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Live Baccarat online casinos allow punters located in different locations to join Baccarat games without their physical presence in a casino, where they would rub shoulders with other players. Canadians from all walks of life relish in such live dealer games, where they can wager real money and walk away with winnings, often due to the super low house edge on Baccarat. This guide contains loads of information about the basics of the game and highlights some amazing cash bonuses you can claim in 2024 to help you spend more time on live dealer baccarat tables.

Best Live Baccarat Online Casinos in Canada for 2024

  1. 1 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1600
  2. 2 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $250
  3. 3 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $150
  4. 4 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1200
  5. 5 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $475
  6. 6 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $750
  7. 7 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1000
  8. 8 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $480
  9. 9 Sign-Up Offer 400% Match Bonus Up To $4
  10. 10 Sign-Up Offer 100% Match Bonus Up To $1500
  11. Load More
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Advantages and Disadvantages

Live dealer games revolutionalized the way players enjoyed table games and live gameshows by opening up the tables to the masses. With today's advanced technologies, punters can join Baccarat tables via smartphones, tablets, or PCs and enjoy placing wagers in real-time while listening to realistic sound effects. On the flip side, online casino live baccarat real money games come with some disadvantages, which you should have at the back of your mind before playing for real money. In the summary list below, we highlight the most significant pros and cons of playing live games on the baccarat tables in 2024:

  • Place a wager and collect winnings in privacy
  • Accessible on iOS and Android mobile phones
  • Many participants on a single table
  • Loads of bonuses valid on baccarat
  • Live dealer tables' minimum limits are higher than land-based games
  • Live streams can lag when connected to unreliable Internet
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How to Play Live Casino Baccarat Online

Baccarat sessions happen on a well-marked table, where players bet on three basic bets, the tie bet, banker bet, or player bet. The dealer draws cards from the standard 52-card deck, in which Ace cards have a value of 1, 10 and face cards have 0 value, and the rest have a value equal to the number on the face. At times, the dealer can hold up to 8 decks on the shoe, waiting to deal cards to each player. According to the rules that apply in modern live baccarat online casinos, double-digit hands drop the first digit, making the hand equal to the value of the last digit. For example, a hand worth 18 would drop the 1, making the baccarat hand value an 8. Hands in the live version of baccarat can have a maximum of 3 cards, and the best hand would have two cards with a total value of 9.

Tailored rules may apply to specific games, such as the minimum and maximum bet limit on each bet, the number of side bets allowed, and more, depending on the casino and live dealer baccarat variation. So, you must take time to read through the rules before wagering on live dealer baccarat real money games in Canadian casinos, which you can do by following the steps listed below:

  1. Join An Online Casino: Search for a Canadian baccarat live casino with real dealer online games and register for an account with your email or phone number for verification.
  2. Deposit And Claim Bonus: Open the promotions page to review available cash promos. Link an e-wallet or crypto wallet and deposit an amount equal to or above the minimum limit to claim a matching deposit promo.
  3. Join An Open Table: Visit the live dealer section of the lobby and scroll through tables with an open seat. If a search bar is available, type in the name "baccarat" to narrow down to the specific game options.
  4. Read the Rules: Open the information tab to read the general rules and the in-house rules that apply to that specific game. Note the minimum and maximum betting limits and play your bets accordingly.
  5. Place Your Bet: Select your chips to adjust the amount you to place on your basic bet and select the type of bet from the options Banker, Tie, and Player.
  6. Collect Cards From Dealer: After all bets are in place, click the deal button and wait to collect two cards from the dealer. Every player should receive two cards, but a third card may be dealt on special occasions, depending on the value of the player's and dealer's hands.
  7. Determining winners: All hands are compared, and the winner is selected. Usually, the winner is the hand valued at 9 or closest to 9. For any hand above 9, the value is considered as the last digit of the value.
  8. Resetting For A New Round: After live baccarat winnings are paid out, the dealer resets the game, shuffles cards if needed, and opens the table for a fresh round with players who wish to continue.
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Popular Live Dealer Baccarat Games at Canadian Online Casinos

Playing Baccarat online on live dealer tables opens up the world to players with a taste for new ways to enjoy the game. Software developers who specialize in crafting the best live dealer version of the game have come up with unique variations, some of which have grown to be the best casino games in Canada. After sampling a couple of the most popular games, we suggest you try your luck on some of the releases to explore the available options for modern-day players.

Single Player Baccarat

Single Player Baccarat is a basic version of the game, which has slow-paced action, making it a good choice for beginners learning the basics. Leading table game software providers like Playtech and Microgaming offer one or two options, with demo mode built in to help punters build confidence without spending real money. The payout rate is above 95%, and the house edge is just a little over 1.2%. In 2024, Visionary iGaming has a variation of the game with 8 decks of cards, while many of the other game designers stick to 6 decks of cards.

Baccarat Squeeze

In Baccarat Squeeze, the dealer and players play following the standard rules until when it is time to reveal the cards. Only the dealer can "squeeze," which simply implies opening the cards slowly on one corner to peek at their value. Evolution Gaming has three variants of Baccarat Squeeze with bet limits ranging between a minimum of C$1 and a maximum of C$ 5000 on Live Macau Squeeze Baccarat and Macau Squeeze Baccarat, while the maximum bet limit on Baccarat Squeeze(Evolution) is C$1000. Playtech Studios have a single release of Baccarat Squeeze, with a betting range between C$1 and C$ 5000. On average, Live Squeeze sessions pay out an average of 97.53%.

Speed Baccarat

Speed Baccarat adds a twist to the game, where the cards are dealt face up in order to help in quick decision-making. If any extra cards need dealing, that happens instantly, and the winner is selected in seconds. Variants available in 2024 include Speed Baccarat by Evolution, Baccarat Speed Shanghai by SA Gaming and Live Speed Baccarat by Ezugi, all with bet limits ranging between C$1 and C$ 5,000. Pragmatic Play offers its version of Live Speed Baccarat with bet limits between C$0.2 and C$ 5000, while SA Gaming has the Live Speed Baccarat Euro, with bet limits ranging between C$1 and C$ 500. Different side bets apply on each game, with the average RTP being 97%.

Multi Seat Baccarat

In Multi-Seat variations on live Baccarat online casino games, you can see the actions of the entire table, including the dealer and fellow participants, giving you an immersive experience, unlike Single Player versions of the game. All the other rules remain the same on the available Multi-Seat games from Evolution and Playtech. User-friendly betting limits apply to all variants, ranging between C$1 and C$ 2500, while the average RTP rate is 97.5%.

Lightning Baccarat

Evolution is the only provider offering Lightning Baccarat, which comes with bet limits between C$1 and C$500. A few side bets are accepted, including the unique multiplier side bet on selected cards. If the winning hand contains any of the chosen cards, the corresponding multiplier is applied to the winnings. Every player's wager contributes 20% towards funding the multiplier payout. The additional payouts pump up the RTP on Live Lightning Baccarat to 98.76 in Evolution online casinos.

Controlled Squeeze

Controlled Squeeze turns the tables of the squeeze, giving the player the opportunity to squeeze the tip of the cards to peek at what the hand holds. That way, the dealer remains in the dark while the player knows what they have in hand. With the added advantage, the RTP on Controlled Squeeze titles from Evolution and Vivo Gaming have a superb RTP rate of 98.94%, which create the perfect opportunity to win massive payouts with the C$1 to C$10,000 bet limit on Baccarat Control Squeeze.

Progressive Baccarat

Progressive jackpots on Baccarat are wild and only available on Playtech casinos, where punters can wager on progressive side bets besides the normal bets. The ultimate win from the progressive jackpot side bet is a massive 10,000x of the wager when the banker and player's hand make up a full suit with Ace and 8. Smaller jackpot prizes are paid out on other combinations, such as a natural 6,7, 8, or 9, and any Ace combination with 8 between the player and banker. Standard bets must be within the C$1 to C$ 5,000 limit, while the RTP rate averages at 98.95%.

EZ Baccarat

EZ Baccarat disregards the 5% commission charged on all banker bets but compensates by counting any 3-card win with a value of 7 as a push rather than a win. At first glance, removing the commission seems to work against the casino, but in real sense, the lack of charging a commission draws in more players to make up for the commission. Even with the push on a 3-card hand valued at 7, Baccarat EZ Live retains a 98.8% RTP and a low house edge. Galaxy Gaming secured the rights to distribute EZ Baccarat variants, which should launch in Canada by the end of 2024.

Punto Banco

Punto Banco closely resembles the ordinary Baccarat game, with the only twist being that the house commits to play the banker and player's hand within fixed rules. Everything else is the same, including the 96.7% RTP rate. Portomaso Gaming provides live Punto Banco sessions, with bet limits between C$ 1 to C$ 5000, and a special variation for low-budget punters with bet limits between C$1 and C$ 5.

Live Super 6

Super 6 is a super-simplified baccarat variant with reduced card combinations of cards to only six possible outcomes for the player's and banker's hands. Due to the reduced outcomes, Live Super 6 games rarely have side bets. In addition, the RTP reduces to about 96.5 % on available titles like Super 6 Baccarat by Vivo Gaming and Live Super 6 by Bet Construct. You can bet within the range of C$1 to C$ 5000 on most Super 6 tables, which charge no commission on the banker bet.

Betting and Game Rules

Baccarat games held on different platforms have unique rules, but the basics from the original game apply to all popular variants you can play in Canadian online casinos. For instance, the winning hand in all variants is the hand closest to 9. In addition, the card values remain the same on all games, and the table layout has the same sections across all versions. A few things might change depending on the game you play, including the number of card decks held in the shoe, the game speed, and allowed side bets. With these in mind, you should spare a few minutes to go over the rules applicable to each live dealer baccarat game you play and chat up the dealer in case you need help at any stage of the game.

Baccarat Bets

All live tables with baccarat sessions in Canadian online casinos have unique rules which all participants must follow. But the basics remain the same in terms of the basic bets on three positions, which are the tie, banker, or player. When playing real money online live baccarat, expect a few adjustments to the table you join, affecting the house edge, RTP, minimum stake, maximum stake, and allowed side bets. On average, the basic bets have payout potentials and the applicable house edge outlined below:

Bet Odds Payout House Edge Banker Bet 45.86% 1:1 1.06% Player Bet 44.62% 1:1 1.24% Tie Bet 9.52% 8:1 14.36%

Table Layout

Ordinarily, live dealer versions of baccarat come with max and mini table options, with elaborate markings of where the player can place a banker bet, tie bet, player bet, or allowed side bet. The biggest baccarat table has up to 14 different positions, with positions 13 and 4 often skipped due to superstitions associating the numbers with bad luck. Mini baccarat tables have half of the positions of the normal table, with position 4 skipped. Players sit across the U-shaped table, with up to three dealers controlling the game. Two dealers control either side, collecting bets from players, trading chips in case you need more at any stage of the game, paying out bets, and collecting the 5% commission if applicable. The third dealer sits in the middle, and calls for players to place wagers, calls out the player and banker cards, and makes announcements of the winning cards.

Card Values

Although Baccarat sessions can have up to 8 decks of cards in the shoe, the value held by each card and standard hand combinations makes the game easy to understand. All face cards and 10s have a 0 value, Aces have a value of 1, and number cards carry the same value as the number shown on the front face. 9 is the winning number in baccarat, so any hand with a value above 9 drops the first number, and the value given is the last number. Two cards are dealt in the first round, and a third card is dealt on special occasions, such as when a player has a hand valued 0 to 5 while the dealer holds a hand less than 8.

Side Bets in Live Baccarat

Baccarat side bets on live dealer real money games give punters chances to enjoy more action besides the basic wagers on a tie, player bet, and banker bet. Usually, the side bets are instant wagers placed before cards are dealt out, which can only be placed by players who have an active basic bet. Handsome payouts, which can go as high as 8:1, make the side bets very appealing to players with enough cash in the bankroll to cover the basic bets plus side bets. So, watch out for the following side bets when playing on live baccarat sites in Canada:

  • Progressive : The progressive baccarat side bet on live dealer tables takes a small cut from each participant willing to risk real money in hopes of hitting a big win on a specific outcome. Such side bets are rarely available, and the jackpot prize grows progressively, which means a lucky player could win as much as 2000x of their bet given that the jackpot remains unwon over a long period.
  • Pairs : Although matching cards in the same suit or numbers do not have any correlation to winning the basic bets in Bacarrat, some variations of the game offer rewards and chances to place side bets on hands with matching cards. For instance, the perfect pair side bet, which closely resembles the perfect pairs blackjack bet, pays out an impressive 25:1 if the Banker or Player hands make up a suited perfect pair.
  • Small/Big : Wagers placed on the possibility of the third card coming into play. The Big side bet wins if the session ends with 5 cards on the table, which means either the player or dealer drew a third card, while the Small bet wins if the session ends with only four cards on the table. Those are, two player cards and two dealer cards.
  • Banker/Player or Dragon Bonus : Side bet that counts on the player's natural hand winning within a certain margin against the banker's hand. After hands are compared at the end of a round, the margin between the player's hand and the dealer's hand determines the payout from the Dragon Bonus side bet. For example, a natural hand against a hand valued at 3 has a 6-point margin, which pays out in the ratio 4:1.
  • Sum Bonus : Side bet based on the combined value of the player's hand and dealer's hand. You can bet on the sum being above or below 9.5, with the payout on over 9.5 being 1.66:1, while the side bet on the sum being below 9.5 is usually 2.23:1. Other popular alternatives of the Sum Bonus side bet include betting on whether the sum of the two hands results in an even number or an odd number.
  • Tie Bonus : The tie bonus side bet comes into play when the round ends in a tie, where both the player and dealer have equal-value hands. When placing the wager, you predict the sum of both hands in a tie being above or below a point. Since you have slim chances of winning a Tie Bonus bet, expect a hefty payout if your prediction wins.
  • Egalite Extra Bonus : Egalite side bets in baccarat predict that the round ends in a tie, and are placed on the total value of both hands being a specific value. Unlikely but possible outcomes pay immensely well, while more probable outcomes pay lower rates. For instance, an egalite side bet on a tied value of 6 or 7 pays 45:1, while an egalite side bet on the tied value being 2 pays 225:1.

Basic Rules to Follow

Baccarat's popularity exploded to its current status after the game was featured in the James Bond blockbuster film, giving the game the notion that it is reserved for well-dressed and articulate gentlemen. But in reality, baccarat games are open to all kinds of players who can adhere to the following basic live baccarat rules when playing at an online casino:

  1. Know the Card Values: All baccarat versions use the standard 52-card deck, where the face cards and 10 have 0 value, Aces have a value of 1, and the numbered cards have the same value as the number on the face.
  2. Place the Basic Bets: Three positions are designated on the baccarat table on each round, where you can wager on the player bet, banker bet, or a tie.
  3. Understand the Third Card Rule: Normally, only two cards are dealt. But the game may extend to a third card being dealt in special situations, such as when the player's hand is below 5, and the dealer's hand has a value of less than 8.
  4. Read up on Possible Side Bets: You can have optional side bets depending on the live game you join. So take a few minutes to understand each side bet and only take risks that you can handle losing.
  5. Know When To Collect Winnings and Count Your Losses: The winnings hand in baccarat is the one closest to 9. After comparing hands at the end of each session, the winner is clear to anyone who knows the ins and outs of the game. The caller announces the winning hand, and the game is reset for another round of betting.
baccarat winnings strategies

Winning Systems and Strategies to Use in Live Dealer Baccarat

If you plan on playing for a long time, consider adopting one of the known strategies to help you mitigate losses to make along the way and maximize profits each time you win. You have to plan your bets accordingly so that you can cover each round and make adjustments along the way as you see fit. The following strategies have worked for many punters in Baccarat games and stand as the best winning systems recommended by experts in 2024:

  • Martingale System : Optimized betting system for punters who wish to minimize losses. This works by doubling the wager on each bet lost and reverting to the original bet size after a win. Following this betting system requires a huge bankroll, as consecutive losses make the bet size grow to stack up quite quickly.
  • 1-2-3-4 System : Works best for low to medium-budget players who wish to capitalize on winning opportunities and minimize losses. To implement this, select a unit to start, such as C$ 10. Each win is followed by moving to the next bet unit. So, if you started with C$ 10, bet C$ 20, then C$ 30 and so forth. But in case of a loss, go back to the first bet unit, regardless of how far you had come.
  • Fibonacci System : System optimized to help punters manage risk by minimizing losses. The next bet is calculated as the sum of the last two losses up until when the player registers a win. If a round ends up with the player winning, all losses are covered, and the player can adjust their bet size as they see fit.

Best Live Dealer Software Providers for Baccarat

Baccarat live game developers supply Canadian casinos with unique options, which include several custom features and varying bet limits. Due to the resource-intensive nature of live dealer games, only developers with sufficient budgets can fund and sustain multiple options. Nonetheless, the iGaming industry keeps growing and can accommodate newer developers who add to the available gaming options. Sampling the best live gaming providers for led our team to look through the games created by the software developers described below:

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming started operations in 2006, with a focus on revolutionizing the live dealer gaming industry in the European market. The company quickly grew to cover all major markets, including Canada and earned coveted awards for exceptional services. In 2024, Evolution supplies the largest live dealer gaming collection to casinos all over the world, which includes over 20 unique titles, with unmatched mobile performance on Android and iOS, optional side bets, and varying bet limits. Being the best developer in the live dealer games category, you will likely easily find an Evolution live baccarat game when playing online from options such as the ones listed below:

  • Baccarat Control Squeeze
  • Golden Wealth Baccarat
  • Peek Baccarat
  • Salon Prive Baccarat
  • Macau Squeeze Baccarat
  • No Commission Baccarat
  • First-Person Lightning Baccarat
  • VIP Baccarat


Founded in 1999, Playtech entered the iGaming industry at a time when online gaming was just picking up and grew with the expanding industry to become a one-stop shop for every casino with hundreds of unique games. During expansion, Playtech acquired licenses in over 30 jurisdictions and currently has 26 physical offices spread across the world. Live casino games from Playtech are offered via the Playtech Live Franchise, where online casinos can purchase about 9 live baccarat titles, the best of which are listed below:

  • Baccarat Squeeze
  • Live Progressive Baccarat
  • Prestige Baccarat
  • Mini Baccarat
  • VIP Baccarat
  • Baccarat 7 Seat

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play takes pride in providing modern casinos with a reliable API that grants access operators direct access to their wide game collection spanning over 150 unique titles in video slots, virtual sports, RNG tables, and live dealer options. For live baccarat online casino games, punters can enjoy interactive sessions with traditional gameplay and a few options with special features that add to the thrill as listed below:

  • Live Baccarat
  • No Commission Live Baccarat
  • Speed Baccarat
  • Pragmatic Fortune 6 Baccarat
  • Mega Baccarat Live

Visionary iGaming

Since launching in 2008, Visionary iGaming has perfected the art of customizing the live dealer gaming experience for markets like Asia, Latin American nations, and Europe. As of 2024, the company works with more than 50 operators and serves thousands of punters who sit on streamed live games and wager billions of CAD every month. Baccarat lovers can enjoy loads of immersive ranked best live baccarat casino games from Visionary iGaming as listed below:

  • Live Baccarat
  • Super 6 Baccarat


Ezugi Studios targets retail and B-to-B markets and works with many professional dealers who help in creating a localized casino experience for players in different markets. The company was founded in 2012 and leverages relationships with other renowned providers like Evolution to penetrate some markets, bringing the well-structured live dealer experience to more punters across the world. Players with a liking for Baccarat can enjoy the following titles in the hundreds of Ezugi casinos available online:

  • Fiesta Baccarat
  • Knockout Baccarat Live
  • No Commission Baccarat
  • Speed Baccarat
  • Salsa Baccarat Live

Online Baccarat vs Live Dealer Baccarat

Casino game developers design RNG tables as well as live dealer baccarat so that players have lots of choices when playing online. However, live dealer options have surpassed RNG games in popularity and innovation due to the emerging technologies integrated into live tables. Following this, developers set aside more funds to spice up their real dealer collections, which include features like instant chat windows with the other players and live dealer, HD streamed video, and crisp sound effects, which give players the feel of playing in a real casino. On the other hand, RNG baccarat games have a demo mode that beginners can leverage to sharpen their skills.

In summary, playing on a live dealer table is the closest you can come to the real game when playing online or via mobile. Therefore, experienced players prefer to wager real money on baccarat at a live table, but beginners are better off learning the basics of RNG baccarat games.

What About Land Based Casino Baccarat?

Before the Internet revolutionalized casino games, Baccarat tables were available in land-based casinos and were reserved for the elites. Fast forward to today, operators with physical locations still offer baccarat tables, where players buy a seat and trade real money for chips used in the game. Playing baccarat at a land-based casino is no different than playing online, that is, if you can get a free seat, which is rarely available, and have enough money in your bankroll to cover long betting sessions. Due to the high cost of running a land-based baccarat casino, available tables have high betting limits, and the payouts might vary slightly from online baccarat, making the game suitable for high rollers, who get special treatment for the large sums they spend in each playing session.

Live Casino Baccarat Real Money Winning Tips

Playing for fun with no registration in a demo mode baccarat game while learning the ropes is different from real money gameplay, where the stakes are high. Implementing tested strategies can make the difference between walking out with winnings or counting losses at the end of the session. Here are some tips which improve the experience and help to minimize losses while maximizing the chances of winning in live baccarat:

  1. Play in Licensed Casinos : When real money is involved, you must check if the site you join is duly licensed. While at it, go a step further and check if the games listed on the site pass audit checks by recognized bodies and whether the lobby has multiple games listed.
  2. Don't Bet on The Tie : At first glance, the high odds of the tie bet seem appealing, but in reality, betting on a tie multiple times will likely put you in losses in the long run. The 4% house edge on tie bets leaves a huge chunk of your winnings to the casino, which makes the tie one of the wagers you should steer away from any time you play.
  3. Choose Games With Fewer Decks : Standard baccarat tables use between 6 and 8 card decks in the shoe. So, playing at a table with fewer decks reduces the number of zero-value cards you can get when the cards are dealt. In turn, fewer decks in the shoe increase your chances of winning and give you fewer variables to worry about.
  4. Occasinally Bet on Banker : Betting on the player or banker gives you better chances of winning, and winning bets on either position have a reasonable house edge, with the banker bet having the lowest house edge. However, you have to pay a 5% commission on banker bets, which is a reasonable figure given that you get to keep a large percentage of your winnings.
  5. Disregard Side Bets : Side bets with high odds pay on very unlikely outcomes, which means the real money put on the side bet positions is more often lost. If you must place a side bet, only bet small amounts, and on rare occasions when you have a sum of money that you would not mind losing.
  6. Claim Bonuses : Though not very common, casino bonuses on live games give punters with low budgets a boost to explore the opportunities on live dealer baccarat. Redeem promos you can spend on table games when you come across offers such as free cash coupons and free chips. Don't forget to read the fine print on promo codes, where all applicable bonus terms and conditions are listed, to make sure you can spend the bonus reward on live tables without breaking the rules.
live dealer baccarat bonuses

Best Online Casino Bonuses to Claim in 2024

Free cash bonuses offered in Canadian casinos give punters a wide variety of games on which they can spend the promo, unlike free spins promos that are only valid on slot games. But the rules vary in each casino, which calls for players to read the fine print in all casino bonuses to know how far they can stretch the bonuses claims. In general, the promos you can claim and use on live dealer baccarat in Canadian online casinos include free chips with no deposit, minimum deposit offers as stipulated by specific casinos, and matching deposit bonuses that award the player promo cash depending on how much money they use to fund personal gaming accounts.

Our Featured Live Casino Bonus for Canada Players : Casino Action

Action Casino offers an amazing welcome package valid on live dealer games in Canada in 2024. After signing up with a real money account, new players can claim up to C$ 1250 in matching bonuses across 5 deposits at Action. The first deposit comes with a 100% matching offer up to C$ 150, followed by a 50% matching offer up to C$ 200 on the second deposit. You can claim a further 25% matching deposit bonus up to C$ 500 on the third deposit and get a 50% matching bonus up to C$ 200 on the fourth deposit. The deal closes with a 100% matching bonus of up to C$ 150 on the fifth deposit.

After claiming the bonus cash, you must meet wagering requirements to keep what you win. The best games to help you meet the wagering requirements quickly are the Deal or No Deal live games and Lightning Dice, both of which have a 100% contribution to wagering requirements.

How We Rate the Best Live Baccarat Casinos

Our team collects data about the best casinos for Canada based on different features, including bonuses, mobile optimization, and game categories. We invest time and money comparing services offered by different brands to come up with a list of the best operators. Our thorough approach in looking for the best brands leaves no stone unturned by considering factors such as:

  • Licensed and Regulated : We only recommend licensed brands with verifiable physical locations to readers who wish to venture into online gaming. Check our latest posts to know the operators with a greenlight to run remote gaming operations in Canada, who are guaranteed to pay your winnings if you make correct live baccarat predictions.
  • Supported Payment Methods : Our team conducts research on the supported banking options by putting in real money to compare the effectiveness of popular banking methods. While at it, we check if punters from Canada can deposit CAD and enjoy fast withdrawals via Interac or PayPal from the cashier. We recently expanded our team to include blockchain experts who help us analyze if the cashier section on recently launched platforms support Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals.
  • Bonuses Offered : We have a dedicated team that hunts for the best cash and free chips bonuses, which punters can use to boost their bankroll and buy a seat at live dealer baccarat tables. We not only post the goodies included in the promos we highlight but also break down the applicable terms and conditions that you must meet to keep what you win, such as expiry limits, wagering requirements, and bet limits.
  • Customer Support Options : Readily available help from support agents is a crucial factor in the overall gaming experience. Even the best operators have unforeseen issues that can cause downtime, so having reliable options that clients can use to forward complaints is a vital part of any online casino. We test the turnaround timelines for replies after trying to reach support agents via instant chat, phone, and email, if available.
  • Game Variations : Our recommendations are geared towards pointing Canadians to platforms with the best entertainment value in terms of real money games. In light of this, we go through the lobby on each site, checking for available baccarat games. At the same time, we check the betting limits on each game and advise players about the best games to play with low or high betting budgets.

Best Real Money Casinos by Category

When choosing an online gaming operator, punters consider different things based on their favourite games and budget. Since Canada is awash with casinos, our team reviewed what the most popular brands had to offer in 2024 and settled on top brands for each type of player, as explained in the following sections.

Best Overall : Zodiac

Zodiac Casino melted our hearts as the best operator overall due to the well-stocked lobby with multiple live dealer tables, progressive slots, and video poker games. After joining Zodiac, new members can claim the low deposit bonus starting at C$1, which grants the player 80 chances to become a millionaire. Thereafter, every time you load up real money to your account earns you a matching deposit, where you can win up to C$480. By opting for the Zodiac bonus, you agree to meet the set wagering requirements and abide by all bonus terms to keep winnings.

Best for Bonuses : LeoVegas

Leo Vegas is Canada's best operator for bonuses in 2024. Members can claim the tailored bonus for live dealer gaming, which amounts to C$ 1,000 in the first deposit matching bonus that comes with C$30 free chips. With this, you must meet 40x wagering requirements to access your winnings at LeoVegas. Punters looking to spend time on slots or other game categories settle for the regular welcome bonus worth C$1,000 and 200 additional no wager spins on the Book of Dead slot.

Best for Tens of Live Dealer Games : Jackpot City

Together, the software developers who list games in the Jackpot City lobby offer tens of live dealer games in categories like live blackjack, live baccarat, and live gameshows. In addition, the slots section has over 400 unique games and high-paying progressive jackpots. Claim the exclusive no deposit coupon to get 50 free spins on Boom Galaxy and make your first 4 deposits to redeem up to C$1600 in matching cash bonuses. The offer has 70x wagering requirements before the cashier pays your winnings to your preferred banking method.

Best for High Rollers : Yukon Gold

High rollers' interests are at the heart of Yukon Gold online casino, where the high bet limits on tens of live dealer tables allow players to wager large sums on single bets. The lobby also lists thrilling slots with unique features and progressive jackpots with million-dollar prizes for winners. All new players joining the Yukon Gold platform with real money accounts can claim the low deposit bonus of 150 free spins with a C$10 deposit. Claiming the offer puts you in a position where you have to meet wagering requirements, which you can quickly achieve with real money wagers on Deal or No Deal Live gameshow or Lightning Dice, both of which have 100% contribution to the requirements.

Win on the Go with Mobile Apps

Mobile app development technologies changed the way punters engage with casinos, allowing users to carry the entire lobby on a smartphone or tablet. To enjoy a session of live dealer baccarat, simply connect to the Internet and download the casino app compatible with your Android or iOS device. If an app is unavailable, launch the mobile browser to launch the instant play casino, where you can wager on instant play live games, chat with the dealer or other participants, make deposits, and process withdrawals.

Other Live Dealer Games to Play For Real Money in 2024

Baccarat is just one of the many live dealer online casino games offered in Canadian casinos. After reviewing player statistics and tracking how money moves, we noted that there were far more popular live dealer games, as outlined in the list below:

  • Live Roulette : Live Roulette variants operated by a real-life dealer sitting in a physical casino are popular in the Canadian market. The game uses a wheel with labeled pockets and a ball that randomly finds a place to settle among the many pockets once the wheel comes to a stop. Customizations applied to some of the variants add an extra ball, while other live dealer roulette games have an extra zero pocket, spicing up the game for new and experienced punters.
  • Live Blackjack : Blackjack live games are included in the lobbies of renowned casinos and they have easy-to-follow rules, making them fan favourites across online gaming platforms. Unlike baccarat, the winning number in blackjack is 21, or the hand which is closest to 21 without bursting. Enjoy the best live dealer blackjack games and use cash bonuses to buy your space at the table. Remember to follow all rules to amass real money winnings.
  • Live Game Shows : Popular TV gameshows like Deal or No Deal found their way into online casinos and have become a great way of breaking from the normal routine of wagering on card games and slots in 2024. Enjoy exciting interactions with a gameshow presenter, who controls the game, collects wagers, and pays out winnings when you predict the correct outcome.
  • Live Poker : Live dealer poker titles give punters who love simple card game something to look forward to when playing online. With just a few decks of cards to think about, live dealer poker games are the perfect place to start if you feel intimidated by baccarat. Play the fast-paced poker sessions available in leading Canadian casinos and win real money when you have a stronger hand than the dealer.
  • Live Sic Bo : Sic Bo is a popular dice game that originated in China and quickly spread across the world due to the simple gameplay and multiple winning positions on the marked table. Today, developers have created digital versions of the game, which you can play in live dealer Sic Bo casinos for real money. The ultimate Sic Bo strategy works if you spread your bankroll across many small deposits and bet on multiple number combos on each dice roll.


  • Are there any progressive jackpot variants of this game?

    Yes. Playtech live casinos have a few progressive jackpots on the game, where the grand prize is paid on the chance that an ace and 8 of the same suit are awarded to the player and dealer in the same round.
  • Which game has the best odds and chances of winning?

    Baccarat odds are the same in many online casinos, with the banker bet holding the best odds for punters at 45.86% in 8-deck of card variants.
  • Do I need fast internet speeds to live dealer casino baccarat?

    Yes. Reliable and fast Internet is required to load HD video quality games streamed from land-based casinos. But you can downgrade to low-quality video, which saves on bandwidth if you have a slow internet connection.
  • What's the best bonus to claim at live baccarat casinos online in Canada?

    Action Casino rewards Canadians with a massive matching bonus across 5 deposits and free chips to buy a seat on live games. In addition, real money wagers on Lightning Dice and The Deal Or No Deal gameshow count 100% towards meeting wagering requirements.
  • Are there any strategies I can apply to increase my odds of winning?

    Increases your chances of winning by betting on the player and banker positions frequently, and avoid the tie bet. But note that the banker bets on most tables comes with a 5% commission regardless of the outcome.
  • What is the best bet to place when playing for real money?

    The banker bet remains the best baccarat bet, even with the 5% commission charged on standard game. It has the lowest house edge and a 45.86% chance of winning.
  • Can I play free games in demo mode or for fun to learn the rules?

    Yes. Baccarat RNG games from renowned developers have a demo mode that you can play for fun with no registration. Use the trial mode to learn how things work before switching to real money mode, where the stakes are high.
  • How do I know the games aren't rigged?

    Play at fully licensed and regulated online casinos that have internal and independent game auditors who verify that all games have fair winning odds for all players.
  • Can I play live baccarat on my mobile?

    Yes. The games are compatible with Android and iOS devices, where you can download and install a mobile app for your device if provided by the operator you join. Where no apps are provided, you can open live dealer sessions on the instant play version, which loads all game features on an up-to-date mobile browser.
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