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Situated on the stunning Atlantic coast, Newfoundland and Labrador comprise the most easterly province in all of Canada. In addition to the stunning natural beauty, the province is home to some of the best provincial casino sites compared to the rest of the nation. Here in Newfoundland (NL), an online casino site chosen based on whether you want to be licensed in the province or from outside and on an international basis. Fortunately, our site can provide you with a detailed guide on how to get started, play, and claim a bonus.

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newfoundland casino guide

2024 Newfoundland Online Casinos Guide

Newfoundland casinos aren't hard to come by online, though finding the best site to play at it isn't so easy. A lot of factors can go into the process, such as whether the site can offer the best owner steals in the marketplace. Fortunately, this guide on our site can break down the marketplace for Newfound and Labrador and clear things up for the best.

Newfoundland Online Gambling Facts

While researching here at the site for this Newfoundland casinos online, we have encountered a handful of facts that make for interesting reading. Feel free to check them out below:

  • The Digital Government and Service NL is the body that is responsible for handing out charitable lottery licences;
  • However, the provincial gaming services that are provided on a digital basis are licensed and provided by the Atlantic Lottery Commission (ALC);
  • The ALC is also responsible for managing gaming enterprises within Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick;
  • Gambling has been legal to play and bet on since the decriminalisation of the criminal code in 1970.

Best Casino Brands in Newfoundland

The primary option - and best one for some players - when gaming online will be to stick with a provincially licensed site. By sticking with a provincial site, this can feel like the best option if you are the type of player who wants local support, the ability to always pay in CAD, and the option of switching the language to French from English.

Bonus deals would be a fundamental reason why you could look for a foreign online casino in Newfoundland. This is due to the provincial approach being more conservative with its best promo offers that users could want to play with. As for game play, there can be more expensive libraries to find with the operators that originate from outside of the province.

Legal Gambling for Newfoundland Residents

Newfoundland online casino sites can easily be found in the digital realm by using a search engine. Meanwhile, state residents can search the location of the physical casinos that are situated in the province. Going back to the online casinos in Newfoundland, there is one option licensed in the province while every other brand is licensed with an international licensing body.

Official Provincial Site - Atlantic Lottery Casino

The ALC is responsible for operating Atlantic Lottery Casino, which provides the people of Newfoundland and the other eastern provinces of Canada with a local option for their gaming experiences. By remaining local, you can seek out a friendlier customer support experience that will let you interact with your fellow Canadians.

When visiting the official site for ALC Casino, you can switch from the lottery options to find the casino games. Regarding the variety of games, you can encounter progressive jackpots, video poker, table games, and video slots. At the time of producing this guide for our site, the best of the games were provided by IGT.

Between the best tables and video poker machines, there are 12 games for Newfoundland online casino users to play. Those featured on the site are Ultimate Texas Hold 'Em, Fortune Pai Gow Poker, Let It Ride, Three-Card Poker, and American Roulette - Blackjack with Surrender is one of the best titles to play. As for the best jackpots and slots, the best to play in those categories would have to include Action Jack, Da Vinci Diamonds, Cleopatra, Elephant King, Foxin' Wins, and Ghostbusters Plus.

ALC Casino vs Global Casinos Online

One of the best reasons for backing the ALC over an international online casino site in Newfoundland would be that 100% of the revenue remains in Canada. Impressively, more than 600 Canadian residents are employed by the ALC. In turn, this enables the ALC to provide a fair service that seeks to provide high-quality local support for every user.

Newfoundland casino brands can also be found from the best international markets. Essentially, you are stepping outside of the provincial scene to find one of the best operators with global flair. Here at the site, our experience is that you can find international casinos with the best selection of games to play, and this can also apply to the bonus deals. Provincially, the ALC has to act with extreme caution when choosing to offer promo deals, which is why they aren't so common compared to the best global brands.

Virtual Casino Denied in NL

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the ALC proposed the establishment of a larger online casino site for Newfoundland and the wider province. Although details are scarce, we do know that the new site was going to focus on the virtual game play experience. However, the members of the respective provincial governments didn't play ball and weren't willing to proceed. Who knows, maybe this idea for a virtual online casino in Canada could be revived for the best in the future.

best newfoundland bonuses

Newfoundland's Top Bonus Formats

Bonus offers are currently unavailable to play with at ALC Casino, which means that provincial players are forced to register with an offshore site if they want the best bonus play time. When that happens, users can come across some of these deals:

  • Country bonus - in some cases of the best cases, registering from Canada can be enough for you to receive an exclusive offer to play with at your new online casino site in Newfoundland;
  • Rewards to play with - as you play and wager with one of the best legal casinos online in Newfoundland, you might get to generate comp points. Eventually, these can lead to the best special bonus gifts, including free spins;
  • Free spins bonus - a free spins bonus can also be available when you choose to play one of the best new games with a particular Newfoundland casino online.

Legal Betting in Other Provinces in Canada

As explained, the provincial online casino of Newfoundland - ALC Casino - is a site that the residents of the other Atlantic provinces can play with. Also, the decriminalisation of online gambling in the 1970s means that the practice can be enjoyed across the entire country, which is for the best. While there can be provincial licences, are also operators that are licensed outside of Canada.

Newfoundland Casinos Online - Frequently Asked Questions

Newfoundland online casino players, as you've read through this guide, there must have been some questions that arose in your mind. Well, here's your chance to look for some answers. Here at our site, we have reviewed hundreds of the best Newfoundland online casinos to play at. In our experience, these are some of the best and most common queries among players:

  • Does every casino site require a Newfoundland licence?

    Not currently, as the ALC Casino is the only online brand that currently uses a license. Any other brands that are accessible in the province should have a license with an international jurisdiction.
  • Why aren't there any Canadian gaming licences?

    The concept of a national Canadian gaming authority is still being discussed and has not yet been established. One day, we could see the emergence of such an authority that would be responsible for regulating all of the offshore casino sites that intend to operate in Canada.
  • Do I have to switch currencies at an international casino?

    This totally depends on the currencies that are processed by the brand's cashier. Quite often, we review online casinos where it's possible to deposit in CAD and with a Canadian payment method.
  • Can I deposit in Interac?

    Again, it depends on the operator. However, we do often find that Interac and other methods, such as iDebit and Instadebit, are quite commonly accepted.
  • Do I need to track my winnings for tax purposes?

    It can always be helpful to closely track your finances in life, and this also applies to casino winnings. However, you shouldn't worry about paying taxes on your winnings unless you intend to pursue gambling as a profession. Just remember, of course, that casino operators only encourage users to play for fun.
  • Why can't I withdraw my bonus?

    A bonus on its own cannot be withdrawn as cash. Instead, how it works is that you need to play through the winnings that you receive a specified number of times. Wagering requirements are the necessary barrier that you must break through to convert a bonus into cash.
  • Can I play live dealer games?

    Not always - it depends on whether the operator carries live dealer tables and whether or not they have the appropriate license for providing them in Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Can I register with casinos for other provinces?

    Not unless there is a legal agreement in place from the governments in all provinces involved. As an example, the ALC responsible for the four Atlantic provinces.
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