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A lot of players in Canada love to play live Sic Bo because of the action, social atmosphere and gameplay. The live dealer tables at the real money online casinos that have them are the perfect place to enjoy the most popular title to use three dice, and everything is set up to make sure that everyone has an awesome time. With the potential for sizable payouts and more betting options than virtually any other table game, it's easy to see why this game in this format is so beloved.

Best Live Sic Bo Online Casinos in Canada for 2024

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Reasons to Play Live Sic Bo for Real Money

If you've never experienced this game at an online live Sic Bo casino, then you may wonder what all of the hype is about. However, a lot of people enjoy these tables for a variety of different reasons, so what you like about them may end up being a bit different than what someone else does. To help give an overall idea of what you can expect and why it's such a great title for such a wide range of players, we want to show you the many different reasons our team at highlighted found as to why players are drawn to this game.

  • This is a game that's really easy to play, similar to the level of engagement as something like Baccarat. Since the house handles most of the mechanics at the table, all you have to do is place your bets and see what happens.
  • There's virtually no learning curve to speak of, so you don't feel like you're sort of "lost" when you're starting out for very long at all. Each Canadian live dealer Sic Bo casino has professional, friendly hosts who love introducing new players to the game as well.
  • If you can roll the dice and pick out whether you're a winner, then you already know everything you need to know. In 2024, many players don't want to have to think too much about strategy like what you see in poker and blackjack, and instead, they want to be free to relax and chat up other players while enjoying the excitement of the gameplay.
  • Low betting limits are extremely common at these tables, especially when compared to other livedealer tables. While it depends a little on the providers in question, Playtech has a min bet of $0.50 while Evolution has a minimum of $0.10 to $0.20 depending on the table.
live dealer sic bo games

Most Popular Live Dealer Sic Bo Games

You can find some variation in the real money live casino Sic Bo titles in terms of some of the particulars of the experience. While the core gameplay remains the same, the truth is that each player has their own preferences in any type of gambling, and those preferences tend to really come out in dice games like this and craps. Down below, we want to give you an idea of some of the different styles of tables that you can come across to make it easier to pick out which specific option might fit you the best.

Basic Live Sic Bo

Many different providers have a very basic form of real money live dealer Sic Bo available. They tend to use a really basic pay table as well without an additional or proprietary betting options like special side bets. If you just want to enjoy a straightforward experience without any bells and whistles, particularly if you like the traditional casino presentation and aesthetics, then that's what you'll get at these tables. It's also worth noting that the chat can be a bit lively because the players who enjoy these games the most tend to have a lot in common.

Super Sic Bo

Produced by Evolution Gaming, the Super Sic Bo tables are all about adding some additional action to the experience with special multipliers. The multipliers themselves are randomized, and while they can't appear for every single wager, they can appear for most of them. Additionally, it's made clear which of these are and are not available for the random multipliers so that there is no confusion to players. With the ability to nail payouts worth up to 1,000 times their original payouts, this is clearly a title for players who prefer action with a simple min bet size of $0.10 per wager.

Mega Sic Bo

Not to be outdone, Pragmatic Play introduced their "Mega" version to be in direct competition with the above. The minimum wager is higher at the $0.50 level per bet, which is one key difference that lower stakes players will want to keep in mind. However, the maximum multiplier is also 1,000x, and most of the rest of the gameplay is essentially the same. With that said, Canadian live Sic Bo real money players may prefer one type of presentation over the other, especially since Pragmatic Play's setup seems a bit more "fancy" instead of being straightforward.

sic bo betting rules

Betting, Rules, and Gameplay

On the most basic level, when you play live Sic Bo online, no matter the style or software studio you play with, you'll get more or less the same core experience. That's because there are so many wagers and ways to win with the same set of three dice, and they can't remove those from the game and still have it be considered Sic Bo. Along these lines, we believe that if you understand these fundamentals, then you'll be able to jump right in and enjoy just about any variant out there today with a minimal amount of fuss.

Game Layout

The layout used at virtually all live Sic Bo casinos is similar because there is a standard way of presenting the various available bets. While they may look different in terms of the colors and spacing used, it's really just an organized grid of all of the wagers that you can place. Likewise, you'll put your chips on the position or positions that you want to bet on before each betting round. It's similar in spirit to how roulette players put their bets on a roulette layout before the wheel spins, and you get a short period of time between rounds to do that.

Betting Options

One of the key features of playing Sic Bo live dealer games is that there's a really wide range of different types of wagers to make. A lot of this has to do with the rule set being based on having three dice to roll instead of just two. It's a similar situation to having slots with more reels than others in that there are more winning possibilities just because of the structure of the game. Down below, we'll point out many of the most common types of wagers and what you can expect in terms of payouts and how they work.

  • Big and Small: The most common bets in the game are wagers on total of 4 to 10 or a total of 11 to 17, inclusive and respectively. It has the lowest house advantage in all of Sic Bo with about an RTP of about 97.22% while it pays out even money. It's worth noting that triples do not win for either of these regardless of their totals.
  • Total Bet: This is a wager that the sum of all three dice will add up to a particular number ranging from 4 to 17. This does not include 3 or 18 because triples (when all three numbers are the same, do not win for total wagers. The house edge is usually higher than some other common wagers here and lands in the 10% to 15% range on average depending on the exact payout.
  • Single: Sometimes called "any one" or "one of a kind," you can wager on a specific number to appear at least once with increasing payouts for the number that show up. In most cases, players earn 1:1 for one, 2:1 for two and a higher payout for three that varies based on the specific version that you're playing.
  • Double: The idea of the double wager is that you bet on at least two of the chosen number to appear. Note that triples do win for double wagers, and the odds for any of the numbers are the same. The payouts are in the range of 8:1 to 10:1 depending on the provider.
  • Triple (Specific): This is the highest risk, highest reward bet that you can make when playing with Sic Bo live casino dealers online. It only wins if three of your chosen number appear, which has about a little less than a 0.5% chance of happening. However, your payouts can be as high as 190:1 depending on where you're playing to compensate for the high risk.
  • Triple (Any): When you wager on any triple happening, you don't need it to happen with any specific number to win. The payouts can be in the range of 30:1 in most cases, and while this is a higher risk wager for a bit higher reward, it's nowhere near as volatile as betting on a specific triple instead.

Step by Step Gameplay

Getting started with live Sic Bo online is incredibly easy on both desktop and mobile. The whole process from start to finish only takes a short period of time before you're sitting at the tables, betting on the outcome of the dice and chatting up other players at the table. To help make all of this as easy and smooth as possible for players, we have a simple walk-through of the actual gameplay portion in what follows so that you can jump in without feeling like you have to learn an excessive amount of rules or procedures beforehand.

  1. Players are given a little bit of time to place their bets between the rounds. To signify the ending of this period, the dealer or croupier will announce that there are no more bets, and a timer on the screen will show you how long it is until no more bets are accepted for that given round.
  2. At this point, the dealer will initiate the rolling of the dice. To keep things fair while still taking advantage of the live atmosphere, these tables do not use RNG- and software-based dice. Instead, actual physical dice are used along with some type of randomization set piece like a dice tower or tumbler to make sure that everything is fair.
  3. Once the dice have been rolled, the outcome will be displayed on your screen in a way that makes it a bit more clear what the results are. This lets you know what kind of live Sic Bo winnings you were able to pick up from that particular roll.
  4. At this point, the waiting period starts over again for the next round, and you're able to select your wagers. However, if you want to simply reuse the same set of bets, you can with a more convenient "rebet" or "repeat bet" option that appears after your initial wager.

Payout Rates Explained

One of the really cool things about this game and why it appeals to so many Canadian players is that a wide range of wager types are available. You can pick from a number of options that pay at a variety of levels, which means you can manipulate your risk and reward quite a bit. It's similar to roulette in this way except that the betting range is much, much larger. Down below, we want to give you an overview of the types of wagers available and what the potential payouts can be in these games along these lines.

Bet Dice Outcome Payout Big 11-14, no triples 1:1 Small 4-10, no triples 1:1 Totals Sum of all dice matches a number Varies Doubles Two (or three) dice land in the same way 10:1 Triple All three dice land on the number you choose 180:1 Any Triple All three dice land on any identical number 30:1 Number Your specific number lands on any of the dice 1:1 Combination Pick two specific numbers to land 6:1

Live Sic Bo Casino Software Providers

In the live dealer casino world, you'll find a variety of different software providers that put together and offer plenty of types of games. Each of them has their own particular flavor or twist that they put on things to differentiate themselves, which puts players in a position to have a better selection to pick from. This means that having a good idea of what each provider has to offer is great information to have when picking where you want to play and which particular titles you want to play with, so we have an overview of each major company below.

Evolution Gaming

In this particular space, Evolution Gaming is typically considered to be the king. They were the only major name for at least a decade before any other provider started to try to take market share away from them. This has led to a situation where they have a larger selection of titles ranging from roulette to blackjack and live game shows compared to any other provider. As far as the live SicBo tables go, their "super" option adds multipliers to the mix to give you wins worth up to 1,000 times what they would normally be, which is obviously exciting.

  • Live Super Sic Bo


In a world where a lot of companies try to be a jack of all trades, Playtech has aspired to be a king in as many of them as possible, and that goes for the live dealer space as well. They've definitely pushed forward in that space more than many thought they ever good, and their selection of poker variants and game shows has helped to differentiate them from the crowd. Known for having a more straightforward and traditional casino presentation, they're a favorite for Canadians who want to feel more like they're sitting in a brick and mortar location.

  • Live Sic Bo

Pragmatic Play

Once known only for their extensive selection of online slots, they had no problem moving into the live table space, which was to the surprise of a whole lot of people. Nonetheless, they have brought a tremendous product for players with specialty variations of classic games like Live Auto Roulette and Live Baccarat Super Six. This theme of putting a spin on a classic title continued with their Live Mega Sic Bo game, which features some really tremendous multiplier opportunities. Since you can pick up wins worth 1,000x, multiplied by the original payout, it's clear that this game is for players who want big live sicbo wins.

  • Live Mega Sic Bo

Asia Gaming

Asia Gaming is where you go if you want something slightly off the beaten path that still brings a high level of quality. With some atypical titles in their selection like Live Bullfight and Live Win Three Cards, they bring something fresh and different compared to what other providers are bringing to the table. At the same time, they really take care of their players with the potential for private VIP games for certain players when requested. In addition to all of that, they know how to provide a great look with highly trained and professional dealers.

  • Live Sic Bo

Xpro Gaming

When you play with XPRO Gaming, also known as XPG for short in many casinos, the focus is on having a bit more of an authentic casino experience. This is different than what you see from the studios that the other major providers offer because they often take a bit of an artistic license with the background and presentation. That's not a problem, and it's really a great way of handling the visual appeal, but that's not what every player wants. With XPRO, you get a more straightforward, brick and mortar style look along with a basic set of high-quality titles with fewer bells and whistles.

  • Live Sic Bo

History and Origins of this Game

If we go back centuries into the past, there are records of Sic Bo being played in China. The name is roughly translated as "precious dice," but it's also frequently called "dai siu," which means "big or small." This makes sense considering that big and small are the most popular wagers available in the game. In terms of how old the game is, many references to it actually come before dice were developed in the region, and other objects like carved bones were used instead. It slowly evolved into the form we have today with many variations and sub-variants along the way.

how to play live dealer sic bo

How to Play Sic Bo at Live Online Casinos in Canada

Getting into the real money live Sic Bo casino games isn't very difficult, but there are plenty of things that you can do to make your experience a lot better. Since we want to make sure that you have the best time possible, we want to walk you through the entire process in what follows. Our goal here is to give you the guidance that will help you to avoid a lot of the common mistakes while still getting you into the games as quickly and easily as possible so that you can shoot for your own winnings and payouts.

  1. Pick a Licensed Casino : It's incredibly important to choose a site that's completely licensed from a reputable regulatory entity like the ones that we have recommended. Without this, there is no oversight to make sure that they're handling things like they're supposed to.
  2. Create Your Account : Registering for your account only takes a few moments. However, it's absolutely critical that you put in the correct personal information because a failure to do so can put you in a situation where you lose out on bonuses, winnings and/or the ability to cash out.
  3. Claim a Bonus : Virtually none of the no deposit offers available allow you to enjoy live games. However, there are plenty of bonus offers out there that do let you get a great value by matching your deposit based on a certain percentage, which is the best way to get promotional value in this genre.
  4. Get Started Playing : Most sites will only have one or two main Sic Bo games that use live dealers, so game selection is pretty easy. All you'll need to do at this point is sit down at your chosen table, select your bet size and get started enjoying everything that the game has to offer.

Best Real Money Casinos by Category

It's really important to us that players are able to find a site that fits precisely what they're after. However, since different people are looking for different things, there's no such thing as a "one size fits all" casino recommendation. To help players work around this reality, we have recommendations based on what we think is the best for each specific thing that players might be focused on such as exceptional mobile apps, good selection of games, top bonuses, etc. These category-based suggestions are a bit more personalized and are set up to point you in the direction of what's most important to you as an individual.

Best Evolution Casino : Golden Tiger

If you specifically want to play with Evolution Gaming's selection of titles, which puts you in the company of many others, then our recommendation is Golden Tiger casino. They have the full Evolution offering as well as hundreds of traditional RNG style titles to pick from. What's also great is that their welcome package offers up to $1,500 in rewards inside of your initial five deposits. Some live dealer games even count as 100% for the wagering requirements, including Lightning Dice and Deal or No Deal Live, while others have different contribution rates.

Best for Game Variety : LeoVegas

One type of player might prefer to stick to a single kind of game, but others like to jump around a lot. For the latter, we recommend LeoVegas because of the tremendous variety found in their overall games portfolio. This is because they have all of the top titles from several of the most popular and most successful software houses in the online casino world. Additionally, they give up to $1,000 in welcome bonuses for live dealer players along with $30 in Golden Chips, and it only comes with a 40x base wagering requirement.

Best Mobile App : Zodiac

Mobile players will have no problem getting in on the action with real money live dealer Sic Bo games and whatever else they want to play with Zodiac Casino. This is our recommendation for the best overall mobile app because of how fast and responsive it is. With full access to their complete library of titles, including live dealer tables, you'll have no problem with either the Android or iOS versions. Along with that, you'll earn a set of 80 free spins that can make you an instant millionaire on your initial deposit of just $1. From there, your following four deposits earn up to C$480 in bonuses.

Best for Big Wins : Jackpot City

When you call yourself Jackpot City, you have to be able to back that name up. Lucky for them (and for you), they most certainly can. They have a wide range of progressive jackpot titles available, some of which can even be found in the live dealer section. We offer an exclusive special offer that gives you 50 free spins on the Boom Galaxy slot with a simple 70x wagering requirement so that you can find out for yourself with no code required (you use our link to automatically qualify). Along with that comes up to $1,600 in welcome bonuses in your first four deposits.

Strategies to use for Real Money Wins

It's definitely worth understanding the degree to which strategy can impact your play and your chances to win in this game. However, you should also understand that all of this comes from two main sources: bet size adjustment and bet selection. With that said, you can pick out ways to play that fit how you want to enjoy your experience while still maximizing your payout rates by having a good idea of what to aim for and what to avoid. To make this easy and intuitive, we'll break down the key elements of strategy for this game in the following.

  • Low Risk Bets : The big and small wagers are the cornerstone of the game, and they're also the lowest risk wagers. Each of them pay 1:1 and only have a house advantage of 2.78%, giving them a low volatility as well.
  • Combination Wagers : A big part of the flexibility and creativity of how you choose to play comes from betting combinations. In short, you can combine different types of bets to create your own custom tiers of wins that can hit all at once.
  • Avoid Proposition Bets : Known as prop bets for short in the Sic Bo lexicon, high risk wagers like the specific triple can have a pretty high house edge depending on the specific software provider that you're playing with.
  • Understand the Pay Table : It's a mistake to assume that all pay tables are the same. Instead, look over the table for the game that you're about to play so that you know exactly what the differences are between it and what you would typically expect.
  • Avoid Low Paying Total Wagers : A small change in payout for a "total" wager can drastically change the average house advantage. For example, a bet on a total of 9 has about a 7.4% house edge with a 7:1 win, but it jumps up to a whooping 18.98% when that payout drops down to just 6:1.
live sic bo bonuses

Best Online Casino Bonuses to Use at Live Casinos

In table game titles where you're trying to push the payout rate as high as possible for better chances to win, taking advantage of various casino bonuses can really help you to close in on coming out ahead. Overall, there are five major types of bonus offers that we've seen Canadian players try to take advantage of at live dealer Sic Bo casinos. However, not all of them are that viable. To help make it much easier to get the most value that you can from your selection of promotions, we want to cover each major type of offer below and show you which to aim for.

  • No Deposit Bonus : Playing with these offers usually doesn't allow you to play live dealer games at all, so we have to recommend avoiding them if you want to play Sic Bo at these tables. With that said, no deposit bonusesare a great way to build up a bankroll from other types of titles, particularly online slots.
  • Minimum Deposit Bonus : Some min deposit casinos have deals that let you play live games at the C$10 level and up using an option like Interac or Bitcoin to make low level deposits. However, if the requirement is for a deposit of less than that amount, then it's usually a deal that's based on free spins or otherwise requires you to stick to slots.
  • Welcome Bonuses : We really recommend that live players take advantage of these deals as best they can because they tend to be the most valuable offers out there. Just keep in mind that Canadian players cannot use PayPal to claim these because it's not allowed for gambling transactions in Canada.
  • Reload Bonuses : The main idea behind a reload offer is to give you an extra deposit bonus for an account that has already taken advantage of any welcome package deals. They're typically available for live games, and they're great for players who want to stick around at a given casino site without jumping to somewhere else.
  • VIP Loyalty Bonuses : Many locations have a type of VIP or loyalty program where you're able to accumulate points based on your real money play. These can frequently be exchanged for loyalty bonuses that have very lax wagering requirements and game restrictions, making them perfect for live dealer Sic Bo players.

Live Dealer vs Online RNG Sic Bo

If you're used to the traditional RNG style of Sic Bo, then the live version will likely give you a few things to think about in terms of how they're different. For example, you can get variants in the live space that give you big multipliers on certain wins. Additionally, you'll sometimes see special side bets available in the live games that you can't get in the RNG section. With that said, it's most certainly the case that many people can enjoy both styles because most of the two styles are the same outside of the social atmosphere at the live tables.

What's the Difference Between Craps and Sic Bo?

Because they are the two most popular dice-based games in the industry, Sic Bo and craps get compared to each other a lot. However, they have two primary differences that really set them apart and keep them from being similar games in most areas. First and foremost, craps only uses two dice while Sic Bo uses three. Additionally, craps uses a style of play where you can have several throws of the dice before wagers are reconciled. That's not the case for any bet that Sic Bo has available, and instead, every single wager is clarified on each and every roll of the dice.

Other Games to Try

The live section of each of our recommended sites players will have a few different popular genres to pick from for real money play at online casinos in Canada. This means you get a pretty sizable selection considering the high level of presentation that goes into each of the tables. Down below, we want to show you the selection of live dealer games online available to players. Those who like one type of live game tend to like others because it's more about the style of presentation and layout than it is about the particular game for many players.

Live Roulette

While demo versions aren't typically available at live roulette casinos, you can actually learn the games from the RNG versions and go from there. That's because, outside of the specialty variations, roulette is the same in either format with the main difference being that you get to play with a highly trained, professional dealer and chat with other people at the table in the live version. Additionally, the live tables tend to have reasonably low betting limits in the $0.50 range depending on the software provider. This creates a particularly inclusive environment where players at all levels are welcomed.

Live Blackjack

Generally considered the most popular card game in casinos, it's not surprising that live dealer blackjack casinos get a lot of attention. Having a real human dealer putting out your cards and narrating the action adds an atmosphere that you simply cannot duplicate at the RNG tables. With so much strategy involved, players will be thrilled to see some variations that you cannot find anywhere else but the live section. Additionally, limited options for card counting can be viable in this format, which adds a whole different level of interest to the overall experience. That's not even considering the strategy discussion in the chat.

Live Dragon Tiger

For players who want something like Sic Bo that's easy to jump into, the live Dragon Tiger casino tables can be a great alternative. It's straightforward without a large learning curve, but the main difference is that it uses cards instead of dice. Either way, it's a faster version of Baccarat for the most part, so if you're a fan of the one, you'll almost certainly be a fan of the other. Since you can play via mobile, it's also the perfect title to play for a few rounds here and there while you're out and about because it's a quick game.

Live Game Shows

The one genre where the live presentation shines the most is arguably found with the live dealer game shows. These are specialty titles that don't really exist in any form in the RNG space, so you get a style of fun and excitement that wouldn't otherwise be available. These games allow you to play with special mechanics and incredibly entertaining hosts and hostesses in a setup that's a lot like both classic and modern television game shows. Some are even based on real TV shows like Deal or No Deal or board games like Monopoly.


Most top-rated Canada online casinos have a FAQs section on their website but these may not be game specific. This is why we have a selection of questions and answers relating to live sic bo below.

  • Is it hard to play sic bo online at live dealer casinos?

    No, it's an easy game to learn quickly and get started.
  • Are there any other dice games that are popular?

    Craps is the other most popular dice game.
  • Which software provider has the best live dealer Sic Bo game?

    We like the offering from Evolution Gaming because of the multipliers worth up to 1,000x.
  • What are the odds for this game?

    This actually depends on which wagers you take, which can have different odds and payout rates.
  • Can I play for real money on mobile and tablet devices?

    Yes, both Android and iOS devices are available for mobile play.
  • How do I find the best live sic bo online casino for Canada?

    Take a look at our recommendations for the most reputable and trusted brands.
  • What is a sic bo cage?

    This is the name for the device used to roll the dice fairly so that a human dealer doesn't have to be relied on.
  • What's the best bet to make as a beginner in this game?

    The big and small wagers pay at even money and have a low house edge.
  • Can I use a no deposit bonus to play for free and win real money?

    No deposit bonuses aren't typically allowed in live dealer games.
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