Windsor Man Scores Major Triple Million Win from OLGC

Val Gillette by Val Gillette Published: January 24, 2022 Reading time: 3min
Windsor Man Scores Major Triple Million Win from OLGC

Whenever someone goes to an online gaming site, they have aspirations to walk away with a major score. They hope that they will be one of the lucky ones to hit the jackpot and win life changing amounts of money. However, most of us understand that it is extremely unlikely to get a big win, and we are mostly hoping to break even or get a small profit. However, for one man in Windsor, Ontario he got to live the dream. The man scored a triple major win from OLGC and is now a multimillionaire. His life is changed forever, and it is all thanks to a lucky scratch ticket.

The Announcement of a Triple Major Win from OLGC

OLGC, or the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, announced in late November that a construction worker living in Windsor won millions of dollars thanks to a lucky instant scratch ticket. The name of the lucky winner is Glenn Weitz. Living in Windsor his whole life, he never dreamed he would see this kind of money, but now he has $3 million to his name thanks to a single Triple Millions ticket.

The ticket cost Weitz just $30 to purchase, and it had four game areas. To win the $3 million grand prize, players need to reveal three identical prize amounts in one of the three play areas. Alternatively, the fourth one, name Lucky Numbers, needs to match the player's numbers. The odds of winning are astronomically low, reaching as low as one in 6,219,750 in some areas.

Double Checking the Zeroes

When Weitz when to the OLGC office to claim his prize, he was kind enough to share a few more details of his win. He said that he plays the lotto regularly, doesn't play in online casinos often, and he usually play the Crown's Poker LOTTO All In. However, after he won $100 from a ticket, he decided to treat himself by purchasing the ticket that ended up being the winner.

He told local reporters that he was sitting in his truck after purchasing the ticket that became his OLGC triple major win, and when he opened it, he could not believe his eyes. He needed to double check the zeroes in the matching amount several times before he believed what his eyes were telling him. Weitz told reporters that he ran back into the store to show the clerk and they also could not believe it. They even started to celebrate his win together.

What Will He Do with the Winnings?

While many winners of large lotteries and jackpots end up losing their winnings, Weitz is determined to not become one of those stories. While he is excited about the win, he does not plan on doing anything too drastic. He might by himself or his wife something nice with OLGC triple major win, but he does not plan on making any major purchases immediately. In fact, he plans on investing the majority of the winnings so that he can retire earlier.

Where His Win Stands Amongst 2021 Winners

When Weitz purchased his scratch ticket, he became destined to be the largest winner in the Winsor-Essex region that year. He also claimed the final top prize in Ontario in 2021, ensuring that he will be a name that is remembered amongst people that follow the lottery.

OLGC Has More Products on the Way

While everyone in Ontario will now be looking to get the next triple major win from OLGC, they probably will not be as lucky. Only a lucky few will win life changing amounts of money from that game. That being said, there are some new games that have been introduced by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

Notably, they introduced INSTANT PLINKO. The title is based off the very popular game show The Price is Right. It gives players the opportunity to win up to $500,00 in cash. The game debuted in the province in January of 2021.

What We Think About What Happened

There is no doubt that Weitz's win is an inspiring story. He was just a regular person that lucked into millions of dollars, and you cannot help but feel good about that. That being said, people that now think that they can go and do the same thing will not have the same luck. Sure, there will be a few people that will win 2022, but the vast majority of players will not be so lucky. As a result, we recommend that you only play with money that you are prepared to lose. If you are ok losing some money, go ahead and play!

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