Play Bust the Mansion: Microgaming Slot Review at Gaming Club Casino

Val Gillette by Val Gillette Published: January 15, 2022 Reading time: 3min
Play Bust the Mansion: Microgaming Slot Review at Gaming Club Casino

The fun part about being an online gaming site user is that there are always new games for you to check out. Fortunately, those of you that have shown dedication to Gaming Club Casino will get access to a variety of new online games to try out. Today we will be taking you through our Bust the Mansion review. It will cover everything that the game has to offer so that you are able to prepare for what to expect and make a determination of whether you want to give the title a shot.

Where Does This Game Come From?

Before we go into detail in our Bust the Mansion review, we want to discuss the origin of this game. Having just been released in 2021, there is still a lot for people to learn about it. However, what we do not know, we can learn from the software provider that made it. This title was developed and produced by Microgaming. Those of you with some experience in the online gaming industry will recognize the name. However, those of you new to the industry might not have heard the name Microgaming before.

Microgaming is one of, if not the best software provider in the world of online gaming. They have been around for years, producing excellent titles for various online betting sites around the world. They have produced hundreds of titles, and while not all of them are hits, they have a tremendous batting average. So, you should be pleased when you see new games like this one that are produced by Microgaming.

An Overview and Review of the Bust the Mansion Slot

Now that you know where it is from, we can get our Bust the Mansion review started. It has a robbery theme design, as you might expect from a title with its name. It provides rewards to players while telling the story of a robbery that takes place in a mansion filled with valuable artifacts. You will try to steal these artifacts to win massive prizes.

The slot has 5x3 reels and 25 lines, making it a standard slot set up. By using these reels, you will have the opportunity to claim up to 10,000x your stake, which could amount to as much as $250,000. While it is a highly volatile option, the potential payouts make it worth the risk.

Bet Sizes and Prizes

Users at Gaming Club Casino will be able to make bets as small as $0.25 while playing this slot. By paying that much money, you will be able to spin 5 reels and have 25 active lines. You can increase your bets all the way up to $25 if you want.

Interestingly, users are able to claim Link and Win respins to get some impressive prizes. The grand prize provides a reward of 5000x your bet. However, by using the rest of the game features, you can increase the reward to 10,000x, which helps users reach the maximum $250,000 reward.

Notable Features

The most notable feature that is available to users is the one featuring the Wild logo. The substituting symbol can easily be found in reels in the game.

Additionally, there is the Link and Win feature. This is featured in most Microgaming slots, and it essentially allows players to go on streaks. With this feature, you are able to get 6+ Cash symbols.

Use Bonuses to Enhance Your Experience

When you visit the Gaming Club Casino website for the first time, you will want to claim any bonuses that are available. There are variety of bonuses available on almost all online gaming sites, and this site is no different. As a result, it is recommended that you take a look around at the promotions section of the website before you get started. It is also possible that you can claim no deposit bonuses and codes from some review sites directly. If you take a look around, you will be surprised at what you can find. These bonuses should enhance your experience and help you get started.

Bust the Mansion Verdict

Now that you are getting towards the end of our Bust the Mansion review, you probably want to know our overall thoughts. Overall, we are happy with what we have found. It looks to be a fun game with an interesting theme and a solid design. There are no major complaints from us. That being said, it is a very new game, and as a result, it is possible that issues could arise. So, it is important to keep an eye out for them as you move forward.

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