The Best Camping and Outdoors Slots to Play this Victoria Day Weekend

Emma Byrd by Emma Byrd Published: May 24, 2021

With spring in full swing, many Canadians are looking to get some fresh air over the "May 24" long weekend. Unfortunately this year, most parks and campgrounds are still closed, so if you're cooped up indoors and want a taste of the great outdoors, there are some exciting outdoor-themed camping slots that might just take the edge off - they are just some of many of the free slots that has to offer.

best camping and outdoors slots
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    Carry On Camping Slot

    Carry On Camping Slot

    A Camping Themed Slot by Core Gaming

    The Carry On series of films was a franchise rooted in classic British music hall comedy and consisted of more than 30 films, and a small number of plays and specials. The franchise forms the backdrop for the Carry On Camping slot, which was put together by CORE Gaming. It's named after the 1969 film of the same name (which was top of the UK box office that year). The idiosyncratic camping slot game has a quintet of unique features and numerous perks to enliven the experience of anyone giving the reels a spin.

    There are five reels and 20 paylines with CORE Gaming's Carry On Camping slot, and it oozes with nostalgia for fans of old school British cinematic comedy. For those curious, the film's plot (in both senses of the word) involves two friends taking their shy girlfriends to a nudist camp to try and relax their moral standards. The graphics of the game are bright and colourful, with Sid James (one of the key figures in the films) standing by the reels. Players with wallets of all sizes are catered for as the stakes can vary from 20p all the way up to a huge £500, so whether you're a high roller or prefer playing for bottle tops, you're covered. When it comes to the chances of profit, the RTP (return to player) is a reasonably good 95.63% altohugh it's possible to use Canadian no deposit bonuses to try and win free cash.

    Carry On Camping has multiple extra bonus features above and beyond what might normally be expected from a slot. When three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels players can take advantage of free spins (10, 15, or 20 depending how many scatters there are). With the Kenneth's Carnage bonus (named after Kenneth Williams), the symbols are rejigged to produce a winning result for the player. We've already mentioned Sid James, and his extra feature is Sid's Wild Night, transforming his symbols into wilds to increase the chances of player profits. Haggard's Havoc (named after the matron in the film) removes some symbols and adds new ones to enable a substantial win. And last, but not least, Bab's Lucky 7 (named after actress Barbara Windsor) gifts the player either 5 or 10 free spins on a smaller set of reels.

    Players can access Carry On Camping either through desktops or play the slot on mobile devices, so if you do happen to be camping and the weather turns soggy it can be a fun diversion until the weather behaves itself.

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    The Royals Go Camping Slot

    The Royals Go Camping Slot

    An Exciting British Slot by 888 Holdings

    The British love of comedic farce is also associated with the next slot on our camping and outdoors themed slots games: The Royals Go Camping. Gently (or not so gently) mocking the Royal Family has been a popular comedic approach for a long time (King John's nickname of Softsword was not exactly complimentary), and it translates well to the light-hearted and fun world of slots. For those who just want a surreal, silly backdrop for slots it's a good choice and certainly provides a distinctive theme amid the sea of Egyptian and mythological games out there.

    The Royals Go Camping slot is set up with five reels and 30 paylines, the 5x3 reel setup supported by a pair of royal guards clad in their famous, towering bearskin hats. While the run of the mill 10, J, Q, K and A symbols all appear, each has a little camping twist to fit in with the slot's overall theme. The slot is a few years old and this age is somewhat made apparent by the higher paying symbols including not only Her Majesty the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William, and Kate, but also Prince Harry (currently residing in California and no longer a working member of the Royal Family). Fans of the Tower of London will like the wild symbol, which is a raven sitting on a crown (a least six ravens are kept in the Tower at all times). The bonus symbol is similar, but the bird in this case is perched atop a golden crown.

    Players spending some quality time camping with The Royals have a number of bonus features to invigorate their games, and perhaps enhance their bank balances. If a spin churns out a bonus game symbol on both the first and fifth reels then two Pick Me symbols will appear. Pick one to reveal a prize, and those especially lucky may get to pick another. If three bonus symbols appear on an active payline then the Queen's Bonus Game comes into effect, in which you must try and help Her Majesty find her lost purse through various levels, with bigger prizes the further you go.

    Expanding wilds are a popular and frequent feature of slots and make an appearance here too, with wilds on reel three expanding to cover the whole reel, both improving your chances of a winning result and doubling any wins thereby gained. In addition, The Royal Jackpot is the sizeable progressive prize associated with this game. Players should note that higher stakes and more active paylines will increase your chance of winning it.

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    Salmon Catch Slot

    Salmon Catch Slot

    A Slot for Camping and Fishing Fans by Merkur Gaming

    Camping in the great outdoors is wonderfully relaxing, and equally so is salmon fishing which folks from British Columbia can understand. Salmon Catch, by Merkur Gaming, features a range of great wildlife and scenery that you might enjoy when you're able to vacate the urban jungle and reconnect with nature. The backdrop (literally) of the game is a river rushing its way between wooded banks, with picturesque mountains in the distance. There's a standard 5x3 reel setup and 10 active paylines, which is fewer than the above games. The maximum prize that players can find foraging in the wild with Salmon Catch is 1,000x the stake a player chooses, with the accepted stake range between $0.10 and $20.

    Players keen on considering the long term odds of finishing ahead will be relatively pleased with the 96.33% RTP that this slot comes with, which is perhaps a touch above average. As the name implies, the top paying symbol is the grizzly bear, and if you have a screenful of this powerful predator you'll end up with the top 1,000x prize, augmented by a 500x payout in exchange for optimal fish collection. The grizzly doubles up as a substitute symbol, so even if you only get one that can help you find your way to a winning result. The wild grizzly will also collect fish, and getting 45 or more lands the 500x payout, although smaller prizes are available before that.

    The setting sun symbol is the scatter, and if you get at least three then free spins are heading your way. The number of free spins bonuses varies, with 15 if you get five scatters, and fewer if you have three or four. When free spins are active the grizzly bear brings you more free spins and will be sticky as long as new wilds are being added.

    Overall, it's a pretty slot that works seamlessly with desktop, smartphone, or tablet, just the thing for a relaxing gaming session.

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    Bronco Spirit Slot

    Bronco Spirit Slot

    Find Your Bronco in this Slot by Pragmatic Play

    Released by software developer Pragmatic Play in April 2020, Bronco Spirit takes the wonderful world of nature and adds a distinctly Native American twist (after all, people were camping in North America long before European settlers arrived and Victoria Day and other holidays like easier were a thing). As you may have guessed, this slot game also has a focus on the wild horses of the continent. Interestingly, there's a bigger than usual reel arrangement, with a 5x4 setup. This is more than matched by the better than average paylines, of which there are 75 available. That's not all that's a cut above the standard, as the RTP (return to player) clocks in at a pretty good 96.51%. In addition to a good chance of finishing any given session in profit, the top prize is also reasonably good, at 2,000x the player's stake. Speaking of which, stakes can range from $0.25 and $125, making Bronco Spirit a slot suitable for everyone from big hitters to those who prefer to wager just a little at a time.

    The RTP is better than most games and the volatility is high, which is a pro or con depending upon a player's personal preference (higher volatility means you're likelier to encounter both prolonged dry spells and purple patches compared to lower volatility slots that have less deviation from the mean result). The natural prairie beauty of the game will appeal to camping fans and nature lovers generally.

    Players should be aware that there's a slightly unusual take on how games with this slot work. The game is split into groups of 10 spins, with the first nine collecting gold coins as they appear on the reels (this occurs in addition to regular wins). Come round 10, you get all your collected gold coins back again, with the symbols showing up as random wilds (making every 10th round one of great potential wins). Wilds take the form of the logo, and replace other symbols in winning combinations.

    Bronco Spirit also has scatters and if you bag yourself at least three then free spins await. There's an element of player choice here, as you can choose to take advantage of more wilds but fewer free spins or vice versa. Get three scatters and the choice is between four wilds and 15 free spins or seven wilds and five free spins (more scatters increase the number of free spins in either scenario).

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    Fishin For Gold Slot

    Fishin For Gold Slot

    An iSoftBet Slot for Canadian Players

    It can be pretty frosty camping in Canada, especially further north, and Fishin For Gold is a game that is ideal for those who like wildlife and arctic scenery alongside the sport of fishing. It's also available at many of the best online casinos in Canada. There's a cartoony approach to graphics and while fishing is in the name there are also polar bears, penguins, and other symbols on the reels, which appear in a standard 5x3 arrangement. The game was crafted by iSoftBet and comes with 25 paylines. In addition to various bonus features, which we'll detail below, the game has a potential maximum payout of 5,000x. With stakes up to $25, that means a possible jackpot of $125,000. For those whose pockets aren't quite so deep, the minimum stake is $0.25.

    There's a high degree of volatility which increases the chance of both positive and negative streaks as there's more statistical chance of spins deviating from the average result. Interestingly, the bonus symbol's impact on the game varies according to how many you end up getting. Get three and you can activate the bonus feature which entails picking one of four fisherfolk (all animals, such as a lion or walrus). You then get awarded free spins based on how many fish your pick caught. Better yet, caught symbols become wilds which can apply 5x multipliers (necessary to scoop the maximum jackpot, and welcome with any win). More free spins come your way with Gone Fishing symbols (a pair of free spins for every three symbols).

There we have it, some of the best outdoors and camping slots for people who are nature lovers and wildlife fans - at least until exciting terrains and national parks open up again. Whether you prefer classic British comedy or the pristine beauty of woodlands and rivers, there's a lot to enjoy. Even so, here is to hoping next year's Victoria Day weekend is without restrictions.

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