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Playing blackjack online for real money is easier now than ever before. With our recommended casinos along with full ratings and reviews of the best options in 2024, you can be well on your way to real money wins in just a few minutes after signing up. Use our rankings to find great places to play, get a quick start and enjoy all of the action that this game has to offer.

Best Online Casinos in Canada to Play Blackjack for Real Money

  1. 1 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1600
  2. 2 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $250
  3. 3 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $150
  4. 4 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1200
  5. 5 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $475
  6. 6 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $750
  7. 7 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1000
  8. 8 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $480
  9. 9 Sign-Up Offer 400% Match Bonus Up To $4
  10. 10 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1500
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how to play blackjack

How to Play Blackjack for Real Money

The most popular strategy-based card game found in real money online casinos is blackjack. Canadian players have no shortage of places to play this game online while trying to get a better total than the dealer to pick up payouts. However, getting started is probably easier than you would expect. In what follows, we'll show you exactly what you need to know to start off on the right foot.

  1. Sign Up - Take a look at our recommended sites, and pick out one that suits what you're looking for. From there, it only takes a moment to put in your details and sign up for an account.
  2. Deposit - With your account ready, the cashier section allows you to deposit by selecting a banking method and putting in the amount that you'd like to add to your account balance.
  3. Claim Bonus - While depositing, you'll also include any bonus code that you'll want to take advantage of or select one from an available list. Additionally, some bonuses are added automatically in some cases.
  4. Choose Games - Several variations of are available at our recommended brands. Pick out one that appeals to you, and have a seat at the virtual table to play.
  5. Cashout Winnings - When you're ready to pull your real money blackjack winnings online out of your account, the cashier section makes it really easy and simple by having you just select a payment option and the amount.

Bonuses to Claim in 2024

With the low potential house advantage in these games, players in Canada love to push the envelope with top blackjack bonuses. However, different types of bonuses can give you value in different ways. In the following, we'll give you an idea of which types of promotions to look out for and what they can offer you in realistic terms.

No Deposit Bonus

Imagine getting a bonus with no deposit required that would allow you to actually win real money prizes. That's exactly what a no deposit bonus offers you. While they are occasionally available for blackjack players, it's not particularly common. When they are found for this game, the wagering requirements are often fairly high because of the ultra low house edge available.

Signup/Welcome Bonus

Welcome or sign-up bonuses work by giving you some extra value when you first sign up to a particular real money blackjack online casino in Canada. They often offer something on your first deposit as well as the next few deposits afterward, but the specifics vary from place to place. These are some of the most viable bonus offers that you can find for this type of game, and they're super popular among players because of their ability to offer a boost to your bottom line.


After your initial deposits, you may want to reload your account with funds. This is where the term "reload bonus" comes from, because it's a bonus on these later deposits. Many sites have these types of offers as a sort of ongoing way of giving players value. Generally speaking, many players who take advantage of these deals do so because they are loyal to one brand that gives them everything that they want in their experience, so it makes sense for them to be offered frequently.


Another way that you can get extra value on your deposits is with what's known as a cashback bonus. The basic idea is that you've played your account down to some low amount, and you're given a percentage of that amount back in the form of a bonus. They're a common type of Canadian real money blackjack bonus, and they give you an additional chance to win without having to deposit again.

Blackjack Promos

Because blackjack has its own unique flavor compared to other titles, you can sometimes find special promotions for this game that don't really fit into any other category. A good example of this is a leaderboard style event that rewards you for playing certain numbers of hands or other similar metrics. More often than not, these give you extra value for games that you were going to play anyway, so they can potentially be a tremendous deal.

Online Blackjack Tournaments

You'll sometimes see real money online blackjack online casinos offer up tournament events, and they can come in different styles. Some are simply leaderboard events given the "tournament" name. However, others follow the traditional tournament format, which is as follows. You'll start off by sitting at a virtual table with a number of other players with a set number of tournament chips. Each of you will play with slowly increasing minimum wager amounts until people bust out one by one. Your place in the event is determined by how many other players you outlast.

Our Featured Real Money Blackjack Casino Bonus

Our featured bonus comes from Casino JackpotCity. They offer you a 100 percent match when you first sign up worth up to $400. However, you can claim this on your first four deposits, resulting in a total of up to $1600 in bonuses. This is one of the most valuable offers you can find for games in this genre anywhere online, and that along with their great game selection and super solid reputation all come together to make them one of the top free blackjack online casinos.

the best canadien blackjack games

Online Casino Blackjack Games

Something that's incredibly appealing about this genre is that real money blackjack online casino sites offer several different styles or variations. This includes different ways the base game itself is played as well as things like individual rule differences. Some of these changes are small, but others are fairly significant, and they all change the relevant strategies to some degree.

Single Deck

When you play with a single deck, certain strategic opportunities open up that you wouldn't otherwise have. That's because you're able to pay attention to individual cards that make up your hand and how that affects the chances of what the dealer has instead of only paying attention to your total. With that said, if you don't care for deep strategy, it won't make that much of a difference compared to the more commonly played multi-deck approach.

Multi Deck

Most games found at online real money blackjack online casino sites use multiple decks. The way this works is that all of the decks are shuffled together, and those cards are then put into what's called a shoe. Traditionally, this would actually hold the cards up since having four, six or even eight decks of cards in a shoe would be otherwise impossible to keep hold of. However, in the online games, this shoe is virtual. One of the key features of this style is that you can end up with several of the same card rank in your hand, something that's not as likely in a single-deck situation.

Single Hand

The standard way to play is with a single hand. Many players find that this approach suits them because they want to be able to focus on what's happening between their cards and the card that the dealer is showing. It also allows for a faster rate of play in the sense of seeing more dealer hands in a session. Since you just have one set of cards to play, it's also the recommended approach for players who are learning strategy.

Multi Hand

For the players who want more action, multi-hand tables are also available. These allow you to play two or more hands simultaneously against the same dealer cards. Outside of progressive side bets, these tables are where you can see the biggest wins in a single round. That's because of situations where players have larger wins than usual with splits and doubles on multiple hands at the same time.

Live Dealer

What sets the best live dealer blackjack games aside is that you actually have cards being dealt on a streamed table on your screen. The gameplay is typically slower to allow everyone a chance to wager, but the social atmosphere makes up for it. In most cases, players either love these tables or hate them, and it really comes down to a matter of personal taste. With that said, several styles and variations can be found in the live format.

Most Popular Blackjack Variants

  • Blackjack Surrender - The late surrender option is available, which allows you to give up your cards in exchange for getting back half of what you have wagered.
  • Switch - In this variant, you play two hands simultaneously, but your first option is to decide whether to switch their back cards to form new hands.
  • European - The hallmark of the European style is the "no peek" rule, which doesn't have the dealer check for blackjack if they're dealt an ace or ten-point card.
  • Perfect Pairs - The Perfect Pairs side bet is added in this variation, which is the most popular side bet in the genre and awards extra wins when dealt two cards of the same rank to start.
  • Double Exposure - Both of the dealer's cards are shown in this style, which gives you more information to use to make your betting decisions.
  • Progressive- The progressive side bet in these games is typically optional, and it gives you an opportunity to win larger payouts than you would be able to otherwise.

Real Money Live Dealer Blackjack

Several of the most popular Canadian online casinos have live tables operated by a real human dealer. These games are loved because of their immersion, and you can find tables of this type produced by several major providers. That list includes juggernauts like Playtech, Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play. Overall, the experience that these tables bring is right on the money as far as giving you the highest level of immersion without having to go to a brick and mortar location.

Comparison Between Live Dealer and Online Blackjack Games

Some players may have a tough time deciding between the live dealer and traditional rated best online blackjack tables. On the one hand, the more typical RNG tables allow you to play at whatever pace you want, which isn't something you usually get from the live options. However, certain games variations aren't available outside of that live environment, and you also get a higher level of social interaction with other real money blackjack fans that you can't find anywhere else.

When we weigh all of the pros and cons of each, we think that the live environment is best for most players. That's especially true once you realize that speed-based tables are available that move play along very quickly.

blackjack mobile version

Play Real Money Games on Your Mobile

All of the real money blackjack casinos that we recommend allow you to enjoy the games via mobile. These include the most popular brands available to Canadian players, and at this point, more bets are placed via mobile than using a computer. A big part of the reason for this is that the apps tend to be compatible with even older smart devices, so you don't typically have to worry about staying super up to date with the hardware to be able to enjoy the convenience and fun of playing wherever you want for real wins.

Real Money Blackjack App - iPhone and Android

One reason that these mobile apps do so well is that they're compatible with virtually every modern mobile device out there. It doesn't matter if you device runs using Android or iOS because both are covered equally. Additionally, both tablets and smartphones are good to go with how these mobile casinos work, and the blackjack games fit well on even the smaller screens. Our ratings and reviews cover all of the mobile options for the top names, and we help you to find what will work out the best for you when taking your play out and about.

Also Play These Real Money Games

Deposits and Payouts at Canada Online Casinos

In order to play the games and receive winnings, you have to be able to make deposits and withdrawals. Canadian players have a number of different banking options that make it easy to move funds back and forth. With that said, they can differ a bit on ease of setup, the fee schedules and how fast withdrawal times are. To help players to understand what's available, here we'll give a quick overview of what you'll want to know to make your choice between them.

Credit and Debit Cards

If you already have a debit card or credit card, that's enough to get started playing since all of our recommended options accept them. The fees can be around average for the industry, but the withdrawal times are fairly quick. However, the main advantage is convenience since many people already have these cards available. All you really need to do is put in your information as if you were making an online purchase, and you're ready to get started.

E-wallets - Instadebit, PayPal, eCheck

The electronic wallets only take a few moments to set up, and then they are just as convenient as any other option can be. These are essentially accounts that you have set up that can hold funds outside of your casino or bank accounts. InstaDebit is the most popular of these in Canada and can be used for withdrawals as well as deposits. However, while PayPal is an e-wallet, it cannot be used for gambling transactions in Canada. Also note that eChecks aren't electronic wallets, strictly speaking, despite the name. Instead, they work like an electronic version of writing a check.

Use Your Bank with Interac

One option that's extremely popular in Canada for transfers is Interac. This simply operates with your existing bank account to move funds to and from the sites you play with. The Interac fees are low, and you can use it with accounts from some of the most popular banks. That list includes the Bank of Montreal, Toronto-Dominion Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia, HSBC, the National Bank of Canada and plenty more. If you already have a bank account in place, this is definitely work using.


Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most popular cryptocurrency options used when playing at casinos. Some players feel too intimidated to try these options out because they seem complicated. While that used to be the case, in 2024, using them is no more complicated or difficult than most other methods. The learning curve is similar to using electronic wallets. Many players feel that it's worth the time to learn since the fees are low and the withdrawal speeds can be really fast.

How to Signup for a Real Money Casino Account in Canada

The process of getting signed up to play is quicker than most people expect. That's especially true with our recommendations and rankings of the best options. If you're ready to go after your winnings, then the following steps will help you to get started within just a few minutes.

  1. To start off, take a look at our recommended options. You can choose based on our rankings or something you like from our in-depth reviews.
  2. Sign up for that casino that you have chosen. However, make sure that all of your information is correct and that you're not putting in fake info, or you can have your account closed in the future.
  3. With your account created, go ahead and log in. From there, you'll click the cashier button and choose to make a deposit.
  4. When putting in the amount to deposit and choosing your banking method, make sure to also include any bonus code that you're interested in cashing in on.
  5. Once your account is funded, which only takes a few moments, you're ready to choose from the different blackjack games.
  6. Eventually when you're ready to cash out your real money online blackjack casino winnings, you can pick out a withdrawal method from the cashier, much like you did for your deposit.

How to get the Fastest Withdrawals on Your Winnings

Withdrawal speeds come down to two parts. There's the first part where the site itself processes your cash out, and there's the second part that's all up to the payment option you chose. For the first part, the online real money blackjack sites we recommend all process withdrawals pretty quickly, often within just a few hours, as long as you have verified your identity. However, the second part is determined by which payment option you choose. Electronic wallets have pretty quick cash outs, for example, but that speed it outside of the control of the casino.

Online Casino Blackjack Strategies and Real Money Winning Tips

A big part of the appeal of blackjack as a genre is the depth of the strategies involved. However, other things matter outside of your decisions in individual hands that can help you to have better chances of coming out ahead and having a good experience. Here we offer up a few tips in the more general sense that can help you to get more from your play sessions. If you wish to dig a little deeper, we highly recommend taking a look at our all-inclusive blackjack strategy guide to greatly increase your chances of winning big in 2024.

  1. Always be working on a bonus if you can since it's basically extra money for playing something you would have been playing already.
  2. Learn to use basic strategy, even if you need to reference a strategy chart, to keep your mistakes down when playing.
  3. Manage your account balance, also known as your bankroll, wisely by choosing a bet size that can keep you in the game for longer.

RNG, RTP, and Odds

The cards in the real money blackjack games are shuffled before each hand except at live dealer tables. However, this virtual deck is shuffled with a program called an RNG, or random number generator. These programs are audited for fairness to make sure that what you're getting is actually randomized properly with no patterns to exploit.

Accordingly, you can trust that the odds of different cards being dealt are in line with what you'd expect from a real deck. When the money is on the line, this fairness counts for a lot, and it also helps to make it clear what the RTP is of each individual game. This is the return to player percentage, or the amount of each wager returned to the player, on average, with optimal play.

Blackjack Basic Strategy

When we say "optimal play," we mean playing according to what's called basic strategy. The idea is that each situation you can find yourself in has a correct option from the various choices of what you can do. We look at each individual option and what it means down below, but from a mathematical and strategic perspective, one of them has the best average return. Basic strategy means knowing which of those options happens to be correct in any given scenario.

Blackjack Chart Cheat Sheet

Being able to make correct decisions all the time requires a bit of practice and knowledge. Some players love that aspect of the game, but others don't care for it as much. Luckily, you can use cheat sheets and strategy charts as a reference while you play. Even though we're calling them "cheat sheets," casinos have no problem with you using them, and some even have them built into their software or websites for easy access. These charts allow you to improve your play and maximize your payout rate for better winning chances. However, before you incorporate a cheat sheet, we recommend that you learn everything about the game with our guide to blackjack rules.

Basic Terms to Know

  • Bust - When you go over a total of 21 points, you immediately lose the hand, and this is called busting.
  • Hit - Hitting allows you to receive another card, but it does not end your turn.
  • Stand - To end your turn immediately and receive no more cards, you choose the option to stand.
  • Insurance - Insurance is a side bet available in some games when the dealer shows an ace or ten-point card. It wins if the dealer has blackjack.
  • Push - A push is the gambling term for a tie, which happens when you and the dealer have the same total.
  • Surrender - Some games allow you to end your hand with no chances of winning but to receive back half of your wager with the surrender option.
  • Double - The double option does three things: It doubles the size of your wager, adds exactly one additional card to your hand and ends your turn immediately.
  • Split - With two starting cards of the same rank, you can add an additional wager worth the same as your original to split those cards apart and form two new hands with them.

Play Free Blackjack

If you want to try out these games without having to risk anything, that's completely possible with various free titles, especially when you claim no deposit blackjack bonuses. In fact, most real money online blackjack options will have play money or demo versions available that allow you to see what it's all about without any risk. You can play these to practice strategies, see how the software works or whatever else you want.

Playing Real Money Blackjack vs Free Games

Both ways of playing have their own advantages and disadvantages despite being virtually the same games in terms of rules and presentation. However, many players bounce between each at some point for various reasons. To help you understand what might be the best option for you when you play for free or for real money, we have information below about what each way of playing brings to the table.

Pros for Real Money Blackjack

  • Bonuses and other promotions allow you to add more value to your overall bankroll while you play.
  • You can't qualify for progressive jackpots when you're playing for free.
  • Live dealer games can only be played with real money.

Pros for Free Blackjack

  • You can try different strategies and approaches without worrying about the financial consequences.
  • Play money games are excellent for warming up or trying a new title to see if you like it before playing for real.
  • It's easier to coordinate playing with friends who may not want to put up cash to join in on the games.
how we review the best blackjack casinos

How We Rate & Review Real Money Blackjack Casino Sites

When we put together our ratings of all the newest online casinos available, we use a straightforward set of criteria. The results of these things we look at are found in a lot of detail for each site in our breakdowns and reviews. However, in what follows, we'll show you what those criteria are and what we look at for each of them.

  • Licensing - We want players to know that our recommendations are legit, so we require a strong license in good standing from a reputable jurisdiction.
  • Software Providers - Having titles from a variety of high-end game developers is a big plus for us because it helps to give players more styles to choose from.
  • Safety & Security - Best practices for information security are a must, and that helps to keep your personal information and financial details safe.
  • Payment Options - It's important that players have a lot of ways to deposit and cash out so that primary and secondary options can be viable.
  • Quick Withdrawals - We want you to be able to cash out your real money casino blackjack winnings fast without unnecessary delays.
  • Bonuses and Promotions - Getting the most value for your play involves taking advantage of great offers, so we consider them strongly in our ranking criteria.
  • Game Selection - A good selection of lots of different blackjack variations and other types of titles helps to make sure that you always have something new to try.

Best Real Money Blackjack Casino Awards for 2024

It's no secret that not all players have the same preferences. As such, while our ranking system helps you to see which options are best in the general sense, some beat out others in specific areas. In what follows, we'll show you our favorites for a few different particular categories so that you can pick those based on what is the most important to you.

Best for Mobile : Captain Cooks

For the players who want to take their play on the go via mobile, then Captain Cooks Casino is the place to be. They have a tremendous bonus worth $475 in total spread across your five initial deposits, and that's along with a set of 100 free spins. This bonus can be played with any of their real money blackjack casino tables, and that includes playing using their mobile app. Since it works with Android and iOS, you can use just about any modern device to connect and get started.

Best for Live Dealer : Jackpot City

The number of providers that have live dealer blackjack options at Jackpot City is super solid. Additionally, they have a great welcome bonus package that gives you 100 percent on your first four deposits. These are worth a maximum of $400 apiece, which adds up to as much as $1600 across the entire sign-up deal. Between their top-tier selection of titles and great reputation in the industry, Jackpot City Casino is a strong pick for good reasons.

Best for Bonus : 888 Casino

Our top pick for the best bonus comes from 888 Casino. They have a five-part sign-up offer that adds up to $1500 in total possible value. This comes from a 100 percent match initially worth up to $100 followed by 30 percent up to $350 on your next four deposits. Additionally, they've been around for a very long time and are one of the most recognized brands ever. Along these lines, this is a site with a huge selection of blackjack and other types of games to pick from.

Best for Fast Cashouts : Zodiac Casino

If playing at a top-ranked real money blackjack site and getting your wins sent to you as quickly as possible is your top priority, then Zodiac is the place to be. They have a number of different withdrawal options with fast speeds, including electronic wallets like InstaDebit. You can also land up to $480 in match bonuses in your first five deposits along with 80 progressive free spins. Add in a solid reputation and a wide range of titles to pick from, and they're a strong option to say the least.


  • Where can I play blackjack online for real money?

    Our recommended options are fully rated and reviewed to show you the best places to play.
  • What are the best online casinos with real money blackjack?

    Among our highest rated options are brands like Jackpot City and Captain Cooks.
  • Is playing online blackjack for real money legal in Canada?

    Yes, it is legal to play this game online for Canadians.
  • How do I know the games at these sites aren't rigged?

    The respective licensing bodies audit the games several times each year to make sure that they're fair.
  • Can I count cards while playing blackjack online?

    Live dealer games can offer some count carding possibilities, but it's not viable at RNG style tables.
  • How can I win real money playing blackjack online?

    When you play in these games and win, those winnings can be cashed out using a variety of banking methods.
  • Is there a blackjack app for Canada?

    Yes, each of our recommended places to play have apps for iOS and Android.
  • What is the best blackjack game for big winnings?

    Progressive jackpot side bets offer the best individual payouts available in the genre.
  • Can you play online blackjack using Paypal?

    Canadian players cannot use PayPal for deposits or withdrawals.
  • Are my blackjack winnings taxable?

    This depends on your local and provincial laws and has to be determined on a case by case basis.
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