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Real money roulette is one table game has stood the test of time. Previously, you'd have to travel to a casino to play, but in the online era and now in 2024, you can land big wins both at home and on the go with our recommended sites. Our ratings and reviews are put together in a way to make it easy to find online roulette casinos where you can enjoy generous bonuses with the best value and chances to run up some prizes.

Best Online Casinos in Canada to Play Roulette for Real Money

  1. 1 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1600
  2. 2 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $250
  3. 3 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $150
  4. 4 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1200
  5. 5 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $475
  6. 6 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $750
  7. 7 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1000
  8. 8 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $480
  9. 9 Sign-Up Offer 400% Match Bonus Up To $4
  10. 10 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1500
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how to play roulette

How to Play Roulette for Real Money

Getting started in real money roulette is a lot easier than it looks. A big part of this is the simple fact that it's an easy title to learn while taking a while to master. Ultimately, it comes down to trying to guess which number will come up on the wheel each spin, but with the variety of wagers available, the ability to create your own customized roulette betting strategies can seem boundless. Nonetheless, the entire process isn't very difficult at all, and here's an guide of what it all looks like.

  1. Sign Up - Choose one of the options we have recommended for where to play, and click through to sign up and create your account.
  2. Deposit - Once you're logged in, the cashier section makes it easy to select a deposit method and amount.
  3. Claim Bonus - At the same time as you're making that deposit, you'll choose from the available bonuses either on a list or by putting in the code for the one you want to claim.
  4. Choose Games - From the tables games section, you'll have a variety of online roulette titles to pick from. You can simply pick the one you would like to play and make your wagers.
  5. Cashout Winnings - When you're ready to cash out your winnings, the cashier section will walk you through a simple withdrawal process.

Bonuses to Claim in 2024

In the history of the online casino industry, we've seen an evolution of promotions and bonus types for players to take advantage of. Roulette fans are no exception to this, so when you're ready for some real action, you'll be looking for some type of deal to add value to your bottom line. In what follows, we'll show you some of the most popular roulette bonuses that players look for and let you know how viable they are for this type of game.

No Deposit Bonus

A popular type of promotion is a roulette no deposit bonus, which requires no money up front. Instead, you're able to have a chance to hit actual winnings without having to deposit at all. While this is obviously popular among Canadian players, they're unfortunately not typically available for roulette and other table games. Some exceptions exist to this in some cases, but those are fairly rare. Nonetheless, they can be a good value for other types of titles.

Signup/Welcome Bonus

One of the most common types of deals that you can find at roulette casinos online is a straightforward welcome package. Sometimes called a sign up bonus, the whole idea is that you get a percentage match on your first individual deposit or multiple deposits. They're so viable because they're always available in some form at all of the sites we recommend for this game. In fact, having this type of promotion available is a heavy factor in how we rate brands for this genre overall.


The name of the reload bonus comes from the idea of reloading your account. Many roulette sites have regular or occasional reload opportunities that can be used with this type of game. While the match percentages are frequently lower than welcome bonuses, the wagering requirements and other terms are more lenient to compensate. These are a viable option for players at different levels of stakes as well.


If you make a deposit and run your account balance down, then a cashback bonus can get you a second chance to get back in the action. Some of the best real money roulette casinos have these available as a way to give you better opportunities to land some wins. Additionally, they're popular among Canadian players who enjoy extra chances to hit payouts without having to make more deposits. The terms and conditions are frequently easier to meet as well.

Regular Roulette Promos

Aside from the above bonus types, other promotions run somewhat regularly depending on where you play that you can take advantage of. For example, it's not uncommon to see roulette casino sites online run tournaments or leaderboard events where you get points via your winnings or your number of spins at the tables. This is a cool way to add some value to games you would have already been playing while also taking advantage of other bonuses.

Our Featured Real Money Roulette Casino Bonus - Jackpot City

Jackpot City has a tremendous welcome bonus that shows they're one of the top real money roulette casinos out there. On your first four deposits, you'll be able to pick up a 100 percent match worth as much as $400. Additionally, you earn 50 free spins on your initial deposit, the winnings of which are added to your bonus. Along with this great bonus package, they also have a huge game selection with several styles of roulette available. Our full review of this site shows you everything that you need to know about how much they bring to the table.

Play Free Roulette

If you aren't ready to play for real money, or if you just want to put in some practice time, then playing roulette for free is always an option. Demo versions of virtually every variation of the game are out there, and it's perfect for learning the rules for the first time. However, it's just as viable for established players who want to try out new strategies or just warm up before putting in real wagers.

Playing Real Money Roulette vs Free Games

While the obvious difference between real money roulette and the play money version is that something of value is being wagered, there are other differences that may not be so obvious. Naturally, these differences lead to certain advantages and disadvantages for each approach. Here in what follows, we want to give you an idea of what you can expect and get from playing for actual funds or play money online.

Pros for Real Money

  • This is typically the only way to pick up roulette winnings online.
  • Bonuses and other promotions can give you more value than what you can get otherwise.
  • Live tables cannot typically be played when using play money or demo versions.

Pros for Free Roulette

  • You don't have to worry about going on any type of a losing streak.
  • Without having to consider losses, you can freely try out different strategies and betting setups.
  • It's the perfect way to try new styles of online roulette without having to worry about making mistakes.

the best canadien roulette games

Real Money Online Casino Roulette Games

While all styles of this game have a lot in common, they also have very distinct differences that set them apart. As a result, many players have their own favorites that they come to over and over again. On the other hand, some people like to jump around to all of the different options that online casinos have available. In the following, we'll look over all of the most popular styles, how you can identify them and what sets them apart.

European Online Roulette

The most fundamental of all types of roulette is the European style, which is found in virtually every casino online. This game shows the numbers 1-36 along with a single green zero. No double green zero is found on the wheel or table for this variation. For anyone wanting to learn how to play, we recommend this style to start with because you will learn all of the fundamentals that go into playing any other type of table in this genre.

American Online Roulette

With the American style, you also have the numbers 1-36 on both the wheel and the table. However, what sets it apart is that it also has the 00 green double zero in addition to the single zero. Unfortunately, this also kicks up the house edge quite a bit from 2.7% to 5.3%. As a result, we generally don't recommend playing the American variation in most circumstances since it's essentially the same game outside of having a lower payout rate.

French Online Roulette

If you take the European variation and add either the "En Prison" rule or "La Partage" rule, or both, then you have French roulette. France is where this type of game was first developed and made popular, and in most cases, this version of the game offers the best payout rates and chances to win for players. That's because the two special rules drop all even money wagers down to having a house edge of only 1.3 percent. However, all other types of wagers stay the same as in the European variation.

Mini Roulette

On the one hand, the mini version of this game has a really cool look. It shows a single green zero along with the numbers 1-12 instead of 1-36. On the other hand, it also has the worst payout rate of any of the games on this list with a house edge of about 7.7 percent. Outside of that, the game functions much like the European style except fewer numbers are used. With that said, it's a really popular game to use in a free money or demo mode when playing with friends.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

In any type of game you can imagine, players like to find ways to get in more bets in their sessions. This is the point of the multi-wheel variation. Overall, the idea is much what it sounds like. You'll place your wagers, typically on a European-style table, and several wheels will spin all at once to give you several rules. This game places that same wager on the rules of all of those different spins, so it speeds things up quite a bit. What's more is that the house edge stays the same at around 2.7%.

Live Dealer

When you play with a live dealer, you're looking at a sub-genre of titles that all use the same basic premises in how they're presented. High definition audio and video feeds are used to show the results of spins made by a human croupier. All of the major styles are represented including European, American, French and others that are exclusively available in the live environment. You also get to chat with other people at the tables and the dealer, which helps to create a particularly immersive environment at top live dealer roulette casinos.

Also Try Other Games for Real

RNG, RTP, and Odds

Every game found in a casino has its own payout rate and house advantage. Players try to get the best deal they can by learning the odds of different wagers and adjusting accordingly. However, in real money roulette online, a lot of this comes down to game selection instead. Here we want to show you what you need to know about how the games are operated and what you can look for when choosing from the available types of tables. Don't forget that we also have a comprehensive guide to roulette rules that you can use to understand the game before playing for real money in 2024.

What is RNG Software?

At the base of each online table is a program called an RNG. This stands for random number generator, and it's what actually determines how the wheel will spin and which number the ball will land on. This RNG software is heavily audited for fairness on a regular basis by licensing bodies, so that's not an issue. However, we want players to understand where the results of the spins come from so that they understand that the odds are balanced appropriately.

Importance of RTP - Choosing Real Money Roulette Casino Games

One number to keep in mind is called RTP, and it stands for "return to player" percentage. This number of determined by looking at how much of a player's wagers are returned in the form of winnings, listed as a percentage. For easy reference, if you subtract the RTP from 100%, then you get the house edge. As a result, you want the highest RTP possible when selecting from the different games available at real money roulette casinos.

Best Odds for Real Money Online Casino Roulette

Your odds of winning mostly come down to the RTP being as high as possible. Note also that this means keeping the house edge as low as possible through your table selection. For example, the American style has an RTP of about 94.7% while the European version gives you an RTP of around 97.3% instead. Add in the "La Partage" or "En Prison" rule from the French variation, and it jumps up to around 98.7%, which is typically the best roulette option you'll find in casinos anywhere.

Real Live Dealer Roulette

In the live dealer space, a number of companies produce some high quality experiences. This includes names like Playtech, Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play at the top of the list. When it comes to payout rates, they're in the same RTP ranges as the standard styles listed above. While they do offer some other variations not found in the traditional RNG sense, those tables still stay in a similar range of payout rate and house advantage.

Comparison Between Live Dealer and Online Roulette Games

When comparing the two, a lot of it comes down to game speed and social interaction. The live versions are slower because you have to wait on other people to have time to place their wagers. At the same time, you don't get the social interaction when playing with yourself. With that said, some speed-based versions do exist if you want to mix the best of both worlds, and other non-standard variations are only available in the live environment.

Between the two styles, we have to give the edge to playing with a live dealer. It simply offers advantages over the traditional online approach with very little in terms of disadvantages.

roulette mobile version

Play for Real Money on Mobile Casino Apps

In 2024, more wagers are placed in mobile casinos than using a computer, and it becomes more one-sided toward mobile as time moves on. What's really cool about this for fans of this particular genre is that all of the highest rated real money roulette casino sites for Canadian players have mobile options available. This allows you to take your play with you out and about, no matter where you want to go, as long as you have a connection.

Online Roulette Real Money App - iPhone and Android

We have detailed reviews using our proprietary rating system of all of the best places to play roulette via mobile. What's even better is that the compatibility levels are really high with options for Android in addition to iOS devices. While the table layouts for roulette are a bit larger than other games, these mobile apps have no size issues, even with smaller smartphones. The main reason is that you can use the "pinch" motion to zoom in or out whenever you need to. As a result, you can pile up real money roulette casino wins no matter which type of mobile device you prefer even if it's a tablet.

how we review the best roulette casinos

How We Rate & Review Real Money Roulette Casino Sites in 2024

As we mentioned above, we have a special rating system for all of the sites that we review. We're particularly harsh when it comes to important issues because we think that players deserve a great experience. In what follows, we want to show you the key criteria that we use when reviewing these online establishments and rating them accordingly.

  • Game Styles - We want to see a number of types of roulette games available instead of just one or two variations.
  • Licensing - To recommend any real money casino online, they need to be licensed in a reputable jurisdiction.
  • Reputation and History - The site in question needs to have a good reputation in the industry, preferably with a long history of taking care of players.
  • Payment Options - It's important to us that players are able to deposit and cash out with a variety of methods.
  • Quick Withdrawals - Along similar lines, we like to see options available that process withdrawals as quickly as possible.
  • Bonus Offers - Good offers on bonuses and promotions that can be used with roulette are a must to get a high ranking from us.
  • Player Safety - We take security very seriously, so we need to see that your personal and private information is handled according to the best industry practices.

How to Signup for a Real Money Casino Account in Canada

To get started playing, it only takes a few minutes. Here we want to walk you through the process to make it as straightforward as it can be made. With the following approach, you avoid common hang-ups that can make the process take longer than it really needs to.

  1. Start off by looking at our list of suggested real money roulette casinos. Pick out one of the top ranked options or one that appeals to you overall.
  2. Sign up for an account, and make sure that you fill in all of your information correctly, or you may risk having your account closed later.
  3. Once your account is created, navigate over to the cashier tab, and choose the option to deposit.
  4. You'll need to choose your banking method along with any bonus you wish to take advantage of and the amount you want to deposit.
  5. From there, make your way to the table games section of the software, and pick out the type of roulette that you wish to play.
  6. When you're ready to cash out your winnings, go to the cashier section, and pick withdrawal.

Deposit and Payouts At Canada Online Casinos

When moving funds to and from your online casino account, you'll need to use some type of payment method. A variety of these are available, and they can be broken up into different basic types. In what follows, we'll show you which types are available to Canadian players and what to look out for specifically.

Credit and Debit Cards

Because of the convenience factor, it's really common to use debit or credit cards. These can be used for both withdrawals and deposits, and since many people have them already, they're quick to use as well. With that said, the fees are about average, though the withdrawals come fairly quickly, slightly faster than average for the industry as a whole.

E-wallets - Instadebit, PayPal, eCheck

Electronic wallets are another popular option that work like a separate account that can hold funds that are then sent to and from Canadian real money roulette online casinos. InstaDebit in particular is really popular in this part of the world because of their quick withdrawal times and reasonable fees. They can also be used for deposits and withdrawals alike. However, note that PayPal isn't available for gambling transactions in Canada, but eChecks can be used. eChecks are a type of electronic check that works much like an electronic wallet.

Use Your Bank with Interac

You can also use your own bank account to send deposits and receive withdrawals using Interac. This service works with the Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank of Montreal, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and most other reputable banks and credit unions. The fees are around average or slightly higher than average, but the main advantage is that you don't need to use anything other than your bank account to make transfers using Interac.


Some players have a misconception that cryptocurrency is too complicated for most people to use as a banking method. However, that's not really the truth in 2024 since it has been streamlined quite a bit compared to the early days of options like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The withdrawal speeds are among the fastest you can find, and the fees are also pretty reasonable. Additionally, both deposits and withdrawals can be used with this method.

How to get the Fastest Withdrawals on Your Winnings

One of the easiest ways to speed up your withdrawal processing speed is to verify your account ahead of time. Due to regulatory guidelines, these sites have to verify who you are before they can cash out your online casino winnings. However, you don't have to wait until the time of your cash out request to send in your identification information. Additionally, picking certain options like electronic wallets can help speed things up a bit since they can be processed more quickly than other options.

Best Real Money Roulette Casino Awards for 2024

Our top options for where to play go to the following names in the industry. However, while all four of these are excellent picks, they stand out in particular in specific areas. Here we'll show you why we chose the options we did for the top spots we have and what you can expect from each.

Best for Mobile : Ruby Fortune

The name Ruby Fortune has been around for a very long time, and they've taken care of tons of Canadian players over the years. Additionally, they have an incredibly flexible mobile platform that works for all modern devices on iOS and Android. Along with that, you can earn 100 percent up to $150 along with 50% up to $200 and 25% up to $400 across your first three deposits, respectively. That can be played via mobile, so you can earn those bonus dollars while you're out on the go.

Best for Live Dealer : Captain Cooks

If you really have your heart set on playing live dealer roulette, then Captain Cooks is our pick for your best place to go. With a total of $475 in bonuses across your first five deposits, you'll be in good shape to take advantage of a good value while you chat up other players at the table. Their live selection includes tables in this genre from multiple providers, giving you a tremendous selection of options to pick from.

Best for Bonus : Jackpot City

Jackpot City has one of the most favorable welcome bonuses out there, and it's by far the best Canadian real money roulette bonus available period. You're given 100% worth a maximum of $400 on each of your initial four deposits. Additionally, a set of a total of 50 Wild Scarabs free spins are awarded as well. With a great game selection and strong customer service, Jackpot City Casino is a strong brand overall.

Best for Fast Cashouts : Yukon Gold

A wide range of payment options with quick withdrawals are available at Yukon Gold. This includes electronic wallets like InstaDebit in particular. Additionally, you can pick up 125 free spins in addition to a 100 percent match worth up to $150 across your first two deposits. Since this can be played with roulette, it's a solid way to add more value to your experience. That really comes in handy when it comes to cashing out your winnings.

Online Roulette Strategy and Real Money Winning Tips

When it comes to strategy, most forms of roulette allow for a lot of flexibility. That's because almost all wagers within a single game, in most cases, have the same house advantage. With that said, there are other ways to try to get the most value that you can. Here we want to help you to understand some tips that will help you to maximize this value, which is so important when playing for real money.

Best Tips for Bigger Wins

  1. Always go for games that have the highest RTP percentage possible. French roulette in particular is great for this.
  2. Make sure that you're always working on a valuable bonus that can be played with this game. It's easy to think of it as getting paid to play something you would have been playing already.
  3. If you go for a progressive jackpot version, it's better to play when the jackpot is above average in size.

Alternative Games to Play at Real Money Casinos Online in 2024

Even though roulette is one of the most long-lasting titles in the casino world, fans of this game often like to enjoy other options as well. Blackjack and video poker are ideal options for players who like the strategic side of things. Additionally, slots are great for getting in some quick bets, especially via mobile. Just remember that you don't have to stay with one type of game just because you enjoy it.


  • Where can I play roulette online for real money?

    Our recommended options like Jackpot City and Ruby Fortune and are your best bet for having an excellent experience playing for real money.
  • What are the best online casinos with real money roulette?

    We have full reviews and breakdowns of all of the top options like Yukon Fortune and Captain Cooks that will help you choose the best site based on your own preferences.
  • Is playing online roulette for real money legal in Canada?

    Yes, it's legal to play these games and we rate and review licensed and regulated operators only.
  • How do I know the games at these sites aren't rigged?

    Regulatory bodies that issue the licenses for these games audit them regularly for fairness. Many of the top operators also use independent third party companies to test their RNG software to ensure that all games are fair. TST and eCOGRA are two such companies.
  • How can I win real money playing roulette online?

    Individual bets are won in this game by correctly guessing the number on the wheel that the ball lands on. There are of course lots of different betting options and strategies that you can apply to increase your chances of winning. Overall, however, this is a game of chance.
  • Is there a roulette app for Canada?

    Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android with both tablets and smartphones.
  • What is the best roulette game for big winnings?

    The biggest wins will come from progressive versions of this game.
  • Can you play online roulette using PayPal?

    Canadian players cannot use PayPal for deposits or withdrawals. This may change in the future as more and more operators receive licenses now that Ontario legalized online casinos.
  • Are my roulette winnings taxable?

    This will depend on your local and provincial laws on a case by case basis.
  • Can I play free roulette games?

    Yes, demo and free play versions are available of most of these titles.
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