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The Yukon Territory (YT) is the most north-westerly of all the provinces in Canada. Compared to the rest of the country, the Yukon is one of the smallest markets. As of 2021, the estimated population was a little over 42,000 residents. Online casinos in the Yukon, thankfully, are quite easy to come by and finding the best bonuses and games to play with will be simpler than you might think. Here at our site, we specialise in connecting our readers with the best Canadian casinos online and this is where you can find out more about how to play in YT.

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Yukon Casinos

2024 Yukon Online Casino Guide

Yukon online casino sites are not short of options when users want to play with the best games and bonuses, and this is due to the province having access to some of the world's best brands. However, before looking for a site to play at, you should try to become familiar with the ins and outs of the market with the help of this guide.

Online Gambling Facts in Yukon

Yukon online casinos are just one element of the provincial market. From the wider gambling industry, here are some of the best and most fascinating facts that we can share:

  • The Professional Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (PLRA) department within the Government of Yukon handles the regulation of provincial gambling activities;
  • The PLRA considers gaming to be illegal unless it is conducted by the government or an authorised agent, or else carried out by a charitable organisation.

Best Casino Site Options for Yukon Users

At the time of writing this guide, no online casino in Yukon was licensed with the PLRA. Therefore, any of the best casino sites that are accessible in the province are licensed with a foreign regulator, which is fine because there are several trusted organisations out there. Until the governments of Canada and the Yukon seriously adopt online licensing, the best sites to play on will be from outside of our borders.

Site by site, you can play at some of the best casino sites in the world while living in the Yukon. And it's only honestly not a problem that the PLRA hasn't taken an active role in licensing or operations. This is a smaller province with a niche market and the PLRA doesn't have the resources to licence every best casino that the world has to offer. In the long-term, it would be more reasonable for a national setup to be introduced.

Legal Gambling in Yukon

Ultimately, the PLRA isn't clear when defining the legality of gambling in the province. On the gaming licence page, there is nowhere that the PLRA addresses Yukon online casinos or online gambling operators. Instead, the focus is entirely on the fact that land-based operators require a licence to provide YT residents with raffles, 50/50, draws, bingo, lotteries, or the ability to play at the best-based table games in the province.

Western Canada Lottery - Official Provincial Site

The Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) is the only operator that is licensed in the Yukon to provide gambling services on a widespread basis throughout the province. While the WCLC is similar to other Canadian operators such as the Atlantic Lottery, it is less ambitious and cannot quite offer users the best range of gaming options, given that online casino software is yet to be integrated.

Online casino sites in Yukon might be lacking on a provincial basis, but residents can still play in some of the best lottery draws and instant games in all of Canada. At a glance, some of the options to mention would have to be the Daily Grand, Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49, Western Max, Western 6/49, Extra, Poker, Lotto, and Pick Games.

Subscriptions can be set up when you want to play in the best draws available, and you can then check the numbers online afterwards. What's also reassuring about the service is that you can speak to a Canadian support team that works from Monday until Saturday - please check the official site for operating hours.

WCLC vs International Casinos Online

Ultimately, it's an unfair comparison because the WCLC is yet to follow in the footsteps of the ALC, which does have one of the best ranges of online casino games for users to play. If WCLC wants to step up and play with the best operators in the country, it can introduce games from the market's best software providers. With the best international online casinos in Yukon, you can engage with games from multiple providers all at once.

When analysing an international casino online in Yukon, you should only start to play there once you have checked out one of our reviews, which are written to analyse the licence and reputation of the brand. Furthermore, we can direct you toward the Yukon casino sites that have the best software, games, compatibility, security, payments, and bonuses. With an international casino, you should expect quality and choice from every operator - don't settle for any less than the best when you play.


The Western Canada Lottery, which serves the Yukon, has made some big winners through the various lottery drawers that are hosted. In May 2021, one of the most incredible victories occurred in Manitoba when a resident won $27.5 million. More locally, there was a Yukon couple who won an incredible $8.7 million jackpot after they chose to play the 50/50 draw. Moving forward, we hope that the best jackpot winners will eventually come from Yukon casinos online.

Yukon's Top Casino Bonus Offers

The best bonuses to play with are the ones that are also generous when you evaluate the terms and conditions. So, when claiming any of the following bonuses to play with, remember to consider the minimum/maximum values, the expiry period, and the wagering requirements:

  • Welcome package - A welcome package is the best type of bonus because to can receive multiple rewards to play with;
  • Free spins - These bonus spins can be provided within a signup package or else when a Yukon casino wants to release a new slot game;
  • Deposit bonus - Through depositing with real money, you can receive a percentage bonus to increase your available funds;
  • Rewards - By signing up for the mailing list and continuing to wager with the best casinos, you can then receive long-term bonus rewards with which to play.

Legal Betting in Other Canadian Provinces

The legality of betting in Canada is fundamentally determined by the provincial governments at the time of writing. What we do know, however, is that gambling in Canada is treated in a decriminalised manner and offshore operators are not targeted by the government despite not having any national or provincial licences - of course, this is due to no such licences existing. When focusing on Canada, the country will soon add sports betting to bolster a national market that is dependent on lotteries, bingo, and the best scratch cards.

Yukon Casino Sites - Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the best legal Yukon online casinos to play at is by no means simple and it requires effort. So, if you want to find the best, it helps to ask the best questions. In our experience, these are the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that you should clear up:

  • Is there a local casino site for Yukon residents?

    No currently, which is likely due to the small size of the provincial gaming market.
  • Why are casino sites accessible in YT and not licensed in Canada?

    For whatever reason, the Canadian government hasn't chosen to licence or regulate the international casino sites that are accessible to citizens. Ultimately, the job of regulating thousands of operators would be too much for the provinces alone.
  • Am I allowed to join ALC Casino?

    Any operator that is licensed to operate in a specific province or region isn't allowed to accept players from outside of their remit. Unfortunately, this means that ALC and other such casino sites aren't accessible in YT.
  • Do casinos operate fairly?

    They do if they are licensed by a legitimate regulator such as those situated in Malta or Gibraltar. Ultimately, you should always expect your casino site to operate with a licence. Other aspects relating to fairness include the casino's use of a random number generator and the application of independent testing.
  • Which currency should I play in?

    Ideally, you can choose CAD. Many of the best casinos that you can play at will accept CAD directly without exposing you to currency conversion fees. However, you should watch out for frees from your payment provider. For example, it costs money to load funds into an eWallet.
  • Must I pay tax on my winnings?

    All being well, you will be fortunate and receive winnings. Saying that happens, you won't be tracked down to pay tax on your winnings. Canada only taxes professional gamblers - not the recreational gamblers who play casually at the best casinos.
  • What if I'm not happy with the service?

    Then please waste no time in contacting your casino site to raise your concerns. There should be a support team that can be reached via live chat. Writing a detailed email can also aid your cause.
  • Can I go above the casino with my complaint?

    Yes, but only if the casino site is licensed - otherwise the management team won't care. Complaints can be submitted with the licensor of your casino.
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