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Bordered by Alberta to the west and Saskatchewan to the east, Saskatchewan (SK) is populated by more than one million people as of 2024. While having more than 100,000 lakes, residents can also play with some of the world's best online casino sites in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan online casino sites have been available to play on since the 1990s, thus giving provincial residents access to the best games in the world. So, if you need advice on the best Saskatchewan online casino to play at for your needs, then definitely check out this guide.

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Saskatchewan Casinos

Saskatchewan Online Casino Guide for 2024

Online casinos in Saskatchewan are plentiful if you want to play at the best brands that the market has to offer in 2024. Our site specialises in reviewing the best Canadian online casinos, so we can help you figure out where you want to play.

Online Gambling Facts from Saskatchewan

Before progressing with this guide, these are the best facts that we can share before you go and choose a Saskatchewan casino site to play at:

  • The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) has the ultimate power in the province when it comes to regulation;
  • However, Sask Gaming is also relevant for managing provincial gaming operations;
  • Nine permanent land-based casinos are licensed for players as of 2024;
  • The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) licences the casinos that are located on First Nations' land;
  • Casino Regina opened in January 1996 for players and is operated by the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation (SGC).

Best Casino Brands in Saskatchewan

As will be revealed, Saskatchewan casinos online are licensed outside of the province. The best online casinos in Saskatchewan are those that have been set up by offshore operators. Compared to other countries, Canada has exhibited a lax approach when it comes to regulating offshore gambling brands on the national level. Honestly, this shouldn't be handled by the provinces, given that these sites target the entire country.

Although Canada lacks a national framework for online gambling legislation, there is no reason to doubt the best casino sites where you can play in the world. You can look for valid operating licences, the presence of security, or the best testing of software - and these are the best factors that can be covered in the reviews that are published here on our site, which is one of the best and most trusted gaming sites in Canada.

Legal Gambling in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan online casinos have enjoyed a relatively trouble-free existence, in terms of legislation, as gambling throughout Canada was decriminalised in the '70s. The bulk of provincial gambling legislation in Saskatchewan is focused on the regulation of land-based casinos and lottery draws. At the time of writing, Saskatchewan lacked a system for licensing every casino site that is open to residents of the province.

SASK Lotteries - Official Provincial Site

When it comes to online gambling, SASK Lotteries is the lone brand that is licensed locally inside of the province. Since opening up a site for online play, SASK Lotteries has not opted to install any of the best online casino games that the market can offer. In contrast, ALC Casino and Play Now Casino are two multichannel gaming brands that give residents from other provinces the opportunity to play the best of lottery draws and casino games.

Focusing on SASK Lotteries, the best draws available to play are Lotto Max, Western Max, Daily Grand, Western 649, and Lotto 649. Drawers are available to play throughout the week and some are worth millions of dollars. Users must be aged 18 or older to play and are encouraged to wager responsibly. When seeking help, users can phone the offices of SASK Lotteries from Monday to Saturday each week.

Going back to 2012, there was a local online casino in Saskatchewan and it was called the Northern Bear site. Unfortunately, the site didn't see the best of success despite obtaining an operating licence from Curacao and electing to provide a combination of sports betting, online poker, and casino games for users to play on the site.

SASK Lotteries vs International Casinos Online

At present, it's not a competition and it won't be until SASK Lotteries branches out like fellow industry operators Play Now and the Atlantic Lottery, where both sites have some of the best games that are accessible online. For SASK, it's a logical step forward as it can provide a safe, secure, and accountable experience. After all, residents can just sign up and play with the best foreign online casinos in Saskatchewan if they want to anyway.

By turning to an international casino site, you have the ability to choose the best of the best before you play. We're talking casino bonuses, security, games, software, and licences. Whichever factor that you want to prioritise, you are free to do so. However, we do advise that you confirm the presence and usage of an operating license. This is merely to verify that your chosen casino site will let you play fairly and that no illicit activities being performed.

Northern Bear Doesn't Survive the Winter

Going back to the Northern Bear Online Casino in Saskatchewan, this was a provincially run operation despite holding a license that originated in the Caribbean. The initiative was undertaken by Bernie Shepherd, who previously served as chief of the White Bear First Nation, situated in the southeast of SK. Having set up a land-based casino in the '90s, Shepherd tried his best to repeat the trick online but it wasn't met with the best of results and it closed years ago.

Saskatchewan's Top Casino Bonus Offers

Bonuses would have to be one of the best ways to judge a Saskatchewan casino site online in a review for our player base. As you will see in the industry, the best Saskatchewan online casino bonuses to play with will typically include the following:

  • Free play - This is a trial option in which you wager with credit that cannot be redeemed for winnings;
  • No deposit bonus - Going a step further is the no deposit bonus, which can be used to play and generate winnings, though only if the play-through requirements are met;
  • Deposit bonus - The size of the bonus that you can play with is generated based on a percentage and the value of the deposit that you choose to transfer;
  • Alternative payment method - There are times when using an alternative payment method can yield a bonus to play with;
  • Free spins - One of the best and simplest bonuses would be free spins, as these are simply provided for users to use on the best slots;
  • Friend referrals - By inviting a friend to join your casino, you could potentially receive a bonus if they elect to deposit in cash.

Legal Betting in Other Canadian Provinces

There is minimal legislation within Canada, as evidenced by the vast number of global gambling operators that are willing to provide services in Saskatchewan and other provinces. However, with Canada legalising single-game sports betting in May 2021, this could pave the way for provincial operators to receive licences and get in on the act.

Saskatchewan Casino Sites - Frequently Asked Questions

Saskatchewan online casinos can certainly be a blast to game at, especially if you find the best options and know the ins and outs. Fortunately, we are here to help you by giving you access to the best questions that we receive from our loyal readers:

  • Is there a Saskatchewan online gambling licence?

    No - and there isn't even an equivalent available from the national government. Lotteries and casino sites can be licensed provincially, though offshore operators are not currently subject to this requirement.
  • Why do international casinos operate in Saskatchewan without a national or provincial license?

    Simply because the subject hasn't been addressed yet in a meaningful or productive way. Fundamentally, Canada is missing out on revenue by not regulating every online casino that serves the country.
  • Can I join a casino from another province?

    Unfortunately, a casino licensed in another province is for the exclusive access of the people living there or in the wider region. Geo-location tracking is used to prevent unwanted users from registering illegally.
  • How can I trust a casino?

    By doing your due diligence through reading reviews and confirming that a casino is licensed, uses security, and doesn't have a bad reputation - we can help with all of that in our reviews.
  • Do International casinos accept CAD?

    While there are certainly ones that don't, it's now highly common to encounter casinos that accept the likes of Interac, Instadebit, or iDebit - all of which are compatible with CAD.
  • Do I have to pay fees on payments?

    This can depend on your payment provider, as some methods will charge you to load funds from your credit or debit card. Generally, it's unlikely that the casino will ever charge unless you need to convert currency.
  • What about taxes on my winnings?

    Please speak to a professional if you need financial advice. However, what we can say is that recreational players aren't expected to pay tax on their gambling winnings as of 2024.
  • Do I need to install apps?

    Only if they are available and only if you want them. The best casinos now use browser-based technology and apps are actually less common in the marketplace.
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