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Players who want to enjoy something a bit different than the usual should take a look at the collection of live game show titles available at some of the most popular Canadian online casinos out there today. In 2024, you're looking at fresh, new titles that you can play for real money both on PC and via mobile with different ways to earn real winnings than what you can find anywhere else. RNG versions of these games aren't available because they're only operated by live dealers, and that helps to give them an exclusive flavor that's unique and interesting.

Best Canada Live Dealers Game Show Online Casinos 2024

  1. 1 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1600
  2. 2 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $250
  3. 3 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $150
  4. 4 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1200
  5. 5 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $475
  6. 6 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $750
  7. 7 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1000
  8. 8 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $480
  9. 9 Sign-Up Offer 400% Match Bonus Up To $4
  10. 10 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1500
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live casino game shows

What are Live Casino Game Shows?

The basic idea behind real money live dealer game shows is to give you an opportunity to bet on something that's fresh and entertaining. Instead of playing against the house in one-on-one contests like what you see in titles like Baccarat, blackjack and other traditional table games, you get put in a position to play along with lots of other players while you wager on the results of an atypical title where anything can happen. With lots of features, bonus rounds and other goodies that keep things exciting, it's a much different type of experience.

Advantages of Playing Live Game Shows

Many people have never enjoyed what live game show online casinos have to offer. While they are considered a style of live dealer games, they have a lot more to offer than simply being a different type of presentation than a title you've seen before in the RNG format. To give you an idea of what all goes into these games, we, here at want to give you an overview of some key advantages that you may not be aware of if you're not familiar with what the genre has available.

  • These titles are like live TV game shows that have an incredibly engaging style of play that doesn't really compare to anything else out there today.
  • Most of them are completely packed with special features and interesting bonus rounds that offer you a new set of ways to get paid.
  • Some players like the idea that they can see the mechanical operations of giant wheels and other parts of the game instead of just relying on a software-based RNG that you can't really see.
  • In almost every case, you can jump right into the titles that real money live game show casinos have to offer and start playing since they're really easy to learn.
best casino games show

Types of Casino Game Shows to Play Online for Real Money

Because the different providers have different teams with different visions about what they want to bring to players, each development studio can put together their own styles of play in this genre. It also helps that there's not really an industry standard for what's expected since this is a relatively new style of experience for players. With that said, and while you can enjoy a lot of different types of games, the reality of the situation in practice is that we can break the available titles down into a few sub-genres. Below is a list of the most popular of these and what they offer.

  • Big Wheel Game Shows : Many of the most popular Canadian live dealer game show casinos have titles based around spins on a large wheel. This also doubles as its own randomness generator, which means a software-based RNG isn't usually necessary.
  • Bingo Type Game Shows : In any form of gambling where you have some type of card and try to get numbers on it, comparisons to bingo are going to be made. This is definitely the case for a number of titles in this genre.
  • Slots Type Game Shows : Several casino game shows resemble slots in some way with multiple reels yielding wins or other types of results. Sometimes this will be the main part of the gameplay, and in others, it'll simply be a part of a bonus feature.
  • Dice Type Game Shows : The long-standing popularity of craps shows that players still love titles that use dice for generating randomness. As a result, some live dealer game show online casinos use them for the same purpose and to drive different aspects of the experience.
most popular live game show casino

TV Based Live Dealer Shows

Several of the most popular Canadian live game shows are based on popular brands from televisions or board games. These branding deals not only bring in additional interest from players, but they also inform the style of play and features that you can have in the title itself. Major providers like Evolution and Playtech love to offer branded options like this because they're so engaging for players, and making sure that you have a fun time is really the primary objective in this genre as a whole. In what follows, we'll introduce you to some of the most popular titles of this type.

Deal or No Deal

Based on one of the most popular television game shows of all time, Deal or No Deal Live is a title produced by Evolution Gaming. The gameplay is very similar to, albeit in a scaled down form, the original version of the show on TV. The premise is that you have a number of closed metal briefcases in the background that have numbers. You're looking to try to navigate the fact that you can claim a briefcase that has been selected for you, or you can try to make a deal with the host for a different amount.

To start with, you can play for between C$0.10 and C$10 per round. The round starts with what they call qualifying where you have to spin a wheel to determine if you qualify to make it to the briefcase portion of the game. This also helps to determine which briefcases you have access to if you do qualify based on potential multipliers on your original wager. From there, if you qualify, you're taken to another wheel where different amounts show up that you can use to "top off" the values in the briefcases.

In the main game, the process is almost identical to the game show. You're given a briefcase from the list of values, and you get to see some of them removed from play each round. After that happens, you're able to keep your own briefcase or accept a deal offered from the house. This process continues until you either take a deal or get the value of whatever was in your given briefcase. It's a fun title that's pretty in-depth and has extremely entertaining hosts and support staff who keep things fresh and engaging.

Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is a title that's also made available from Evolution Gaming. As the name implies, it's based on the incredibly popular Monopoly board game. However, things are driven more by a giant wheel in this title than a set of dice. This helps to keep the betting rounds reasonably short and avoids the natural issue of how actual games of Monopoly can last several hours. We think it was a good way to go, and with a betting range of C$0.10 to C$10 per turn, it helps to keep the game as accessible as possible.

For each turn, you place wagers on numbers, and then you spin the wheel. If the wheel lands on the number you wagered on, then you get an auto payout right away. Additionally, you can also land bonus features like the Chance option, or you can land extra rolls to give you more opportunities to win. If you land the main bonus feature, it's based on Mr. Monopoly (also known as "the Monopoly guy") walking around the board based on random dice rolls. If he lands on certain spaces, he gives you payouts multiplied by your overall wager.

other live game shows

Live Game Shows Based on Other Table Games

Some of the most popular live game show casino software providers offer titles that are based on more traditional casino games. In these cases, you'll often find that the end result is sort of a hybrid between the more typical live dealer titles and the game show format. As a result, they're great picks for players who have an affinity for a particular style of classic table game. Down below, we'll give you a quick look at two such titles, both of which are based on blackjack and that spice things up quite a bit.

Lightning Blackjack

The primary complaint players have about blackjack is that the available range of payouts is extremely limited. Evolution Gaming's Lightning Blackjack title seeks to remedy this with multipliers based on winning multiple hands in a row with a side bet that's worth the size of your original wager. You'll need to bet a minimum of C$1 per hand, and the maximum can change depending on where you're playing, but it has been spotted at levels as high as C$5,000 per hand. That's a pretty wide range with a tremendous RTP that's listed as slightly higher than 99.5% with correct play.

Your main idea here is that multipliers are attached to certain hand totals for 4-17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and a natural 21 blackjack. These multipliers range from 2x all the way up to 25x, and they're chosen at random for each hand. Note that the typical 3:2 payout on blackjack hands is kept intact here as well. With these multipliers, if you win in a situation where you have a total with an active multiplier, then your payout is multiplied accordingly. In short, this gives you serious opportunities to land bigger payouts than usual.

We include this as a live dealer game show title because it's not handled like most table games. Instead, you have a host or hostess who is calling the action and engaging with the players the entire time. While the blackjack portion is very similar to what you might expect in a typical playing environment, the added excitement of the multipliers and the dealer interaction really give a unique experience.

Quantum Blackjack

Produced by Playtech, Quantum Blackjack is their response to the Lightning Blackjack game noted above. The rules are similar to traditional games except that up to three cards are dealt from a different multiplier deck that are then shown on the screen while you play. Each multiplier card is given a multiplier that ranges from 3x to 10x, and the idea is that being dealt those cards in your own hand gives you the resulting multiplier on any wins. What's more is that more than one multiplier means they are multiplied by each other for massive potential payouts.

The minimum wager at these tables is usually C$1 but can sometimes be as high as C$5 in some scenarios. However, the maximum is typically fixed at C$2,000. The RTP comes in at 99.47%, which is pretty usual for blackjack titles. Something that's important to note, however, is that both the 21+3 and Perfect Pairs side bets are available, which gives you even more options to mix things up a bit. With that said, we should point out that the multiplier cards do not apply to these side bets and only apply to your hands in the main game.

Big Money Wheel Games

Several styles of games are used with money wheel concepts. Dream Catcher is one such title from Evolution Gaming that has instant wins, multipliers worth up to 7x and other ways to get paid. It may be the number one title in the sub-genre because of its low minimum wagers and high potential upside. Wheel of Fortune is another production that has a similar concept and is based loosely on the popular television title with a similar name. With that said, the main thing to note about these live dealer casino games is that the features are typically very different.

History of Live Dealer Game Shows at Online Casino

The history of the live casino game shows starts after the larger livedealer space was already developed. Not long before Evolution absorbed Ezugi, we saw the first game show title in the live dealer space with their Dream Catcher game. This title is based largely around a giant wheel that spins to determine the randomness. Instant wins, multipliers and bonus features are the order of the day. However, what really set this title apart was the interactions with a particularly entertaining host who operated the game. This was different than the usual croupiers who ran games like what you'd normally see.

From there, it didn't take long for software providers to catch on that this was a popular format that was viable for expansion. Along these lines, we started seeing Evolution continue their push with branded titles like Deal or No Deal Live, but we also started seeing similar games like Quantum Blackjack from Playtech. Mixing in existing casino games with the game show format and special rules (in this case, big potential multipliers on wins) helped to create an entirely new genre on its own. That was the basis of what we see with live casino game shows today.

Most Popular Titles to Play by Software Provider

From the major software providers that have game show titles available on both PC and via mobile, we've seen certain games emerge as leaders in the genre. Not all titles end up being a hit, and the ones that do have varying levels of popularity relative to each other. However, if you know what the biggest names are for each provider, then you know which provider to look for when picking out the best site to play with that will be right for you.

Best Game Shows at Evolution Gaming Casinos

More wins in this genre are paid by Evolution Gaming than any other software developer today, and it's easy to understand why when you see that they're the leader in the live dealer space overall. Generally considered the only main option for a decade or more, they eventually ran into a lot of competition from various companies. Nonetheless, they have maintained their number one spot, and their portfolio includes several of the most popular titles in the game show space overall. In what follows, we'll give you an overview of some of the main titles that they have produced in this sub-genre.

  • Dream Catcher : The original name in this space that started it all, this is a wheel-based title with lots of solid wins available. Multipliers and other bonus features round out the overall experience.
  • Mega Ball : This lottery-style title gives you the ability to play for as little as $0.10 per card. With up to 200 cards available on each round, you can win payouts worth up to 100 times your wager.
  • Funky Time : Funky Time is one of the most popular Evolution live casino titles that is based on a giant wheel spinning to determine winners. You can wager on different letters on the wheel, which spell out the name of the game, for chances to hit a variety of bonus rounds.
  • Cash or Crash : The presentation of this game is set up as if you're on a giant blimp. A 20-part ladder pay schedule allows you to climb higher and higher without crashing. It's a unique experience that allows you to pull out to collect winnings or to leave half in and take half out for chances to hit even bigger payouts.
  • Lightning Dice : A large tower that contains the rolls of three six-sided dice is at the core of this title's game mechanics. You're trying to bet on the totals of those three dice with different payouts for different potential wins along with multipliers that go up to 1,000x.
  • Dead or Alive Saloon : The Wild West saloon-style presentation of this game includes professional live game show casino dealers that you can chat with as you play. A special deck of cards is used with big multipliers and special bonuses that award wins worth up to 100x along with a special Bounty Hunt feature.
  • Football Studio : Based loosely on the popular Dragon Tiger title, this game sees the home and away teams go against each other in a football (or soccer if you prefer) themed setting. You can wager on certain side bets like the game resulting in a tie with a history off to the side to help you decide on which "team" you think is due for a win.
  • Crazy Time : Crazy Time is what happens when Evolution Gaming tries to make something as wild and entertaining as humanly possible. It's sometimes described as "Dream Catcher on steroids" because it has an even flashier presentation with even more bonus features packed into a wheel-based core mechanic.

Top Playtech Casino Game Shows

Playtech is known for their straightforward and high quality live games based on traditional titles like poker, blackjack and Baccarat. However, they are also particularly competitive and like to stay in the front of what's going on in the industry, which is why they have been a top name for decades without ever falling from the upper tier of software providers. Down below, we'll look at some of their most popular game show type titles in the live dealer space and what each of them bring to the table.

  • Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball : This title is roughly based on 80-ball bingo with a lot of major differences including the fact that it only has the numbers 1-60. You can play as many as eight cards in the 4x4 format with big bonus payouts going as high as 2,500x.
  • Spin a Win : As the name implies, this game is based on spinning a large wheel to determine payouts and bonus features. The main thing to look for in this game is the set of multipliers that can drive your payouts higher and higher than what you can get otherwise.
  • Adventures Beyond Wonderland : Loosely based on the characters and themes of the Alice in Wonderland stories, free turns and interactive bonus features are what help to make this one so entertaining. If you were a fan of the story and characters, then you'll love how the hosts help to bring it all to life.
  • Greatest Cards Show : A 54-spot wheel based on the standard 52-card French deck is the basis of the game with two jokers added to mix things up. You can wager on different sets of cards like suits or all of the queens. Some cards have special highlights that can trigger bonus rounds that can ultimately give you payouts worth as high as 2,000x with animated bonus features.
  • Money Drop Live : This title is known for having particularly low betting limits of just C$0.10 per turn. On each round after a giant wheel spins, you break up your winnings across four platforms. Three of them are dropped to lose the winnings they had on them, which makes the entire game about trying to guess which will drop and which will note. Special bonus rounds allow multiplier wins worth up to 2,500x.
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire : Playtech's Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Roulette tables combine the roulette and game show concepts. You have a host or hostess who keeps things interesting, and special features can trigger with multiplier wins on your payouts based on the Phone a Friend, Ask the Audience and other game mechanics from the original television game show.
  • Deal or No Deal The Big Draw : This title is somewhat based around ideas from bingo with numbers bring drawn to allocate potential wins to 16 total briefcases. You have a chance to qualify for the main round, and if you do, then you get the option to purchase additional balls for better chances to win larger prizes with play similar to the original game show on TV.

Pragmatic Play Casino Live Games

Pragmatic Play was really only seen as a slots provider when they entered the live dealer space, but they quickly showed that they were serious about providing players with something interesting and unique. We've really seen how much people want to play live dealer casino games that they have produced over the years, and a big part of that is how much focus they put on giving players a fun and engaging experience. Down below, we have a handful of their most popular titles where you can see how much they push these aspects of play.

  • Vegas Ball Bonanza : Speed bingo gone wild is a good way to think about this title. Up to nine cards that show three rows and three columns each can be played at a time, and as many as five numbers are hit with multipliers that can boost your payouts for filling up your cards for wins. Overall, you can land multipliers as high as 20,000x on a single card.
  • Snakes and Ladders Live : Based on the extremely popular board game, this title is based around rolling dice to see if you qualify at the beginning of each round. If you qualify, then you can jump into the main bonus features where you try to make your way up the board, or you can get an instant payout instead.
  • Boom City : As one of their more innovative live dealer game shows, Boom City Live puts you in front of a 36-spot grid. You roll two size-sided dice to determine which position is active on that grid. You can land multipliers, instant wins and bonus features. Alternatively, you can hit a bust square that ends the round.
  • Mega Wheel : Pragmatic Play's very first game show in their live dealer offering was Mega Wheel. It has some pretty fun hosts and hostesses based on spinning a huge 54-spot wheel. Payout multipliers can range from 40x to 500x, and this includes the Mega Lucky Number feature that can boost your wins by 500x as well.
  • Sweet Bonanza Candyland : Bonus features are the focus of the Sweet Bonanza Candyland game show, but the core mechanics are based around spinning a set of wheels. With its candy wonderland appearance and appropriately themed outfits for their hosts, you can hit the Sugar Bomb, Bubble Surprise, Candy Drop or Sweet Spins positions to land their respective bonus rounds.

Other Casino Software Live Game Shows

Other software providers like Ezugi and Authentic Gaming have also had titles of this type, even if they were older games earlier in the history of the genre. Over time, live dealer game show casinos have seen certain titles come and go, so some of these may not be available just depending on when and where you're playing. With that said, it goes to show just how important of a part of the overall industry this particular genre is and how much players are drawn to such an innovative and interactive style of play.

  • Bet on Numbers - Ezugi : Before Ezugi was purchased by Evolution Gaming, their Bet on Numbers game was one of the most popular lottery-style live dealer experiences available. It had atypical wagers available like guessing the color associated with the first numbers drawn and adding up all of the drawn numbers to see if they were above or below specific values.
  • 7s on Fire - Authentic Gaming : Set up as a combination of roulette and slots, this is definitely a unique title with a game show vibe. The roulette portion is simplified to keep things moving along with only wagers on specific numbers available. You can land payouts up to 1500x with this title as well, making it a tremendous experience for players.

RTPs for Live Casino Game Show Titles

Knowing the RTP of the titles you're playing can help you to make up your mind about which tables will be right for you and which you should pass on. This is because RTP is a measure of the average payout rate. In short, it's a measure of how much of the average wager is paid back to players in the form of prizes. The higher the number, the better this value is. In what follows, we have an easy reference of the RTP level for some of our most recommended titles in the real money live casino game show genre.

Game Software RTP Snakes & Ladders Pragmatic Play 96.30% Spin A Win Playtech 97.22% Adventures Beyond Wonderland Playtech 96.82% Dream Catcher Evolution Gaming 96.58% Funky Time Evolution Gaming 95.99% Money Drop Live Playtech 94.01% Evolution Deal or No Deal Evolution Gaming 95.42% Mega Ball Evolution Gaming 95.40% Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Evolution Gaming 96.56% Sweet Bonanza Candyland Pragmatic Play 96.83% Crazy Time Evolution Gaming 96.08% Everybody's Jackpot Live Playtech 96.75% Boom City Live Pragmatic Play 96.21%

Best Online Casino Bonuses to Use at Live Casinos

Getting the most value for your play means taking advantage of promotions and bonuses as much as possible. This includes the various styles of bonuses that are awarded from different casinos like minimum deposit offers, no deposit bonus codes, welcome packages and specialty live dealer bonuses. Generally speaking, the best offers are those that let you play the games that you want with the lowest wagering requirements and the highest overall value, but personal taste also plays into your decision since some players like one type of offer over the others.

Our Featured Live Dealer Bonus for Canada Players : LeoVegas

For Canadian players who are ready to get in on the action quickly with a super solid deal, we recommend LeoVegas. Their selection of live dealer titles is well into the dozens, including those with game show presentations. Additionally, they offer up to $1,000 in welcome bonuses with another $30 in what they call golden chips, which are basically free bets with no downside. Your wagering requirements are only 40x, and this is an offer made especially for live tables, so you don't have to worry about any type of restrictions on which games you can play.

How to Choose The Best Live Game Show to Play in 2024

When making your selection about where to play, you'll want to include a few key pieces of information. Not all live dealer game show online casinos are built the same, and some will provide a different type of experience than others. In what follows, we want to point out the key things to focus on when weighing your options so that you end up with somewhere you're excited to play with.

Betting Limits

Players have specific budgets they want to stick to. To adhere to these budgets and practice solid bankroll management, you need to keep your bet sizes in a certain range. If that range is outside of the limits available for a particular game, then you run into a problem of that title not being a viable option. This is why it's so important to know the limits you're comfortable with ahead of time and to stick with titles that fit the sizes that you're comfortable with, especially since free and demo versions of these games typically aren't available.

Game Show Host

A big part of what drives the fun at Canadian live dealer game show casinos is the selection of hosts. Some hosts just stand still and bring you along through the mechanics of the game. However, others are incredibly entertaining and can make things more exciting. Also of importance to some players is the language selection, which can be a barrier to playing certain titles in some occasional cases. For the most part, this isn't an issue for Canadian players, but it's still something to keep in mind.

Bonus Features

A critical part of this game show genre is the selection of features and bonus rounds. With that said, some players really prefer having specific types of bonus features available. If you have strong preferences along these lines, you should make sure to stick to titles where these types of rounds are available. Otherwise, you may find yourself not enjoying things as much as you could in another game.

Best Online Live Casinos for Canada by Category

Of all of our recommended brands that have these types of titles available, we understand that not all players will want the same exact things out of their experience. To help you out with this, we have a number of recommendations based on what different players may be looking for. In what follows, we'll show you our suggestions for where to play based on specific criteria and the bonuses and promotions they have available.

Best Overall Live Casino: Luxury Casino

Our top selection for live dealer games overall is Luxury Casino. They have dozens of live titles as well as tons of other types of options for when you want to try something different. What's more is that they take part in the Casino Rewards program, making it easy to rack up loyalty rewards and other goodies. When you start out here, you can get as much $1,000 in bonuses across five deposits. The minimum deposit is only $10, however, which makes this a particularly accessible site as well.

Best for Big Wins : Captain Cooks

Captain Cooks is our pick for players who are chasing big payouts. You can see their focus on this when you first sign up and deposit just $5 for a set of 100 turns on the Mega Money Wheel title. This game can turn you into an instant millionaire in a single spin. Additionally, their welcome package includes as much as $475 in bonuses inside of your initial five deposits. With a wide selection of live titles and plenty of game show options to pick from, Captain Cooks is a great fit if you want to shoot for larger wins.

Best for No Deposit : 888

The site we have to recommend the most for players who don't want to have to make a real money deposit is 888 Casino. They can get you 88 free spins with no deposit required on the incredibly popular Rise of the Pharaohs online slot. Additionally, they offer a 100% match bonus worth up to $1,500 with a minimum deposit of only $20 when you're ready to add some funds to your account, so they have a great mix of promotions available to go with their super solid game selection.

Best for Bonuses : Zodiac

We absolutely love the bonus selection available at Zodiac, and it's why they are one of our top rated live online game show casinos. Aside from having a solid game selection with dozens of live options, they give you 80 spins with chances to become a millionaire all for a single $1 deposit. From there, your following four deposits can earn you as much as $480 in rewards, which shows just how flexible their promotional package really is.

How to Find the Best Real Money Online Casinos in Canada

When we break down each of the top Canadian real money casino sites, we do so with a strict set of criteria. This includes things that everyone needs to know about like licensing, software selection, customer service and reputation in the industry. However, it also includes things that are a bit more subjective like game selection and bonus offering that different players may have varying opinions about. Nonetheless, all of this is combined using our proprietary ratings system to help make it much easier for you to pick out an option from the most trustworthy and reputable names available.

Live Game Shows vs Live Dealer Games

On a practical level, the main thing that sets the game show style titles apart is the host and how that host (or hostess) contributes to the overall feel of the experience. The croupiers and dealers in the more standard live games are mostly just there for the appearance and immersion factors of feeling like you're in a brick and mortar location. However, they're not as entertaining as what you see with the real money live game show dealers. This is the primary difference between the two because of the different expectations for each play style.

winnings tips for live casino

Real Money Live Game Show Winning Tips

For players who are jumping into the genre, we want to make sure that you have the best chances possible to have a great experience. Along these lines, we want to give you a number of tips to help you have the best chances to come out ahead while having a lot of fun. Some of these tips may not apply to your particular situation, but we're sure that at least some of them will be helpful for every player.

  1. Choose a Reputable Site : If you mistakenly pick a casino that isn't reputable, you can end up with difficulties getting your winnings transferred with a withdrawal. They should also have your preferred deposit method like Bitcoin or Interac, but PayPal isn't available for Canadian players.
  2. Claim a Fitting Bonus : Pick and choose from the available bonus options to make sure you have a promotion that lets you play the games you want to enjoy.
  3. Consider the RTP Levels : Each game and individual wager within each game will have its RTP levels readily available. Consulting these numbers makes it easier to pick higher paying options.
  4. Pick Your Game : The RTP is not the only factor to weigh when choosing what to play. Instead, personal taste and what looks appealing to you also matter a lot because the entire point is to have fun.
  5. Set Your Budget : Before you ever place a single wager, you need to have your bankroll strategy in mind. This includes knowing the maximum bet size that you will ever place with the understanding that you will not go over that amount.
  6. Have Fun : Remember that you're supposed to be having fun, so try not to take things too seriously. Without the fun element, there's not really much of a reason to play in the first place.

Other Real Dealer Games to Play

Live real money game shows are not the only type of title available at real money live dealer online casinos. Instead, a number of other types of more traditional game styles are also ready and waiting. Note that some game show style tables will also be based on one or more of the following options, so there can be some crossover. This means that it's good to have an idea of the entire landscape of what's available no matter which particular style of game you prefer.

Live Roulette

One of the easiest options to learn to play can be found at live roulette casinos. Roulette has strategies that are easy to learn with a high payout rate and a low house advantage. What's more is that you have a ton of flexibility with how you play since it has a ton of different wagers that can be made with different levels of risk and reward.

Live Blackjack

Players who want a bit more strategy in their experience should consider jumping into the live blackjack tables online. A number of different variants can be found with human dealers and the ability to chat it up while discussing tips and tactics with other players at the table. You can also find some styles in the live space that are not available in the RNG format.

Live Baccarat

Another style of play that's really easy for players to hop into and learn can be found at the live Baccarat games. Within just a few moments, you can learn the rules and a simple strategy that will keep your payout rate well above 98.5%, which you can't find with most table games with such ease. It's also an incredibly social game as players band together to try to figure out which side will win next.

Live Poker

A solid selection of live dealer poker games can be found at our recommended casino sites. This allows players to pick different levels of strategy with slightly different styles of play from the roster of titles available. A big part of the experience at these tables is getting in on the action with other people from all over and sharing your strategies with each other.


  • Can I play live dealer game shows for free?

    Live dealer titles are typically not available for free play.
  • What is the house edge for these games?

    The typical house advantage ranges from 2% to 5% in this genre.
  • Can I claim a casino bonus to play live game shows?

    Yes, several types of bonus opportunities are available for these titles.
  • Are there any winning strategies I can apply to increase my chances of winning?

    Selecting titles with a high RTP is one type of strategy you can use.
  • Which software provider offers the most entertaining titles?

    Evolution Gaming is typically seen as the most popular provider in this space.
  • Can I win big playing online live game shows?

    Yes, plenty of larger wins are available in these games.
  • How do I know the games are fair?

    These titles are audited several times each year by their respective regulatory bodies for fairness.
  • Can I play these games on mobile?

    Yes, mobile play is available for all of these titles.
  • How does live dealer chat work?

    You can type to speak with players and the dealer at any time during play or between rounds.
  • What happens if I lose my internet connection?

    Placed wagers will play out normally, and then you are removed from the game for the moment.
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