opportunities to trigger fun features like free plays.


  • Where can I play real money bingo online?

    Our top options show you the best places to enjoy these games online.
  • What are the best online bingo casinos?

    This varies from player to player, but our top recommendations show the best rated places to play.
  • Is it legal to play bingo online for real money at casinos in Canada?

    Yes, it's legal to play these games for Canadian players.
  • How do I know the games aren't rigged?

    We only recommend sites that are licensed with regular game audits for fairness.
  • Should I use the chatrooms?

    Use them if you enjoy them, but they are completely optional.
  • Can I play the games for free?

    Yes, both free play and no deposit bonus options are available.
  • Can I use my no deposit bonus on these games?

    This depends on the terms and conditions of the specific offer in question.
  • Are there progressive jackpot games I can play?

    Yes, a wide range of progressive jackpot titles are available.
  • What is the minimum deposit I can make?

    In some cases, you can make deposits as low as $1.
  • Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings?

    This varies depending on where you're located, so refer to your local and provincial laws for more information.
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