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The people of Prince Edward Island (PEI) live in a stunning location just off the eastern coast of Canada and within proximity of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Thanks to rising internet speeds, the people living there can play at some of the best PEI online casino sites that are available in the marketplace. PEI online casinos, for the most part, come from abroad, though we shall endeavour to shine a light on all of the best provincial gaming options that are available to play. Although there are online casino sites in PEI, there can also be land-based options available as well.

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PEI Casinos

PEI Online Casino Guide 2024

With a population of approximately 159,000 as of 2024, Prince Edward Island is a niche market within Canada and the wider world when looking for the best casino sites to play. However, PEI casinos online cannot be overlooked as many of the best sites are now available to play from global operators. Later in the guide, we can highlight the best reasons for choosing to play at a site that closely meets your needs.

Online Gambling Facts in PEI

When learning about online gambling in PEI, it helps to begin with this information, which consists of the best facts that we were able to uncover when writing this guide for our site's list of Canadian casinos:

  • All enquiries relating to online gaming can be submitted to the Department of Finance on the Prince Edward Island;
  • The current PEI online casino legislation and other gaming regulations can be consulted in the province's Lotteries Commission Act, which was last updated in December 2015;
  • The central organisation overseeing legislation in the province is the Prince Edward Island Lotteries Commission.

Top Casino Brands for PEI Users

Online casinos in PEI are available to play in the province without the operators being required to obtain a licence from the Lotteries Commission. Hypothetically, an operator could communicate with the commission to try and obtain a provincial licence. However, this just hasn't been taken up as a best case strategy within the industry.

As you will discover in the next section, the best provincial gaming option where you can play is licensed throughout the wider maritime region on Canada's Atlantic coast. With Prince Edward Island being smaller in scale, the Lotteries Commission has elected to partner with other equivalent organisations within the region, including New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Legal Gambling in PEI

Online casino sites in PEI are just one example of a gambling category that you can legally play within the maritime province. As the name of the Lotteries Commission would suggest, some of the best games that are available to play include lottery draws. Where available, users can also seek out the best sports betting sites if they wish to wager on hockey, baseball, or other popular sports.

Atlantic Lottery - Official Provincial Site

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) runs a regional gaming site that serves Prince Edward Island and the three other provinces mentioned above. Primarily, the focus of this site is for users to enter some of the best lottery draws is that Canada has to offer. Among the best lottery draws are Lotto 649, Lotto Max, and Daily Grand. With billions of dollars to play for, a user can create a combined group of lottery tickets.

Meanwhile, a growing area of the brand would be ALC Casino, where some of the best instant wins, scratch cards, video slots, progressive jackpots, and table games in the marketplace are available to play online and on mobile devices. With 50 video slots available at the time of writing, this is the best category in terms of volume. As for the software, IGT maintains an exclusive relationship with this online casino for PEI players.

Bonuses, though, aren't so prevalent and the best promotional offers are actually available from global casinos that serve PEI. Moving on from this weakness, ALC Casino it's worthy of commendation for providing a localised service in terms of customer support. For the best solution, it helps to communicate with the operator via telephone from Monday to Sunday.

ALC vs International Casinos Online

The advantage of registering with ALC as a localised online casino site is that you can receive the best level of customer service. This stems from ALC Casino only accepting adult players aged 18 or older and who have access to gambling education and support. Crucially, there is also a dedicated phone line for online casino players from PEI.

PEI's global online casinos, however, are managed by offshore operators that have the resources to provide some of the best sites to access anywhere in the world. While ALC Casino has only IGT software, the best offshore sites can let you enjoy games from more than 50 software providers. When you add in the best ranges of bonus offers, the case for gaming at an offshore PEI casino becomes clear.

Greater Government Influence Coming?

A $20 bonus offered by the Atlantic Lotto was halted on Prince Edward Island in February 2021 after the promotion was questioned by Green and Liberal politicians within the provincial government. Moving forward, there has been a call for the island to impose a higher level of control for the Best online casinos available in PEI. The provincial politicians want to ensure that any gaming services are provided in a way that protects the at-risk users who want to play at the best PEI casinos.

PEI's Best Casino Bonus Offers

As revealed, the $20 bonus offered by the Atlantic Lotto is no longer available to claim. Fortunately, the best online casinos in PEI actually available from the top remote casino sites in the world:

  • No deposit bonus - if you can find a no deposit bonus, this will give you the freedom to wager without real money while still having a shot at winning;
  • Deposit bonus - if you do want to play with real funds, you should expect to receive a higher bonus than if you were playing for free. Known as a deposit bonus, this is one of the best offer types to wager with;
  • Free spins - quite often, it can be possible to play with welcome packages that incorporate deposit offers as well as free spins, with the latter being exclusively usable when you play the best slot games that the casino has available;
  • Promo codes - when registering, it can be smart to enable communications and join a casino's mailing list if you want to have the opportunity of receiving free bonus codes.

Legal Betting in Canada's Other Provinces

For many citizens, it was a welcoming site when Canada chose to relax gambling legislation in the 1970s. Subsequently, please provide a time for the country to start becoming acquainted with lottery drawers, scratch cards, sports betting, and the best land-based casinos where they could play in person. There has also been a relaxed approach on offshore online operators, who did not require local licences at the time of writing.

PEI Casinos Online - Frequently Asked Questions

A lot has been said already about the best PEI online casinos and the landscape of the provincial gaming market. However, to ensure that we leave no stone unturned, we are now going to answer several of the best questions that we typically receive from our readership:

  • Does every online casino need to be licensed in PEI?

    No - currently, the provincial government doesn't have a setup in which offshore operators are required to obtain a license before accepting players from Prince Edward Island.
  • Is there a provincial casino licensed in PEI?

    At the time of writing, ALC is the only brand that operates with provincial permission in PEI and the wider maritime region.
  • If offshore sites aren't licensed in the province, can I trust them?

    Just because an offshore site doesn't have a provincial licence, it doesn't mean that it operates on an unlicensed basis. We advise that every user confirms the presence of a licence before registering with an online casino. Unlicensed casinos cannot be trusted as they are not legally required to meet the rules and regulations of the wider industry.
  • Can I play with CAD as my currency?

    Ideally, you should choose to play with a casino that accepts your preferred currency. If this happens to be CAD, then please remember to look for this option within the registration form that you must submit when creating an account.
  • What if my preferred payment method isn't accepted?

    You can only select a payment method that is covered by your online casino. Unfortunately, you might have to select an alternative. However, this might not be a bad thing if you end up creating an account with one of the best eWallets, such as iDebit or Instadebit.
  • Does the government tax my winnings?

    Thankfully, your winnings from any casino site will not be taxed if you are a recreational player. However, if you routinely bring in huge sums of winnings, then you might have to pay tax as a professional player.
  • What is. PlayWise?

    PlayWise is an initiative from the Atlantic Lottery that aims to provide players with advice to educate their gaming and help them make the best and most responsible decisions.
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